Monday, September 28, 2009

Small piece of Manado independent music scene

1. Marble Distro & Music Studio
2. Pamphlet of "Distorsi Hari Ini!"
3. Dochi & Rico Blablablast! on Marble pamphlet :)
4. One Foot Record, an independent label in Manado
5. Respect Compilation feat. Why Angry
6. Clothing lines, but there's no any Marble Clothing. :(
7. Ichat and his mp3 collections
8. Independent CD sells. There's only few of them...

I just came back from Manado, North Sulawesi and I felt lucky to be able to see and experience piece of Manado music scene. I went to Marble Distro & Music Studio at Jl. Ahmad Yani no. 1 where I met Ichat, vox of The Almighty Human Cartoon. It sees that Manado has skateboard inspired music scene, close like scene in Jakarta & Bandung where the old skate park is made at Bahu Mall. Existed bands like Why Angry (Danger Ranger like punk band) and The Almighty Human Cartoon are two of melodic punk band that often plays in gigs at Manado. There are plenty of other bands with melodic hardcore influence are dominate in here and Bahu Mall is the place for them to perform.

Ichat said that Marble is a distro which support independent band the most, rather than the other “clothing like” distros. The most recent event held was “Distorsi Hari Ini!” which is fully organized by Marble. Hellostereo! was also been invited by them once. On the next month, Pee Wee Gaskins and Killing Me Inside will be invited to play at their place. They also have a music studio inside, almost the same like Riotic Distro in Bandung.

But something unusual when I came to Marble is, their own clothing line was empty. :) Stuffs sells at the distro’s are all Jakarta and Bandung clothing lines such as Crozz (Jakarta), Baby Zombie (Bandung), Endorse (Jakarta), ect. It’s so pity that I couldn’t buy something to take home unless The Almighty Human Cartoon second album “Stay tune with the Cartoon Melodic” CD for free. :) The CD that I saw sell was Netral “Hitam” (Jakara), Koil “Blacklight Shines On” (Bandung), Kuro “Ever Bevore” (Jakarta) and 7 Deadly Sins cassette (Jakarta). I asked Ichat, is there any other Manado independent band records in here, and he said it was all empty. But I was shown the mp3 collection on their PC, single of Why Angry which is close like Danger Ranger and Pee Wee Gaskins inspired band. I said to myself, how was that it came to Manado?

Apparently, when I check their mp3 collections, there are almost all Jakarta and Bandung independent bands. :) Says Blablablast!, Failing Forward, Killing Me Inside, Danger Ranger, Pee Wee Gaskins, etc. I also found some names like Enter Shikari and several hardcore metal international bands. I wonder how was all that bands are come to Manado? Actually, they are downloading it from the internet and media shares (typically Indonesian independent band habit…).

“Records are rare in here. Now everyone is just uploading to the internet.” said Ichat.

Ok, I thought it was only about the recording. When I came to Marble, I also heard a band was practicing at the studio. You know what they play? Vierra, Dengarkan Curhatku!... :O

Well, after a slight visit, I could tell that Manado independent music scene is still searching for their own character. In the other hand, Jakarta and Bandung scene, apparently, is very influential for them. It can be seen from clothing lines they ordered and their mp3 collections. Manado people are also very open for new music and very like to sing and perform. It can be seen on all over the Jl. Boulevard that almost all the restaurant has the “single organ” for karaoke. :)

Overall, Manado is a very potential city to be built a local independent music scene!

Shalom! :)


Fuzz Ball said...

Menado? Ngapain aj disana Yo?

Tri Handoyo said...

Ke Bunaken, terus keliling2 Jl. Boulevard. Sepanjang jalan isinya mall semua! :)

GrimmJaw said...

Jelas jelas itu bukan gw Yok... -_-

Tri Handoyo said...

Oh, iya ya. Hehehe..