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January, here we go!

 05012010 Luthfan & Elmar participate in SBM-ITB LKO05012010(008)Kekeluargaan Division meeting (Ika, Aul, Aul, Juan)


Guys @ sekre APRES06012010(001) Sarpras Division meeting inside sekre APRES (Garin, Ibrahim, Lukman, Avi, Cil)06012010(002) Gather in front of sekre APRES (Lauren, Arief, Kinsha, Jul, Gora, Cindy, Roni)06012010(003) Sarpras division meeting (Lukman, Garin, Cil, Riri)06012010(004)Covering books and magazine for Perpus Pojok (Fachri, Ibrahim, Noval, Avi, Cil) 06012010(005)

Cil, fachri, Ibrahim, Noval & Avi are covering the books and magazine with plastic. 06012010(006) Arief, Gora, Jul, Sarah & Roni are discussing GME 2010 06012010(007)Lauren is making publication poster for painting sekre APRES 06012010(008)Chatting and sharing outside sekre (Martin, Avi, Lukman, Roni, Sahap, Ibrahim, Tri, Sarah) 06012010(009) Fachri is sticking publication poster (with uniquely reverse) to invite all APRES people to join the painting (Martin, Lukman, Roni, Fachri)06012010(010) Gora’s Gifts from Jogjakarta 06012010(011) “This is how we eat.” Fachri says :) (Cindy, Fachri, Ibrahim)06012010(012) Avi gives some songs to sing along :)06012010(013)

Ibrahim’s asking Sarah about GME 2010 publication


The publication made by Sarpras Division :)07012010(002)Sarah and Fregi at sekre APRES 07012010(003) Some tagged spot to hole07012010(004)

What is this?


Oh my god!07012010(006) Responsible for the act :) (Sarah, Echa, Dito, Isun) 07012010(007)Isun, Garin, Andika, Gora & Roni at sekre 08012010Sarpras Division meeting (Ibrahim, Jablay, Noval, Riri, Fachri)08012010(001)Learning for UAS (Dimas) 08012010(003) Ganesha Music Event 2006 Selasar Apresiasi t-shirt design08012010(004)Andika is selecting the GME 2006 Selasar Apresiasi’s t-shirt to be sell to APRES members08012010(005) Ganesha Music Event 2009 Harmoni Apresiasi t-shirt and Ganesha Music Event 2006 Selasar Apresiasi t-shirt :)08012010(006) GME meeting in front of sekre APRES (Martin, Ica, Roni, Gora, Andika)


Rere is being the MIC for amplifier rent

BP meeting @ Hoka-hoka Bento & Mc-Donald Setiabudi, 8 January 2010

08012010(008)TB, Fachri, Shery & Luthfan 08012010(009) Rishad, Dimas, Gora, Shery & Aul08012010(010)Gora, Shery, TB, Aul, Luthfan and Fachri

New Sekre APRES Space Inaguration & Breaking The Wall, 9 January 2010 @ Sekre APRES ITB, Sunken Court E-01

09012010 We pray and do “tumpengan” for the bless and benefit for the new space of Sekre APRES ITB09012010(001)Everyone share together the tumpeng (Martin, Meita, Cindy, Tyo, Dito, Dypta, Jul) 09012010(002)Martin, Avi, Meita, Cindy, Renadi, Edo, Jablay & Jul is hunting the tumpeng 09012010(003) Garin and Luthfan do the sharing to the others09012010(004)Renadi, Fadly, Tyo and Noval are chatting in front of sekre 09012010(005)Don’t forget the drinks :) (Renadi, Fachri, Ardi, TB) 09012010(006)Meita, Helmi, Cindy, Martin & Ririh are chatting 09012010(007)Meet and chat (Arief, Ardi, Renadi, Jablay, Helmi, Bram) 09012010(009)Some informal Music division meeting by Rishad (Rishad, Roni, Fachri, Isun, Arief)09012010(011)Some tags before breaking the wall (Rishad, Dito, Isun, Dypta) 09012010(012)APRES members outside sekre09012010(013)Aul arrange APRES members to gather before breaking the wall 09012010(014) Saska is doing “crocodile tears” responding the glad of new space of sekre APRES :) (Arief, Jul, Elmar, Saska, Ken, Aryo)09012010(016)View from outside while breaking the walls 09012010(017)The triplex wall 09012010(018) Triplex walls are taken out (Saska, Fachri, Elmar)09012010(019) The foundation of the wall09012010(020) El-Gora “sees” the event :)09012010(021) Pulling out the nails on the wall09012010(022) The sekre is very full with APRES members, so the rest of the member are waiting outside.09012010(024)Saska and Aul are helping to put put the triplex out of the wall 09012010(025)Outside view 09012010(026) Collecting the triplex (Roni, Ibrahim, Fadly, Isun)09012010(027)

