Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I've been blessed

I've been blessed that I actually enters the best company that learns me much important things to develop leadership. I've just finished attending Bang! Company's meeting that discussed about our strategy in achieveing the last 22 days potential profit.

Julian Kamil, CEO of Bang! Company, is really skilled in protecting the flow of the meeting without sacrificing the focus and target of the meeting itself. It also supported by the supportiveness from Bang! members itself in achieving the company's target, which being the best company among other 3 IBE companies.

Here's keynotes (edited and translated) that I can share to you. I hope it could be useful to us:

1. "I want we to unite and have the same mindset."
2. Leader is a decision maker from members' aspiration. In the other hand, the members itself must be commit and supportive.
3. Leaders must have an effort to understand each members and yet, be objective and fair. Eg. "I understand what you say, but ... (straighnen our target)."
4. "I believe, when have our own ability and potential".
5. What we need is target and commitment, not only just a strategy. "
6. "What we achieve is what we are."
7. Staffing and job desk should work well and responsible.

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