Monday, December 28, 2009


One of the most waited album 2010 from Angels and Airwaves, LOVE, has release their firs single downloaded for free! It's titled Hallucination.

It has adapted more samplings than the previous album, and still with AVA's touch. It's more like mixed between Enter Shikari's loop, faded with old punk rock alternative basic beat, and AVA's touch. Tom is doing good vocal in this song and heard more natural than his vocal on I-Empire. AVA concept is still on their hand.

Download it here for free. :)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

November rain

 02112009_2Receive Music Biz On Campus publication, 2 Nov 200902112009(001)Fixing & adding information on the publication about the place, time, & tickets 04112009 04112009(001) 04112009(002)Seniors are helping the juniors :) (Rishad, Tyo Isun) 06112009Ticket Booth in front of APRES (Roki, Satra) 04112009(005)JVV meeting near the tunnel ladder (Martin, Elmar)05112009GME meeting in front of Sekre (Sarah, Gora, Isun, Sani)

BP Meeting @ Ciumbeleuit 5 Nov 2009

05112009(001) 05112009(002)Going to the restaurant  05112009(003) 05112009(004)Meeting at the restaurant (Dimas, Rizqi, TB, Gora)05112009(005)Migrate to McDonalds :) (Fachri, Gora, Elmar) 05112009(006)While meeting (Aul, TB, Dimas) 07112009(004)Two CP’s (Andika & Sarah) are waiting on Ticket Booth in front of Sekre 06112009(001)Serve the ticket buyer (Satra, Andika) 06112009(002)Chatting on ticket booth (Sarah, Andika, Satra, Rere, Desy) 06112009(003)Discussion @ BATAN’s Mosque (Luthfan, Rishad) 06112009(004)Poster @ ITB publication space 06112009(005) Relaxing @ Sekre (Rishad, Luthfan, Aul, Rufi) 06112009(006)Music Biz On Campus publication @ SBM-ITB (Della, Tika, Mega, Redo)06112009(007)Pinned at tutorial room :)  06112009(010)Concept JVV for Swasta meeting @ Sekre (Elmar, Isun, Aul, Tyo)  06112009(011)Gathered @ Sekre (Fahri, Echa, Dani, Jonly, Ines) 06112009(012)Practicing with MBWG for Dies Emas Plano @ Sekre 07112009(001)The two happy CP’s :) (Sarah, Andika) 07112009(002)Lukman Heartz is checking the amplifiers :) 07112009(003)Tri’s playing with the cat :) 07112009(005)Bayu & Luthfan @ ticket booth  07112009(007)

JVV  STOMP & Swasta meeting @ Kantin Bengkok, 7 Nov 2009

07112009(008)Capres 2009 performs their STOMP :) 07112009(010)Swasta meeting 07112009(011)Ala Chef :) 07112009(012)Soccer player photo shoot :)07112009(014)Chatting while waiting  (Luthfan, Fachri, Rizqi, DImas, Redo, Gora)07112009(015)Waiting on the backside of Kantin Bengkok (TB, Aul,Luthfan)07112009(016) The evaluation (Aul, Gora, Elmar, Dimas, Roni)07112009(017)Chatting in front of Sekre (Dimas, Mahar) 07112009(018)Giving invitations of Music Biz On Campus seminar to Himpunan & Units (Fachri)08112009Resting after doing publication to all ITB students, Himpunan & Units :)08112009(002)Rendy & Luthfan practicing for BL Fest08112009(005) Coordinating of the place of Aula Timur to the seminar (Gora, Ega, Icha, Andika, Garin, Mr. Opar_08112009(006)Box of “Certificate Of Participation” of seminar participants 08112009(007)Logistic loading H-1 (Ega, Garin, Andika, Icha, Mr. Opar, Gora) 08112009(009)Photo shoot of the committee (Ega, Andika, Icha, Garin, Gora)

