Thursday, April 16, 2009

Be Aspirative

Written on April 13th 2007

After doing national election on Wednesday, apparently today is time for the election of President of ITB. TPS (the place to vote) are placed in every faculty in ITB to reach every voters to vote their choosen candidate.

There are three couples of candidates to be choose which are 1st Yunus-Ridwan, 2nd Ucup-Benny, and 3rd Ilham-(I forgot the name...).

I hope that the choosen president of ITB could run what they've promised in campaign and bring better ITB to be more open to everyone. Personally, I hope SBM could be more exist in ITB and APRES could also be supported more by ITB.


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Anonymous said...

I'm glad knowing that the TPS for current KM election is really reachable. It's a good preventive action considering Indonesian's tendency to being Golput