Friday, April 24, 2009

This is energy!

Subhanallah, walhamdulillah, wa laailaaha ilallah, I trully got an energy to stand up by great memories of my high school. I just look up my photographs of my high school life. :)

I was amazed that my highschool life was trully colorful and focus. It's colourful because here, I could find many different kinds of people from many backgrounds and it combined in every day activities in class. It also focus because, although there are many different kinds of people, our school was not ranked pretty good at that time. So, seems like each elements of the school was be focus to develop the school together to reach better achievement. Thats one big point!

Despite my era of excitement of exploring independent music, I learned a lot how to be focus in every activities in school. When other top highschool students was focused on being celebrities, my highschool was focused on studying in achieving educational target. When other top highschool was preparing for domination, our highschool was teaching their students equally. When other top highschool teachers was being intelectual arrogant (no offends), our highschool teachers were teaching briefly and patiently to make sure every students understand what the subject tells, although some teacher thaught, still not with pretty good quality. That was what popped in my mind that create my motivation to work hard in school.

In the other hand, I was also excited in doing non academic things in high school. I made my first blog, who was in "definite hiatus" (which is to much "following the market" and the username & password was gone) which told a lot of stories of my highschool years. I made pretty serious and ambitious blog at that time. No wonder that my uncle who was following my blog, told me that my writting was older than my age. :)

I joined pretty much extracurriculars from KIR (Karya Ilmiah Remaja), Band extracurricullar (which was failed to regenerate at the 2nd year), Rohis (Rohani Islam). I also joined MK (Mitra Kerja) OSIS, and MPK. I volunteraly be school documentation (formaly and informaly). That's why I got pretty much collections of photographs of my highschools activities that be my source of energy too! :)

The most special and precious things in high school was, a community based on classmates named "Onimusha" that was develop in my 1st high school year. This community, later on, be some kind of symbol of unity that grows to various levels of actions and results.

Onimusha Basecamps was developed in almost every houses of everyone in the community. Adit's house (dominantly), Yoga's house, and my house, was used to share knowledges of music, films, or just to hang out and play. This was my first 'discussion group' that explore many kinds of new things.

Onimusha House Production which is placed in my house, was produced masterpieces such as video editing tasks that results gaining more score, recording & mixing, also used to finish tasks and do amateur music recordings, and mp3 and music videos compilation share to gain friendship. :)

Highschool was a very unique experience, and definitely not the same as being a college student. It was more unite and tolerant. No wonder that it was more like being a melting pot of life.

Well, time has reach more than 1 o'clock in the morning. I have to go to sleep to prepare going to Jakarta at 8 o'clock tommorow. I home I won't late.


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