Sunday, August 15, 2010

Meet with Nelofer Pazira

This morning, Mizan invites me to join the talk show and meet and greet with Nelofer Pazira, the director and actress of the movie, "Return to Kandahar". It has the same time with the re-launching the book "The Kite Runner" Gold Edition by Mizan Publishing House. This talk show is held in Masjid Salman's field which also invites Iqbal Alfajri from Salman Films.

Nelofer is a Canadian-Afghanistan birth journalists and director, and she has the childhood live in Kabul, Afghanistan. She has a great memory with her father when she was a kid and she also experiencing her time with people and the actual condition in Afghanistan. Her inspiration of her movies and books are mostly describe about the live in Afghanistan. Comparing to other movies which describe about Afghanistan, her point of view about the country is considered adding more real values on the field, according to movie critics.

At the talk show, Nelover shares about her experiences about her movie making of "Return to Kandahar" and other of her projects. She said that in making the movie, she has to face a lot of challenges such as the budgeting, and the actual situation on the field. In gaining budget for the movie, she runs it more independently by inviting sponsors and ventures. Facing the actual situation, she has to deal with uncertainty of security in taking the scenes and the direction of the artists who are actual Afghan actors which are still dealing with insecurity of Afghanistan situation.

She shares that Afghanistan has suffered from a long period of war which has been occur for about 30 years. She describe the situation as "below zero" which has create insecurity for the life there. There are no Afghanistan citizen who their family hasn't been killed in a war. It creates the counter movement called "Taliban" who are filled with background of trauma. The children who live there has to deal with insecurity all the time.

She tells that Afghanistan, which ranked number 2 of the poorest country in the world, actually doesn't have any high value resources in the country, but the strategic geographical area which has the neighbor of Russia, Pakistan, and Iran, made greediness appeal to conquer the country. Many wars had been occur there and to revive the situation to peace, it has to take generations to past. The problems are not only came from the intervention of foreign countries, but also the greediness of Afghanistan citizens itself which often corrupt the donations from foreign countries.

The multidimensional problems occur and the love of the childhood country made Nelofer creates most of their journal and movie works about Afghanistan and most of her works are being appreciated very well by movie critics all over the world. She hope that her work could inspire people by learning from Afghanistan and hope that the situation would not happen again in other countries.


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