Monday, January 4, 2010

My December


01122009 TB is designing the Mandela (@ Sekre APRES)01122009(001)GME Event Division meeting (Dito, Isun) (@ Sekre APRES)01122009(002)Playing cards as usual (Fahri, Mahar) (@ Sekre APRES)01122009(003)TB and Mandela PJ, Sena are designing the Mandela (@ Sekre APRES) 01122009(005)Sarah’s creating GME 2010 publication hanging on Sekre’s door. :) 01122009(006)TB with his team of Media Division are designing the Mandela (Roni, TB, Sena, Sarah) (@ Sekre APRES) 01122009(007) APRES ITB certificate from 32nd Jazz Goes To Campus :)


02122009Sena and Fadly are publishing the printed Mandela on Sekre’s window :)02122009(001)Fadly and Gilang are rehearsing (@ Sekre APRES) 02122009(002)Rizqi’s drinking the Joy Tea! Hope for the joy! :) (@ Sekre APRES)02122009(004)Arvi from Satkorlak ITB is giving direction to Rizqi to run GASEBU (Gerakan Sepuluh Ribu) at APRES (@ Sekre Satkorlak West CC Room 27)02122009(003)Rizqi receive the GASEBU pin to be sell to APRES members. Later on, all the return will be donated to Satkorlak ITB, to be build houses and run programs at West Sumatra for the earthquake victims. :)02122009(005)Tyo is illustrating “El Gora”, the GME 2010 logo to a new design (@ Sekre APRES)02122009(006) Dimas, Dito and Satra are designing GME 2010 proposal (@ Sekre APRES)


03122009Music Division is deciding bands who will play at Mustang SUPERINDO! (@ Sekre APRES) PS: Faces are censored :) 03122009(001) Still designing GME 2010 proposal until night. We hope that the proposal could do its best for GME 2010! :) (Satra, Dito, Dimas @ Sekre APRES)


04122009 Fachri is measuring the ex-Communet sekre’s door handle to be switched for the new one. Prepare for the best for switching this evening. :) 04122009(001)“APRES, we’re shifting the ex-Communet sekre with KSR!” :)

APRES & KSR sekre shifting, 17.00

04122009(002)Aldy, head of KSR, with his partner are carrying KSR stuffs to ex-Communet sekre04122009(003)Thank you KSR! We wish you pleasant success! :) 04122009(004)Roni and Azmi are helping the shifting04122009(006)Isun, Garin, Fachri and Arif are guarding the stuffs outside 04122009(007)Fachri is guided by Aldy about switches of Sunken Court on KSR sekre04122009(008)Picture of switching from outside04122009(009)Azmi with his new found little brother :) 04122009(010)Hoping that Gita and Suryo could see each other from inside of sekre (which means joining the two sekres) :)04122009(011)Fachri is cleaning up the floor while the others are arranging the stuffs outside04122009(012)Fachri, Gita, Garin, Arif, Elmar, Roni, Suryo and I are celebrating the sekre switching and handling BEC’s Mocca Competition’s trophy :)04122009(013)Aldy and I exchanging the KSR sekre’s key with ex-Communet sekre’s key04122009(014)We are officially switching! Thank you very much KSR! :) 04122009(015)APRES and KSR are friends forever :) (thanks Elmar for the picture!)04122009(016) 04122009(017) 04122009(018)04122009(019)The rest of APRES members came to help input the rest of the stuffs to the new space of sekre after watching Saska & Echaboy’s talk show about today’s music and Cerpitaxt and Fruit n’ Salads performance on ITB Fair :) 04122009(020)Rizqi’s offering Satkorlak Gasebu’s pin to Roni. We are hoping all of APRES ITB’s members could donate for Satkorlak ITB to help our brothers on West Sumatra’s earthquake victims.