Putting out the foundation


Cleaning up the floor (Dimas, Noval) 09012010(029) The new space of sekre (Bram, Shery)09012010(033)Saska made a speech about the new space of sekre. 09012010(034) It’s now time for Fourier, the Pioneer to give the speech about the glad of APRES ITB that 09012010(035) Old members of APRES ITB are gather and play outside09012010(036) Bye-bye walls! :)09012010(037)Some chat and gathering

Painting Sekre APRES, 10 January 2010

10012010Lauren is mixing the paint. Guys from parkour are doing some training. 10012010(001) Is it not enough space? :)10012010(002) The preparation (Noval, Martin, Lauren, Aul, Tri)10012010(003) Preparing the tools for painting (Aul, Fachri, Noval)

10012010(004) 10012010(005)

Say cheese! :) (FachrI)


Martinus and Tri are helping the painting :) 10012010(007)Work together (Martin, Lauren, Avi, Aul, Tri) 10012010(008) Extra paint! (Noval, Fachri, Tri)10012010(009) Blue turns Yellow :) (Aul)10012010(010) Refill the paint (Noval, Fachri)


Fachri do some coordination to the guys (Fachri, Lauren, Martin, Avi)10012010(012) Noval, Tri and Aul are painting10012010(013)Togetherness :) (Avi, Tri, Lauren, Fachri)


Aul, Noval and Roni 10012010(015)Joining the painting 10012010(017) Brian is also helping :)10012010(018) Lunch break :) (Tri, Aul, Martin, Gora, Lauren, Avi, Fachri)10012010(019) Lukman, Arief, and Luthfan are also helping the painting10012010(020)”Don’t forget the detail.” :) (Fachri) 10012010(021) Meita, Dimas and Cindy are also helping10012010(022) Luthfan reaching the upper side of the wall (Luthfan, Arief, Meita, Ririh)10012010(023) Dimas is playing UNO Stacko :)10012010(024) Brian is carefully painting the details of the wall :)10012010(025) View from outside10012010(026) Edo and Cindy are helping too :)10012010(027) More detail (Fachri, Luthfan, Dimas, Gora, Arief)10012010(028) The guys are taking some rest outside :)10012010(030) Dimas is helping to wash the brush :)10012010(031) Garin is painting the upper wall 10012010(032) Dimas, Martin and Luthfan10012010(033) Luthfan and Garin is taking care the upper side of the wall10012010(034) Fachri solo :)10012010(035) Boys and girls are chatting outside (Jul, Lauren, Ririh, Avi, Tri)10012010(036) Garin: This block could be use as the foundation of the water pipe

Fachri: That’s a nice idea! :)10012010(037)It’s raining outside 10012010(038) What is that? :) (Fachri, Garin)10012010(039)How about that? :) (Luthfan, Noval, Fachri)10012010(040) Time to clean up the floor (Fachri, Dimas)10012010(041) The cabinet is put in (Tri, Lukman, Noval)10012010(042)Gather inside the new space of sekre :)10012010(043) After the stuffs are being put back inside10012010(044) Seen from the left door (Rishad, Fachri)10012010(046)Seen from the right door (Fachri and guys from Machine Faculty) 11012010 Preparing the bill for LPJ Dana KM :)11012010(001) Rare view :)12012010 The LPJ Dana KM is being collected to the KM-ITB Ministry of Finance @ CC Barat