Music Biz On Campus with Rolling Stone Indonesia @ Aula Timur ITB, 9 Nov 2009

09112009Music Biz On Campus posters at ITB front gate :) 09112009(001)Seen from wider view 09112009(002)Viewers caught on camera :) 09112009(003)Rolling Stone’s logo 09112009(004)Early seminar participants :) (Andika, Dito, Gora) 09112009(005)Learning while waiting (Dito, Tyo) 09112009(008)BP 09/10 structure :)09112009(009)Preparing the gift to seminar participants (Andika, Garin, Ica, Gora)09112009(010)Seminar participants are filling the guest list (Isun) 09112009(012)Mr. Sangriyadi, our guide lecturer are filling the guest list (Mr. Sangriyadi, Isun) 09112009(013)Attendance seeing the book booth 09112009(014)Rolling Stone’s back issues booth  09112009(015)APRES members are also invited for free of charge (Bill, Aryo) 09112009(016)Mr. Andy F Noya opens the seminar 09112009(017)Mr. Sangriyadi is invited to receive symbolic 40 copies of “Music Biz” book from Rolling Stone09112009(018) 09112009(019)Mr. Sangriyadi receives the symbolic book :) 09112009(020)Fariz RM are being interviewed by Mr. Andy F Noya 09112009(021)Sharing about Indonesia’s today's music condition (Fariz RM, James F Sundah, Wendy Putranto, Andy F Noya) 09112009(022)Time for Fariz RM to speak up 09112009(023)Echaboy are called as a band member :) 09112009(024)Outside the seminar, Gora & Icha are coordinating the certificate 09112009(025)Icha is writing participants name on the certificate one by one. Semangat Icha! :)09112009(026)APRES members are watching the closing of Endah n’ Rhesa & Fariz RM’s performance (Fahri, Mustafa, Roni, Rere, Luthfi, Aul, Dito, Tyo, Sani) 09112009(027) 09112009(028)Gaby from Media division is interviewing Andy F Noya :) 09112009(029)James F Sundah share to APRES members (James F Sundah, Zaldy, Fadly, Mustafa, Garin, Gora)09112009(030)Gaby’s interviewing Fariz RM :) 09112009(031)Music (Joy) division’s meeting while the seminar’s ending (Isun, Rishad, Tyo, Dito, Rere)09112009(032)Sharing the Music Biz books to the committee, APRES library & ITB library 09112009(033)Music Biz On Campus seminar’s evaluation (Gaby, Aul, Mustafa, Roni, Zaldy, Garin)09112009(035)Rendy & Luthfan practicing @ Sekre for BL Fest performance09112009(036) Making publication for futsal10112009(002)JVV meeting for capres in front of Sekre (Gora, Elmar, Dimas, Luthfan, Tyo, Aul) 10112009(003)Aul & Mustafa 10112009(005)Rishad @ BL Fest Meeting @ SBM 10112009(008)Media division’s meeting (Mustafa, Fadly, TB)10112009(009)Special delivery! :) (Rere, Tri, Aul) 10112009(010)Sharing the meal (Dito, Mahar, Tyo, Elmar, TB, Rere)10112009(012)Elmar leading JVV meeting (Mahar, Elmar, Isun) 10112009(013)We are friends :) (Rizqi, Gora) 11112009Give Rolling Stone Music Biz On Campus certificate to Mr. Sangriyadi, our guide lecturer @ Lab Engine :) (I, Mr. Sangriyadi, Gora) 11112009(003) 11112009(004) 11112009(005)Fully booked! :) 11112009(006)Cerpintaxt @ Sekre (Abank, Hanif, Echaboy, Putri, Adis)  12112009(001)TB with his lovely keyboard :) 12112009(002)Elmar & capres 12112009(003)Sani & Ikhsan @ Sekre 12112009(004)Sinta’s reading Butut & Isun’s playing Genta12112009(005)APRES! :) 12112009(006)Rizqi & Martin 12112009(007)Relaxing @ Sekre (Gora, Ikhsan, Isun) 12112009(008)Diklat Drum Hall of Fame! :) (Echaboy, Shery, Aryo, Sir James Tulus Sendiko)12112009(009)Helmet space :) 12112009(010)Media division’s smile :) (Gaby, Mustafa, Luthfi) 12112009(011)I, Arvi, Aal & Narni from Satkorlak ITB @ Room 27 West CC :) 13112009Practice with MBWG for Dies Emas Planologi :)13112009(001)Rehearsing and chatting at practice

Senat Senbud meeting @ Room 32 West CC

13112009(002)Dharma Senbud Senator, Sandy UKJ, Dito UKM, Irvan UKB 13112009(003)With me :) 13112009(004)Risyad Tabattala & Rijadi Putra perform as PHD (Perawan Haus Darah) @ BL Fest :)13112009(005)PHD performing Black Sabbath 13112009(006) 13112009(007) 13112009(008) 13112009(009) 14112009Fachri on drums, Bayu on guitar, Tyo on spoon :) 14112009(001) 14112009(002)Eat & play @ Sekre :)

JGTC meeting @ KBL

14112009(003)14112009(004)Discussing about progress of JGTC Roadshow from UI & ITB

