Monday, February 16, 2009

Rockepreneur 1st Anniversary!

February 1st is the birthday of Rockepreneur! It counted since the first post I wrote.

I'm so glad that I could present articles of my life and some about somebody. I personally learn a lot of new things in my journey that runs this full year in SBM-ITB and APRES ITB. Pictures and videos are uploaded to present the situation and condition about the experience of my life. 148 full-passionate posts has been published and present my life in a year.

The idea

This blog has start to change my life to appreciate more about life and literature to bless everyday life that everyone should have never experience the same. The idea if this blog is to "communicate the way I see the world" that is appears in writing. So, despite the bad grammar of my writing (my apology), I'm trying to share, tell, and speak up my mind through this blog.


Next, my target is to publish minimum 3 quality posts in a week. So, I have target minimum to publish 144 quality posts in a year. I also want this blog to be more interactive to the readers by . The most important point is to be honest in developing each posts.


I hope Rockepreneur could establish more as a to be a role-model Indonesian blog that publish everyday life in English. :)

(When the time has come) I want to make this blog to be a media that connects music and entrepreneur.


Thanks for my mom who always insist me to write a diary since the first year of elementary school and to read The Jakarta Post in my early age. :) To my Indonesian Language teacher in elementary school that educate me to read and write properly that always made me ambitious in filling my class Journal. All Indonesian and English language teachers that has educate me to be able to write this blog. To Tom Delonge (finally we met at Angels and Airwaves' Meet & Greet in Jakarta), my biggest hero all this year that I've quote his name as my blog identity for this year (Rockepreneur is Tom Delonge). Especially for all Rockepreneur readers all over the world!

Let it inspire!


Rockepreneur is Tri Handoyo
(Finally) This is Tri Handoyo's blog.


Brahms Audiansha said...

congrats my fellow blogger.. i hope my blog will become more interesting like yours!

GrimmJaw said...

Selamat yah yok... :D

(btw, its weird, I really expect you make an entry about Blink's reunion but nooo)

Tri Handoyo said...

Bram & Fajar: Thx yaa!

Fajar: I'm 50-50 satisfied and disappointed about Blink 182's reunion, but I think I would post about it later on. :)