Pagelaran Seni Budaya (PSB) Makrab @ Parkir Timur DPR, 19.30

04122009(021)Mega, Bibil, Nisun, Bram, Luthfan & TB are attending the PSB makrab04122009(022)Nisun, Mega & Bibil meet Dilla (Kodil) which also the committee of PSB 04122009(023)Adi, the head of PSB 2010 are giving speech about PSB’s hope and symbolize it by giving glue balloons to all attendances and wishing our hope of PSB to inside of each balloons we make.04122009(024) 04122009(025)Bram, TB, Luthfan, Bibil, Nisun & Mega are blowing the glue balloons. 04122009(027)Dark mode on (TB, Luthfan, Bram, Nisun, Bibil, Mega)04122009(028)Light mode on :)04122009(029)Everyone are still chilling at the sekre 04122009(031)Tri finds a firework at the new sekre :) 04122009(032)Mega, Ririh, Lauren, Martin, Cindy & Tri @ sekre 04122009(035)Hendrix Duo (Bram & Ardi) are playing Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix :)


05122009Achiem (on the middle up, holding a paper) are tutoring his kids for brighter future! :)05122009(001) 05122009(002)Rizqi as midfielder and attacker of HIMATEK’s futsal’s team (@ Kampoeng Bola, GSG) :)


07122009 Martin, Gilang, Fadly, Ardi and Lauren are chilling @ sekre 07122009(001) 07122009(002) 07122009(003)Sarpras Division is making the concept design of the new sekre to be functional for its best, in front of the tunnel (Zul, Garin, Jablay, Noval, Fachri and friends) 07122009(004)Garin with his broomstick :)


08122009Rere’s playing Pee Wee Gaskins! :) (TB, Fachri, Rere, Gilang)08122009(001)Meditation: Dimas with fully serious with his songs from his mp3, TB by drawing some design product sketch & Roni with eating :) 08122009(002)Fully meditation :) 08122009(003) Dypta and Juan are watching performance on previous Mustang @ sekre

BEC published on Pikiran Rakyat on Belia rubric! :)


The article08122009(005)Read by members @ sekre08122009(004)Even though it’s published, Ardi is still enjoying 08122009(006)Pierre with the article 08122009(008)Kekeluargaan Division meeting, discussing about Stay Together for APRES (Nginep Bareng APRES) :) 08122009(010)Gora, Roni, Tri, Mega & Ika @ GME meeting 08122009(011)GME meeting @ sekre (Alex, Isun, Gora & Roni)08122009(012)Making the publication of Nginep Bareng APRES (Aul, Dani, Meita)08122009(013)BEC doing the first meeting at the new sekre :) 08122009(014)Mega, Juan & Ardi still excited with BEC’s article. Hopefully would inspired others. :) 08122009(015)BEC with their article! (Ai, Adhi, Ken) 09122009(001)Designing GME proposal (Martin, Jonly, Satra, Dimas, Tyo) 09122009(002) 09122009(003) 09122009(004)Firdaus (Cil, Dani, Sani, Roni, Dito & Aul) is practicing for Mustang SuperINDO! :) 09122009(005)Source of noise to other sekres at Sunken Court if it isn’t close :)


10122009Edo, Arif & Nunu are rehearsing @ sekre10122009(001)Roni is curious of what Shery’s read :) 10122009(002) Echaboy and Aul are jamming @ sekre10122009(003)Elmar is jamming some of songs (Roni, Arief, Elmar)10122009(004)Everybody’s doing sing along :) (Gilang, Roni, Arief, Elmar, Fachri, Martin)


TB’s playing guitar! :) 10122009(005)10122009(007)GME meeting @ sekre (Sarah, Gora, Isun, Martin, Desy, Wulan, Garin,Ica, Andika)10122009(008)Senator Senbud Meeting @ Sekre KM ITB (Dharma, Senbud Senate; Uli, Senbud Secretary; Idho, Sendub Minister; Muncul from UKSU) discussing about Dharma’s recall as Senator Senbud & KM Senbud performance evaluation. It also attend Habib, head of UKM, Dito, head of Musi, Prabu, freshly inaugurated head of UBALA, and friends from LSS. Finally, Dharma is recalled! :)


