Monday, April 27, 2009

5 wheats & 2 whites left

This is the first time ever, I didn't make to sell all of the sandwich. There is a final result of 5 wheat bread sandwiches & 2 white bread sandwiches left. Thankfully that the result is BEP, so we didn't occur any deficit.

The genesis

Well, this sandwich business has been done for several weeks and almost a month with my friend Yayi, Architecture 2005 also known as the vocalist of band Baby Eats Crackers. She started the idea to start selling sandwich to fulfil her wondered Java Jazz Festival 2009 ticket. Later on, she started to consult and share about the business with the others. One day, she went to APRES and shared her business with me, knowing that I'm an SBM ITB student.

Seeing an opportunity that apparently, SBM ITB students are often have difficulties and laziness to find proper food around the school/faculty, I decided to helped her to distribute her sandwich to SBM ITB, with developed quality and taste.

I have onced have the same mind to create a sandwich business, but apparently, I had no time to do this all by myself. So, this collaboration made more efficient task to both of us. Ai (Yayi's nick name) is making and developing the sandwich every early morning, and I distribute the sandwich to SBM ITB and do the calculation and accounting.

Back to today

Well, in the end, I ate the sandwich by myself, eaten by Ai and her boyfriend and shared it to my boarding house neighbours. Just keep positive in mind! Tomorrow must be better because:

Life is learning and learning is praying.


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