Tuesday, October 27, 2009


The next Angels & Airwaves art project! :)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A short conversation

I just came back from Zep’s house to finish my tasks of SBM, and before that, I went to Beurgeur, on Tubagus Ismail 22nd. I think I met the owner of this tiny little burger house on side of Tubagus Ismail. I ordered 2 cheese burger, one to be eaten on the spot; the other is to take home for sahur. I was realized that I wear SBM ITB t-shirt, and I suddenly was greeted by a women on the Beurgeur. Here are the short conversation (using Indonesian ya..)

W: Anak SBM ya?”

I: Iya.

I: Saya baru pertama kali makan disini.

W: Ooh..

W: Baru masuk ya?

I: Nggak, sy udah tahun ke 3.

W: Ooh, bentar lagi lulus dong?

I: Iya, Insya Allah.

W: Mmm.. Kenapa milih masuk SBM? Pengen bikin bisnis juga?

I: Mmm, iya si mbak, mudah-mudahan. Soalnya orang tua gak ada yang latar belakangnya bisnis..

W: Klo udah lulus mau bisnis apa?

I: Mmm.. masih belum kepikiran si mbak.

W: Mau bisnis kuliner juga?

I: Mmm… ya, mungkin iya.
The burger was finish cooked, and I ate it until it’s finished. From the first, I thought my appearance is showing competition or something for her. But actually not at all..

W: Kalo udah lulus bikin bisnis juga dong! Jangan kayak temen saya di SBM, udah bayarnya paling mahal di ITB, abis lulus, tetep aja kerja di bank, ato jadi karyawan…

I: Oh gt mbak?

W: Iya, sayang banget kan.

I started to realize, have I ever think about myself tomorrow? I mean, I did a lot of thinking but, it seems doesn’t solve any problem. The answer’s only “just do it”, and I think it’s a sign…

Beurgeur of hope. :)


Here's my Creativity & Innovation task blog. Enjoy! :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dudes at Cap Lang, you save my life! :)

You create a product that's trully save my life! NORIT!

20 tablets with mineral water, suddenly stops my 3 times puke because of food poisoning & cold!

But it's still under license of Norit N.V. - Amersfoort - Holland. Indonesia!... Can you create on your own?