Sunday, July 19, 2009

Rocket "savior" Rockers!

Rocket Rockers is proving to be a savior in Indonesian music industry!

Of course, man!

Well, at least after we saw their new video “Hari Untukmu”, we could appreciate them as a positive Indonesian pop punk band to influence may others to follow their way. The video is reminding me a bit of Blink-182’s “Adam Song” video clip, which makes a nostalgic for me, yet, nice adaptation. The main point of the concept of the video is that the band is trying to give their kindness to the people around them, start from something small such as helping a down tool old Vespa, or sharing an ice cream to a kid.

"Hariku, harimu, takkan pernah ditelan waktu!"

Their path to 10 years of their career will also be celebrated in a “Hari Untukmu Concert” in 15 August 2009 at GSG Itenas. It shows that they have a pretty good consistency as a band, proven to have influence the growing up of independent music scene and bands in Bandung and Indonesia. They could be used as a good role model too, and it’s proven to the existence of a band such as Pee Wee Gaskins.

I hope they could always do their best and keep their musical characteristic. Good luck RORO!

Peace, love & respect!

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