11122009Kekeluargaan Division meeting @ sekre (Ardi, Ega, Aul, Ika). Success for Kekeluargaan! :) 11122009(001)Roses for GME danus to be sell at Tizi! Luthfan and Mega, each bought one roses, hoping the the roses are sold out and gain much profit. :) (Andika, Ega, Luthfan)11122009(002)BP Meeting @ Kantin Borju & Selasar CC. At the same time IT Jazz is holding and event and KMKL is holding Oceanovolution which invites Mocca. :) (Aul, Gora, Elmar, Rishad, Fachri, Shery, TB, Luthfan)


141220092 groups are playing cards :) (Nunu, Ardi, Noval, Jablay, Arif, Sarah, Sahab, Hendry)14122009(001)Rizqi’s replacing the Sosro stuffs to Coca-cola fridge. :) Cahyo Danus! :)14122009(002)Sarah with her GME publication team are discussing about publication strategy to attract attendance at GME :) 14122009(003)Still have time to pose :) Nunu, Cindy, Satria, Arief, Sarah, Irfan, Niken)14122009(004) 14122009(005)Sarpras Division meeting @ tunnel, fixing the plan to merge and reorganize the new space of sekre (Noval, Garin, Fachri, Lukman, Avi, Hendry, Brian) :)14122009(007)Have dinner together with Sarpras Division @ Nasi Uduk in front of Sipil. Go Sarpras, go! :) (Satria, Fachri, Jablay, Noval)


15122009Aul’s hang out at sekre, while Lauren and Cindy are practicing for Mustang SuperINDO! 15122009(001)Gasebu pins are neatly placed on the side of Perpus Pojok APRES :)15122009(002)Rare view of APRES on 17.00, because of UAS :)15122009(009)Gasebu publication :)


16122009 16122009(001)Mustang SuperINDO technical meeting @ sekre (Juan, Dypta, Dito, Gora)16122009(002)Crowds after the technical meeting (Arief, Echaboy, Jonly, Rishad, Gora, Dito, Juan, Tri, Dypta)16122009(003)Meita and Wieke are helping each other, finishing their task :)16122009(005)Music Division meeting @ sekre, discussing about progress of each program & initiate about APRES Top 10 Indonesian album 2009! :) (Dito, Rishad, Arief, Tri, Isun)16122009(007)Just relax @ sekre :) (Sandy, Cindy, Meita, Ririh, Wieke)

DOTA @ Click, by Divisi Kekeluargaan!

16122009(008)16122009(009)Playing DOTA for almost 3 hours non stop :) (Roni, Aul, Tri, Dypta, Andika, Sani) I wait outside because I have to finish my task for UAS score deadline tomorrow. On the next morning, I suffered a bad cold. :(


17122009Preparing gift for Gora’s birthday :)17122009(001)Rishad heads the discussion of APRES Top 10 Indonesian album 2009 @ sekre (Rishad, Padang, Aul, Arief)17122009(002)Disc Brake is practicing for Mustang SuperINDO! :) (Jablay, Noval, Juan) 17122009(003)Ardi, Noval & Juan @ sekre17122009(004)Pray first :) (Gora, Rishad) 17122009(005)Gora is given surprise and receive the birthday gift :) 17122009(006)Aul and Padang are giving opinions to the Top 10 Indonesian album 17122009(007)GME discuss about publication (Andika, Mustafa, Sarah, Martin)17122009(008)Still discussing to give the best result (Gora, Rishad, Aul)17122009(009)Dimas came after HIMATEK initiation @ in front of tunnel 17122009(010)Mustang SuperINDO poster! :)


20122009Metroxsex is practicing for Mustang SuperINDO! :)


