Saturday, July 18, 2009

Very nice movie! Kambing Jantan!

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Well I saw the picture of a boy who are turning to be a man, and finding himself in this romantic piece of story. Raditya Dika is one of the best writers that I admire. His first blog are really revolutionary in Indonesian literary scene. He turns his life into a comedy piece of story that would make people laugh and amused. Honest, yet, expressive. No wonder that Rudi Soedjarwo is very sure to turn the novel into a movie.

What we can learn

I can learn how to be honest. In writing, actually the honesty and life experience will influence most, and we have to accept that. In the other hand, it also makes me feel better and relieve. It also increases our blessing to Allah SWT.
I also see the honest love story of Raditya Dika with Kebo in this movie and being truthful to be shown in the movie. Although in the end they were not mean to be, but it shows us a nice drama story. It makes us can learn something. Very nice exercise for LDR (Long Distance Relationship)! :)

The best scene

Every conversation between Radit and Kebo is my favorite scenes because I could “feel” the situation and condition of it, especially the scene in the park when Kebo asked Radit “Ada cewek lain?”. Kebo shows that she’s a strong woman to Radit, and Radit replies with unique and truthful answer. That’s a very rare condition, today! And then, when Radit went back from Adelaide to Kebo’s dorm to apology. That’s a very nice scene!

The word that I can describe is: “So sweet!”

Talk more, do more.

Peace, love & respect!

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