CAPTION, Capres in Action, 14 Nov 2009

14112009(005)The performances 14112009(006)Capres crowds 14112009(007) 14112009(008) 14112009(009) 14112009(010)The “Boy Band” :) 14112009(011)The controversial act :) 14112009(012) 14112009(013)Playing Kings of Convenience 14112009(014)Chatting while break (Luthfan, Redo, TB, Rishad) 14112009(015)Playing punk rock stuff 14112009(016)Playing metal stuff  14112009(018)“To make APRES neat & clean.” :) –Fachri- 15112009After meeting about who are  16112009Everyone’s reading Rolling Stone 16112009(001)“Obama…” :) 16112009(002)Elmar’s coordinating capres 16112009(003) 16112009(004)Rolling Stone vaganza! :) (Shery, Dimas)

Kopi Sore JGTC, 16 Nov 2009

16112009(005)Aul opens the Kopi Sore! :) 16112009(006)Luthfan shared about JGTC 16112009(007)Isun added about GME16112009(008)Garin and his staff coordinating for JGTC 16112009(009)The crowds of Kopi Sore (Rishad, Azmi, Tio, Gora, Roni)17112009Filling the questionnaire (Isun, Aryo, Echa, Tri)17112009(001)JVV meeting (Rere, Dito, Elmar, Tio) 17112009(002)Spreading Road Show JGTC flyers to ITB students (Gilang, Bayu, Mika)17112009(003)Fadly & TB are friends! :)17112009(004)Dimas got patients :)17112009(005)Rehearsing @ Sekre (Roni, Roki, Luthfan, Dito)17112009(006)TB & Elmar 17112009(007)Rere interviewing capres 17112009(008)Isun interviewing capres 17112009(009)Forsil PSB @ Sekre PSB, 17 Nov 2009 (TB) 17112009(010)APRES! :) 17112009(011)Last day briefing @ Room 32, West CC 17112009(012) 17112009(013)Share “Jazz Communion Road Show” t-shirts for committee :) (Toshi, Bayu, Luthfan, Padang, Daud, Ali)

32nd Road Show Jazz Goes To Campus

18112009Coordinating & technical meeting before the show start (Arshie, Luthfan) 18112009(001)APRES Band for Rad Show JGTC! :) (TB, Devi, Tridan, Bayu, Redo, Rama, Luthfan) 18112009(002)The companion :) (Toshi,  18112009(003) 18112009(005) Preparing fresh made sandwich to be sold to Road Show JGTC audiences :) (Andika, Desy, Sani)18112009(006)JVV meeting concept for “Slow Fish” (Aul, Elmar, Dito, Martin, Isun) 18112009(007)Selling sandwich at the stand :) (Desy) 18112009(009)Lemon Tea sold out! :) (Gora, Luthfan, Sani, Aul, Desy) 18112009(010)Syaharani & the Queen Fireworks on stage 18112009(011)Sandwich, the last one! :) (Sani, Gora) 18112009(012)GME or JGTC? :) (Tri, Dypta, Roni, Mustafa) 18112009(013)Eat after finish working (Luthfan, Gilang, Dypta, Roni, Mustafa, Tri, Garin) 18112009(014)The evaluation (Risja, Arshie) 19112009Aldy from KSR, I & Mr. … from LPKM, negotiating for Communet – KSR room trade, 19 Nov 2009 19112009(002)JVV meeting concept for Slow Fish! 19112009(003) 19112009(005) 19112009(006)GME meeting in front of Sekre APRES 21112009Architecting the TekLap @ Elmar’s Mansion (Gora, Dimas, Aul, Andika, Azmi, Elmar) 21112009(001)Stenciling APRES tag on white shirt (Rere, Andika, Tri, Veda) 21112009(002)The TekLap! :) 21112009(004)“Slow Fish, success!” :) (Elmar, Alex, Padang, Sarah, Martin) 21112009(005)Waiting the rain stop 21112009(006) Preparing Shahto Du Formage @ Mektan :) (Elmar, Luthfan, Veda, Garin, Martin, Dimas, Riri)21112009(007)Preparing APRES logo @ Sekre (Redo, Riza)21112009(008)Poster from ITB Fair :) 22112009Preparing the fireworks (Satra, Dito) 22112009(001)“Sekarang, kalian adalah bagian dari keluarga APRES ITB!” :)

Open Recruitment 2009 @ Tunnel Stairs, 23 Nov 2009

23112009(001)Kekeluargaan division’s prime meeting (Meita, Ika, Akhdan, Aul, Ardi) 23112009(002)Music division prime meeting (Tri, Isun, Dito, Rishad) 23112009(003)External division prime meeting (Luthfan, Andika) 23112009(004)Media division’s prime meeting (TB) 23112009(005)Danus division’s prime meeting (Rizqi, Satra) 24112009First day’s active 24112009(001)Mega & Bibil discussing course materials 25112009Playing Plants VS Zombie :) (Satra, Rere) 25112009(001)TB & Luthfan rehearsing 25112009(002)Playing CapSa (Sahab, Kinsha, Noval, Ardi) 25112009(003)Preparing Kopi Sore MIC (Fachri, Rere, Aul)