Mustang SuperINDO check sound, 19.00 @ Selasar Plano

21122009Disc Brake is doing their check sound21122009(002)Main is doing their check sound21122009(003)Chatting while check sound (Isun, Tyo, Dypta, Rishad) 21122009(004)Fachri’s Mustang debut! Go Fachri! :) 21122009(005)TB is chatting with his friend 21122009(006)Firdaus is doing their check sound 21122009(007)Chatting at the backstage (Fadly, Rishad, Aul, Dito, Fachri)21122009(008)After finish clearing the logistics back to sekre (Rere, Isun, Azmi, Rishad, Aul)21122009(009)Deciding to have midnight lunch at McDonalds, Dago (Rishad, Isun, Fachri, Dito, Azmi, Isun)21122009(010)Eat and chat @ McDonalds (Azmi, Rishad, Aul, Fachri, Dito)


22122009Still eat and chat @ McDonalds :)22122009(001)Invited by Devi, Della & Kibar to eat @ Sushi Tei after finishing tough UAS. This is the first time I eat @ Sushi Tei. :)

Mustang SuperINDO, 19.00 @ Selasar Plano

22122009(002)The MC opens the Mustang (Juan & Tyo) 22122009(003)Nowpresstar is playing Ecoutez! 22122009(004)Firdaus is performing ERK & Sore! 22122009(005)Interlude is playing Vierra! (Avi, Rere, Brian, Gora, Rizki) All the audience are sing along with it. :)22122009(006)Photo shoot after Mustang is finish :)22122009(007)The evaluation (Rishad, Dito, Dypta) Most of people are satisfied with Mustang SuperINDO. Congratulation guys! :)


23122009Music Division short meeting after evaluation (Arief, Irfan, Rishad, Dito)23122009(001)After clearing the logistic back to sekre :) (Fadly, Gilang, Azmi, Dito, Rishad)23122009(002)Dinner @ Cabe Rawit Ciumbeuleuit after Mustang :) (Fachri, Azmi, Rishad, Dito)23122009(003)Still chatting till morning :) (Gora, Isun, Aul)23122009(004)GME meeting @ sekre, discussing about Danus Week on January! Success for GME! :) (Sarah, Isun, Ega, Andika, Gora, Fadly)23122009(005)Lauren sees something :) (Lauren, Lukman, Martin, Ardi, Cil)23122009(006)Playing with Kompress :) (Rishad, Sarah, Aul, Ega) 23122009(007) 23122009(008) 23122009(009)Dinner @ Red Bean, PVJ, celebrate the end of year 2009. :) (Rishad, Isun, Fadly, I, Andika, Dimas, Martin, Elmar, Aul). Aul met his dream girl at high school and Dimas suggest this post titled “My December”.

“Siapa ya ketua APRES tahun depan?” said Dimas. :)


APRES @ Dufan, Ancol, North Jakarta by ITB Fair! :)

27122009Garin? :)27122009(001)Bianglala miniature! :) 27122009(002)Fruit n’ Salads perform at Maxima Stage, Dufan! 27122009(003) 27122009(004)Piji is being interviewed by the MC about FnS winning PSB jingle “Hai Dunia!” :) 27122009(005)Ica and friends as Biology candidates demoing Biology major to the attendances :) 27122009(006)Irfan, the security of PSB! :) 27122009(007)Robot inline track from HME ITB27122009(008)FnS after the show (Ilmam Mukhlis, Nadya Devi, Luthfan Widyanto, Della Achmad, Ariadita Ambara) :)

Here's the FnS and ITB Fair video:

27122009(010)27122009(012)Seeing The Changcuters on Hip-hip Hura SCTV stage @ Dufan! :)27122009(013)27122009(015)Time to Pee Wee Gaskins on stage, performing “Dari Mata Sang Garuda”! :)27122009(017) 27122009(018)Blue and Red flash photo from Rumah Pusing :) 27122009(022) 27122009(023) FnS photo shoots at Carrousel headed by Ajie :)

“New year, new spirit!”

Happy New Year 2010!

Wish you all great success!

For better APRES ITB

Tri Handoyo