Tuesday, March 31, 2009


People should do law and ethics in balance.

1. If we got our license by paying the people who produce the license, we are approaching to follow the law, but it's unethical.

2. If angkot stop in green light because of waiting an old lady to enter, it's ethical but it against the system tha has been made.

-Bambang Rudito-

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Yeah, it sent from my Nokia E63!

Yeah, it sent from my Nokia E63!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I just got “The Sophomore” from Rishad

Before that, Happy Birthday Rishad! You celebrate the birthday, I got the present! :) Well, this review is for you Shad!

The review

Comparing to their mini debut album “Stories Of Our High School Years”, “The Sophomore” just start to get the shape of Peskins own synth-punk music. But the sound of Rocket Rockers & Fall Out Boy still labeled in my mind when I enjoy the album. The long title of each song is really Fall Out Boy’s and certain melodies and sounds are Rocket Rockers’ alike. But the thing is, this album, and the existence of Peskins today would be like the next Rocket Rockers phenomenon in early 2000’s Indonesian independent music scene. It’s more obvious that Dochi (Peskins songwriter/vocalist/guitarist) and Ucay (Rocket Rockers vocalist) made a song together titled “Berdiri Terinjak” that exist in both of Peskins album, but added more feature in this new album (It’s just like Rocket Rockers “Tergila” which appears on their first debut and second “major” album with add more feature, right?).

The songs in the album would be fit with teenage energy, layered with romantic-hedonic-“killing” lyrics. The message of each song is really explicitly-implicit, so we would still be easy to understand. I didn’t like the hedonic one like in the verse of “The Sophomore” song, but Dochi could arrange the song really catchy, so it would appears for sing-a-long. Arrangements of the songs in the album could be defined as “something new” but I think it reached “too much” in some songs, that if it simplified a little bit, it would create a masterpiece. The vocal technique should be developed more in the next album, because in this album, Sansan and Dochi seems to be out-of-breath in singing the songs (do sport everyday Dochi, and stop smoking Sansan!).

Overall, Peskins has color local pop-punk music to create “something new” that could really absorb teenage mind to fall in to their music. I surely amazed with their management that has made them reached more than 1.000.000 visitors of their MySpace page (I think, it’s the first Indonesian band who reach that number on MySpace).