Saturday, July 18, 2009

I see the soul!

I’ve just met with people from Jazz Goes to Campus (JGTC) 32nd, and they want to corporate with APERS ITB and IT Jazz to make the pre event in ITB. We had such a nice conversation with them, and I hope this will be one way to widen the networking of APRES ITB UI.


What I amaze is Tesla from IT Jazz is very passionate to give his argument to JGTC. He share the misunderstanding of the note “Jazzier than ever” that means that it’s a pop event that’s “jazzier”, not actually a Jazz event. It should be “Jazzer than ever”. Stuffs like that. He also shares a lot about Bandung jazz communities that actually have deeper meaning of just ordinary jazz. He said that jazz fans in Bandung are more critical and better love the type of jazz that more educative, and not just a pop Jazz.

From this condition that IT Jazz has a good corporation with JGTC, I believe that IT Jazz as a new music unit in ITB could develop to be a huge jazz unit in the future. I hope that APRES ITB could always create good and strong relation with them. Good luck IT Jazz!

Written in Friday, 17th 2009