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Trip to Jogjakarta - Semarang part 2

Going to Semarang

We directly went to Semarang after visited Popeye. We used the Boyolali way, but actually the road doesn’t really good, so I and my father couldn’t asleep on the road. At that time, my father has only asleep for 3 hours, because before he arrived in Jogjakarta, he was directly went from Bali for his work.

Arrived at Semarang, we went straight to Santika Hotel on Jl. Panandaran near Simpang Lima (one of the most famous place to be visited in Semarang) to check in. I wrote “Trip to Jogjakarta – Semarang part 1” as soon as I arrived at room 505. Seeing that I have limited apparel, so I decided to “dry” my apparels that I already used by hotel hairdryer on the bath room. :)

First, choose the clothes that you have used

Second, pull out the dryer right next to the sink

Third, dry it! :)

Went to the cemetery

I received an SMS from my mom to join the group of families that visits Eyang Satmoko and Eyang Retnosriningsih cemetery at Bergota. My mom has been arrived in Semarang from the morning. So, to avoid lateness, I went there by taxi.

Families reading Surat Yaasiin on the cemetery

As I arrived there, the group has almost finished reading Surat Yaasiin, so I directly join to read it from the beginning. As I read the Surat Yaasiin, everyone on the cemetery site dropped flowers to show respect for my grandfather and grandmother. After I finished, it’s time for me to drop flowers.

Spread roses to the cemetery

After we finished, as we went to the car, we usually spread fortune by giving money to the people around the cemetery. Tips: Break your money first into small quarter, so you could spread it efficiently. I didn’t join the group back to Kelud Raya (my grandfather and grandmother’s house), but I went back to the hotel with my mom.

I and my mom went back to Kelud in 7 o’clock to do the tahlilan of the 100 day of Eyang Retnosriningsih remembrance by also inviting orphans from Muslim foundation. We read Surat Yaasiin, continued with saying 100 name of Allah SWT. Hey, this is what make difference between the traditional Arabic style of saying those name in sorrow, but here we say it with full of joy and added Javanese accent! I love it! It kind of mix between deep and joy, but we say it with full of spirit. No wonder that many orphan kids said it out loud. I think this would say that being a Muslims is a fun thing. :)

Me with cousins, aunts, and uncles

After finished doing tahlilan, we had dinner together with families. After that, my mom with her brother and sisters were discussing about the future of Kelud house and the other inheritance of my grandfather and grandmother.

I with my father decided to go back to the hotel to take rest, because in the morning, I would travel Semarang with my high school friends! :)

Sunday, January 18th 2008

I woke up in 5.15 in the morning to change the schedule to meet Romi, Dini, Lukman and I on Simpang Lima to do breakfast in the hotel on 7 o’clock in the morning. So I didn’t sleep after that, and I still wear the same apparel as yesterday. :)

“Repairing nutrition” at Santika Hotel

Romi, Dini & Lukman in front of Santika Hotel

After we finished breakfast, we direcly went to Tugu Pemuda where the statue that reminds 5 Indonesian freedom struggle heroes of Semarang to take pictures and have fun!

Romi, Me, and Lukman in front of Tugu Pemuda (Pemuda Statue)

In front of Lawang Sewu

Dini, Romi, and Me in front of Tugu Pemuda

Nice view!

In front of Pahlawan Museum

Hey, when we were enjoying the site, 3 people came to us and sell us GSM cards. Actually, they are 3 Public High School Semarang students who had sponsors to sell the product to the public. I said to them that two of my cousins study there and, they were amazed and said that they had permit to attend the tahlilan yesterday.

After we say Lawang Sewu opened, we directly went there to one of the most famous site in Semarang, which is a building that known has 1000 doors. We have to pay Rp5000/person to enter the building.

On the 5 Semarang struggle heroes' cemetery on Lawang Sewu

We noted that this building has the age of almost 200 years since the Dutch conquer Indonesia. After Indonesia has freed from the conqueror, the building is used as the office of Indonesian Train Corporation. Now, the building is most famous to use as the tourist site to be visited.

On terrace of Lawang Sewu

On the roof to held parties and assassination

Pose on the iron stairs on the roof

On a room in Lawang Sewu

I didn’t notice at all that this building has a “secret tour” inside it. I only noticed from people that this building has a secret link to many important sites in Semarang, include the governor office of Semarang, 3 Public High School, one of famous store in Semarang, and many else. Actually, there is a tour that shows us the link to those sites, which is The Lawang Sewu Underground Tour. At glance, we wouldn’t notice that there’s a tour like this, because it doesn’t shown on the front gate at all. But, after we arrived in a corner of the building, we would find several persons that serve the tour. We have to pay Rp20.000 for the guide and Rp6.000 for renting the rubber boots.