Kopi Sore MIC @ Sekre, 25 Nov 2009

25112009(005)Presenting the MIC procedure (Fachri, TB, Aul) 25112009(006)Demoing the renting case attractively :) (Aul, Dimas, Fachri) 25112009(007)The audience 25112009(008) BP APRES 09/10 Vision Mission25112009(009)Mimic 25112009(010)BBRS Communet publication (Fachri, TB) 26112009JVV evaluation (Elmar, Isun, Azmi, Aul) 26112009(001)Rehearsing @ Sekre (Aul, Elmar, Dypta, Lukman)

Cleaning up Communet’s room

28112009Hendry’s tiding the papers 28112009(001)Separating the wastes (Aul, Hendry, Rere, Riri) 28112009(002)Replacing the guttering with new one (Riri, fachri, Rere) 28112009(003) 28112009(004) 28112009(005)Have fun with the pillow! :) 28112009(006)Aul’s also wants to try it :) 28112009(007)After the cleaning (Dypta, Fachri, Hendry, Aul, Mega, Martin, Lauren) 28112009(008)Saturday’s hero! :) (Aul, Dypta, Fachri, Hendry, Mega, Lauren)

32nd Jazz Goes To Campus, FEUI Depok, 29 Nov 2009

29112009 29112009(001)Going to artist room 29112009(002)The JGTC committees are coordinating 29112009(003)Waiting for the show (Luthfan, Azmi) 29112009(004)Jeff & Azmi 29112009(005)Arshie’s giving direction (Luthfan, Arshie, Azmi) 29112009(006)Next, to the photo shoot room 29112009(007)Taking photo shoot before the show  29112009(008) Photographer crews29112009(009)Entering the performer room & coordination (Luthfan, Arshie, Azmi, Tri) 29112009(010) Coordinating before show (Sandy, Argo, Luthfan, Mika, Tri, Giri)29112009(011) Azmi rehearsing29112009(012) 29112009(013) 29112009(014) 29112009(015)ITB Collaboration on stage 29112009(016)Luthfan & Mika’s improving 29112009(017)Jeff’s improving with his keyboard :)29112009(018)Brothers & Sax :) (Giri, Dito, Argo)


Luthfan, the guitarist! 29112009(020) 29112009(021)ITB Collaboration on stage! 29112009(022) 29112009(023)Crowds of ITB Collaboration 29112009(024)Crowds of Benny & Barry’s Likumahua with children musician 29112009(025)Benny & Barry grooving with children musicians 29112009(026)Azmi with Benny Likumahua :) 29112009(027)Azmi, Giri, Dito & Jeff got Barry Likumahua’s signature & photographs. Thanks Barry! :) 29112009(029)We are from APRES! :) (Jeff, Azmi, Luthfan) 29112009(030)Reading free magazine while waiting @ Artist Room (Azmi, Jeff) 29112009(031)Waiting the rain stops @ Artist Room JGTC (Luthfan) 29112009(032)Meet friends at medic! (Cepi, Reyhan) 30112009(008)Azwar got shared some subject materials from Tri & Rere 30112009(009)GME meeting @ Sekre APRES (Gora, Satra, Andika, Ica)

BBQ APRES! @ Sekre APRES, 30 Nov 2009

30112009(011)Everyone’s watching the fire (Ardi, Sahab, Jablay & Edo) 30112009(012)Joyful fire! :) (Bram, Noval, Ardi, Sahab, Jablay, Edo) 30112009(013)Preparing the “arang” (Sahab, Ardi, Aul, Edo, Noval, Azwar) 30112009(014)External meeting (Bibil, Nisa, Mega, Luthfan, Edo, Cindy) 30112009(015)Rizqi’s taking the sausage 30112009(017)Grilled meat & sausages! :) 30112009(018)Flashing the BBQ to make sure it’s cooked well! (TB, Azwar) 30112009(019)Kekeluargaan short meeting (Ika, Aul) 30112009(022)Discussing some tasks 30112009(023)Media Division meeting by playing guitar. :) (Martin, TB, Satra, Fadly, Gaby) 30112009(024)Cleaning the dishes. :) (Meita, Ardi)30112009(025) Danus GME meeting (Andika, Kinsha, Tri, Lauren)

“Do the best & GOD will do the rest”

Prepare your band for GME 2010! :)

For better APRES ITB!

Tri Handoyo