Tuesday, August 18, 2009

APRES @ Open House Unit (OHU) ITB 2009! (Finally!...)

Fiuh, after all the effort from APRES kids for this whole week, finally we went through this OHU uniquely! ;)

Pre event (15 August 2009)

TB plays the keyboard, Dito hold the mic, and everyone fill it up!

We did some kind of pre event which actually didn't being planned at all. It should be for Mustang OHU sound check that Music Division organize for the band. But it went out TB and Dito, and the rest of APRES kids, warming up the condition by playing hits that could be sing along together!

After the check sound finished at about 1.30 AM, I decided to stay at the stand until tomorrow morning to make sure that no items are gone. I stayed there with Aul, Rishad & TB.

The parade (16 August 2009, 9 AM)

We got one of the most crowd! :)

OHU is started by a parade from each unit in ITB. We got lined up from the Indonesia Tenggelam basin to the front of Soekarno monument where the main stage took place. Apparently we got one of the most crowd over there! It also supported by STOMPRESS who are playing beside us as the opening performance.

Mustang OHU!

Music Division decided to create a Mustang (Musik Petang) at our stand, so it would pursue people to visit our stand, especially 2009 kids to join us. But not only 2009, we also open for any ITB undergraduate student to be our member, but should follow JVV first. What is JVV? Registration first. :) The registration table are also available beside our stand. The first meeting will be held Wednesday, August 19th 2009 @ Sekre APRES.

The main stage and collaboration

Beside the stand and Mustang OHU, we also performed in the main stage of OHU at 3.30 PM. We delegate 2 bands that plays Mbah Surip - Tak Gendong and Michael Jackson - Beat It. That was quite catching a lot of attention from the crowds, especially from LFM (Liga Film Mahasiswa) crowds who seems support us so much! Thx dude!

We also delegate or member for the closing performance collaboration with other units. It went at 6.30 PM and straightly closed the OHU after each of every unit delegation performed "Salam Ganesha" around the Indonesia Tenggelam basin which was lead by President of KM (Keluarga Mahasiswa) ITB, Yusuf.

Thx, for all OHU commitee! We had so much fun in OHU!
APRES! Be prepare for JVV!

Peace, love & respect.

PS: The day after OHU, I was sick badly. My body was trembling and I had diarrhea. I think it's because I was staying and guarding the stand all night long without proper eating, plus being the MC at Mustang OHU on the next day. Well, this was an experience. :)

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