A short story in Lawang Sewu underground

We entered a small spiral stair to a blackout path under the building. Before that we have to put on rubber boots because we’re about to enter a path that actually filled with swallow water. Actually, the path is used as the cooler of the building that has to be full of water. We walked along the path with only using 3 small spotlights of 7 people, and many stories that are told by the guide about of the used of the path on the Dutch and Japanese conqueror. Most of the rooms on the path are used as the “duck prison” (where the prisoner has to duck on the low height of the trellis, and being filled by water to the neck), ordinary prison, and place for assassination. Once the path is used as “Uji Nyali” TV show (TV show that challenge people to stay in eerie places) to challenge the people.

The guide also said not to read Ayat Kursi (The verse that is usually used for Muslim to exorcise), because it will challenge the soul that lives there. So we only allowed saying the name of God if we’re afraid. We enter a path that usually came up a form of a woman using white dress and long hair. That’s the path that was used by “Uji Nyali”. Then, we found out a place that is used for assassination and to dry blood before the corpse were thrown away to the river besides the building. There is a camouflage way to throw the corps from the path to the lake from a steel door size 1x1m.

The secret path!

Yes, we were shown the secret path to the sites of Semarang, but actually it only as big as o.5m2. It’s not a path that people normally could go through, but actually it’s a medium pipeline to supply water. All of them have been closed by cement by the government to prevent any insecurity of people who tried to enter those pipelines.

At the end, we went to the path where there are some pipelines and we sat on it waiting for the “appearances of something”. The guide told us to turn off the spotlights so there’s no light at all on the path. The guide told us to look at the next path and seeing the “zig-zag” light that appears there but I preferred to avoid it because I have no interest in “seeing that kind of thing”. :) Finally went back to the small spiral stair (I think that’s the only enter and exit door to the underground path).

With the Lawang Sewu underground's guider

Woofhh… Finally we went back to reality. :) FYI: When we were in the path and the spotlights are being turned off, the girl besides Lukman grabbed his hand very tightly, and Lukman just express his story when the girl (with her boyfriend, I think) still behind him without notice! Hehehe…

Farewell with Romi and Dini on the way and in angkot

Went to Universitas Diponegoro (Undip) in Tembalang

Our next destination was going to Diponegoro University (Undip) Tembalang, but Dini and Romi has made their own promise with other people, so only me and Lukman who went to Undip Tembalang. Undip Tembalang is placed on the south side of Semarang and it is the campus of most of Undip’s technical faculty. I went there by Lukman’s New Honda Tiger motorcycle.

The ride for about 20 minutes and we first arrived on Undip Technical Industry Faculty, where Lukman studied. I was being introduced to his friends on the Himpunan Teknik Industri (Technical Industry Student Community) and made a photo with them. I went to the backyard of the building and also made photo shoots there.

Technical Industry Undip wannabe!

With friends in Technical Industry Undip Community

No smoking please

Architect Faculty fron Technical Industry Faculty

At glance, the environment of Undip has the character of mixed between University of Indonesia (UI) on Depok and Padjajaran University (Unpad) on Jatinangor, both on West Java. It has more various faculties and wide region like UI, but it also has hill landscape like Unpad. No wonder that most of the students used private motorcycle as their campus transportation.

Like in Japan!

In front of Poultry Faculty where there are sheep in front of it for identity :)

The time has shown almost 12 o’clock in the afternoon and we decided to have lunch on the place where Unpad students usually bought their meal. The place is called “Warung Makan Amole”. It’s clean and it’s a buffet type of restaurant that serves homemade catering.

“Warung Makan Amole”, tasty!

The last destination was going to Lukman’s boarding house. It’s a 2x3m2 room with only cost Rp230.000/month of rent. The room was filled with posters from Barclays’ soccer teams from Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, etc. He also collects his “trophy” of his name tags that he involved as committee on his campus activities. I prayed Dzuhur there and went back to Kelud, Semarang.

Before that, we went to Deka’s house, Lukman’s friend and “Ketua Angkatan Teknik Industri Undip 2007”, to use his ride to Kelud. Deka and Lukman wanted to do study together with their other friends in Semarang. FYI, Deka is actually Taruna Nusantara (Tarnus) Highschool graduate, so on the road, we just talk about his experience at Tarnus, and his friends that study in SBM-ITB and ITB in general. I got his phone number and directly send to my Tarnus graduated friends at ITB by SMS to keep on contact with him, because actually Deka is the only Tarnus graduate students of 2007 that enters Undip.

Me, with Deka

Finally, after I arrived at Kelud, I said thank to Lukman for the whole day trip in Semarang and Deka for his ride. Waiting for Lumpia ordered for gift, I shared my trip story to my mom, my aunt, my uncle, and families that were still there. I went back to Jakarta with my mom using Garuda Indonesia at 15.00.

Me with my mom in the plane

Goodbye! See you at the next Rockepreneur Trip!

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