Karaoke @ Nav Dago Plaza, 12 January 2010

12012010(002) Karaoke @ Nav Dago Plaza12012010(003) Karaoke @ Nav Dago Plaza12012010(004) After karaoke (Juan, Gora, Elmar, Lauren, Avi, Tri, Maratinus, Noval)12012010(005) Photo shoot in front of Dago Plaza (Avi, Lauren, Elmar, Martin, Tri, Gora, Isun)12012010(006) Lunch @ KFC, Dago (Elmar, Tri, Gora, Lauren, Martinus, Isun)12012010(008) Practice @ sekre APRES (Fikri, Saska, Tama)17012010

Indonesian Idol ITB audition :)17012010(002)Ardi and Renadi is doing rehearsal 17012010(003)Preparing for “It Might Get Loud” (Ardi, Renadi) 17012010(004) Watching “It Might Get Loud” together :) (Renadi, Bram, Ardi)18012010(004) Guys from TI in front of sekre APRES18012010(005) Bram is singing Vierra! :)18012010(006) Fachri is repairing the computer19012010(003) Ardi, Renadi and Bram are rehearsing19012010(004) Chatting in front of sekre APRES19012010(005) Elmar is rehearsing

Jalan-jalan BP @ PVJ, 19 January 2010

19012010(006) Prepare for take off19012010(007) @ PVJ19012010(008)Fachri and Dimas @ Bread Talk19012010(009)Gora at  19012010(011) Elmar get on the drums :)19012010(012) Shery with Dillinger Escape Plan :)19012010(013)Shery vs Dimas @ Percussion Master 19012010(015) Shery vs Aul @ Percussion Master :)19012010(016)Shery vs Gora @ Percussion Master :)19012010(017) Aul vs Elmar @ Ghost Squad :)19012010(018) Dimas vs Shery (again) @ Percussion Master :)19012010(021) Speed 100% (because everybody’s playing it) :)19012010(022) Aul vs Elmar @ Panic Park :)19012010(023) Shery do the boxing :)19012010(024) Aul made the record :)19012010(025) 706!19012010(026) 19012010(027) 19012010(028) Basketball vaganza! :)19012010(029) Lunch @ Raffels19012010(030) Dimas’ dream for drawing @ Gramedia19012010(031) Searching for records @ Duta Suara Musik (Fachri, Gora, Martin)19012010(032) 19012010(033) Window shopping :)19012010(034) Fachri: Nice shoes! :) @ Converse19012010(035) Hunting @ Adidas

PSB Closing Collaboration meeting @ CC Barat, 20 January 2010

20012010Inviting LSS, MGG, UKSU, APRES ITB (STOMPRESS) and Bilik Perkusi for percussion collaboration 20012010(001) Andika with guys from UKSU and Bilik Perkusi :)20012010(002) Indonesian Idol ITB Audition meeting @ Sekre PSB (Ido, Art & Culture Minister and Damay from PSM ITB)20012010(003) The audition board20012010(004) Andika, Dimas & Cindy @ sekre APRES20012010(005)Andika is doing consultation with Risqi 20012010(006) 20012010(007) BEC’s doing rehearsal @ sekre APRES20012010(008)Hanif and Fahri @ sekre APRES 22012010 LSS ITB perform @ Malam Purna Bakti & Peluncuran Buku Prof. Frans Mardi Hartanto. Ph.D. Very nice performance! :)

