Thursday, April 2, 2009

Went to Karapitan fish center

Suddenly, Misykat calls that he wanted to go to Jl. Karapitan to search for fish and aquarium. Few days before, Misykat wanted an aquarium in his room and I told that there is a place to find display fish in Jl. Karapitan. So, we went there after Dzuhur pray.

We found various fishes from the variety who lives in plain water to sea water. Misykat wanted a "Nemo" fish, just like in the movie "Finding Nemo", a sea water fish. Luckily, we found that variety in a shop, that serves sea water fish. The fish was priced Rp35000 each.

Fishes are sell in various prices from Rp2.000-Rp750.000 each (as I saw). Actually the fish that is sell in Rp750.000 is actually a small sized fish, which is a red tail Arwana fish. It's only +-10cm length and it's has been sold to a person.

I also found a beautiful Cupang fish, which cost only Rp5000 each. I suddenly interested to buy it, but Misykat told me that he would postpone to buy the aquarium, so I decided to postpone also.

I heard that if we had a pet, it could be a stress release. So, I suddenly interested to have a fish in my boarding room. But, I think I have to save money first. :)

1. The picture of the fish shop (Misykat on the right).
2. Cupang fish that caught my eyes! :)
3. Aquarium view
4. Fishes in breeding

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