Selling flowers for Danus GME 2010 @ Tizi, 23 January 2010

23012010 Andika, the leader of Danus GME! :)23012010(001) Selling flowers to the attendance23012010(002) The troops (Andika, Fachri, Ega, TB, Tri)23012010(003)The troops (Fachri, Ega, TB, Tri, Me) 26012010(008) APRES members @ sekre APRES :)26012010(009) Doing chatting and sharing26012010(010) Side view26012010(011) GME 2010 Event Division meeting26012010(012) Music Division meeting26012010(013) TB’s birthday, 26 January! :) 26012010(015)Happu birthday TB! :) 26012010(016) Everybody’s celebrating TB’s birthday :)26012010(017) Aul, TB and Fachri are chatting26012010(018) Shalat berjamaah. Like this! :)26012010(019)Rehearsing @ sekre APRES 26012010(021) Media Division meeting in front of sekre APRES (TB, Martin, Renadi, Sahab)26012010(022) 26012010(023) 26012010(024) TB’s birthday treat @ Sari Laut, Balubur27012010 Doing revision of Klompeng27012010(002) TB’s jamming @ sekre APRES (TB, Rere, Gaby)27012010(003) PSB Sunken Court Roadshow @ Selasar TVST (Adi, Head of PSB 2010)27012010(004) TB with the other attendance from units @ Sunken Court27012010(005) Gilang and Rere are jamming27012010(006) Cerpintaxt is doing preparation for practicing @ sekre APRES27012010(007) Forsil Himpunan & Unit @ Labtek Biru, discussing about ITB Fair, PSB and SBY’s 100 day act @ Bundaran HI28012010 Shery is archiving the letters from Inbox (Shery, Gora)28012010(003) The original archive of bills for LPJ Dana KM28012010(004) Fachri and Riri are rehearsing :)28012010(005) GME 2010 meeting @ sekre APRES (Gora, Ica, Sani, Satra, Martin, Ega, Wulan, Isun, Desy)28012010(006) 28012010(007) Gathering in front of sekre APRES (Arief, Meita, Fachri, Cindy, Avi, Lukman)28012010(008) Music division photo shoot @ Jonas Photo, continue with lunch @ Pizza Hut :) (Kiki, Zaldy, Sandy, Azmi, Rere, Rishad, Rafi) 28012010(009) Divisi Music troops! :) (Rafi, Kiki, Risyad, Roki, Zaldy, Tri, Dypta, Hugo, Irfan, Rere, Azmi, Rishad, Arief, I)29012010 Gathering in front of sekre APRES29012010(001)Rehearsing @ sekre APRES (Jul, Jablay, Juan, Abduh, Suryo) 29012010(002) Rehearsing Coldplay! :) (Aul, Elmar, TB)29012010(003) Chatting and gathering in front of sekre APRES :)

Indonesian Idol ITB Audition @ Geodesi, 30 January 2010

30012010 Fadly is doing the audition :)30012010(002)Rere got the form! Congratulation Rere! :) 30012010(003) Desy after the audition :)30012010(004) APRES members who join the audition (Lauren, Roni, Rere, Cindy, Desy, Riri, Kiki)30012010(005)Rere’s filling the form 30012010(006) Rere with the Indonesian Idol ITB Audition committee30012010(007) 30012010(008) Photo shoot in front to RCTI’s audition car :) (Kiki, Niken, Desy, Riri, Rere, Cindy, Fadly, Roni, Luthfan, I)

Diklat Check Sound by Sarpras Division in front of Sekre APRES, 30 January 2010

30012010(009) Cil’s opening the Diklat Check Sound30012010(010) While the band is perform, each of Sarpras Division members are trying the sound mixing30012010(012) Checking the balance of the sound (Suryo, Jablay, Jul, Abduh)30012010(013) Seen from side of Sunken Court :)

PSB Collaboration training @ Selasar PLN, 30 January 2010

30012010(014) Luthfan, Elmar and the committee of the collaboration30012010(015)Luthfan is exchanging phone numbers with Bilik Perkusi 30012010(016) Diklat Check Sound evaluation(Gita, Elmar, Fachri, Cil, Aul, Jul)30012010(017)STOMPRESS meeting (Martin, Elmar, Avi, Niken, Jablay, Jul, Suryo, Abduh, Edo, Tri, Sandy, Kiki, Nisun, Cindy, Fira, Ririh) 30012010(018) Rehearsing Coldplay (again)! :) (Martin, Elmar, Aul)30012010(019)Kiki and Juan are preparing composition for Mustang :)

“Tahun baru, semangat baru!”

For better APRES ITB

Tri Handoyo


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