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Trip to Jogjakarta – Semarang part 1

Sunday, January 18th 2008

Hello guys, I’m at Semarang right now in Santika Hotel. I’m here with my dad who was deciding to take vacation after several busy weeks that my father and I actually held. I personally has been at home this whole week to take my “a week on – a week off holiday” because of the IBE. Hey, check out bangcompany.blogspot.com. That’s the blog that I also take care of right now.

Bus shuttle to the airplane

Well, the trip started from 6.05 in the morning where I took a flight from Jakarta to Jogjakarta. I had a Garuda Economy Class seat from my father, and the plan is that, we would meet in Adisucipto Airport. My father is also coming from Bali, for his meeting, and than straight to Jogjakarta to meet me.

Arrived at Adisucipto Airport

Well, the plan was actually staying in Jogja for 1 night and go to Semarang to attend the 100 year tahlilan (reminder ceremony) my grandmother, Eyang Retno Sriningsih, which you would find on my article of the last day of her, here. My mom did miss scheduled about the exact 100 day of my grandmother passed away, that actually held today, January 17th 2008. So, my trip in Jogjakarta only happens for few hours, then I straight going to Semarang. But, I made to visit some unique places in Jogjakarta.

Rent a car and driver from the airport

First place is Batik Tirto Noto, Jogjakarta, where you would find original high quality Batik with not very expensive price in variety of designs from shirt, to the textile itself. It placed in the Keraton Jogjakarta state near the Keraton Palace (Istana Keraton) itself. We got this address from the rented car’s driver that my father hired on the airport.

My father bought batik for my mom

Second place, we went to the Keraton Palace, where the Sultan Hamengkubuono X and his ancestors live for Keraton Kingdom since before and after the freedom of Indonesian Republic from “penjajahan” the Dutch. Here you would find the architecture of the palace with some of the part has been transferred into museum of Sultan Hamengkubuono VIII and IX.

The tag photo permission

Here are some photos of the palace:

On the front gate

With Drupala, the guardian of the palace

The palace is open for everyone

Preparation for "Wayang Kulit" show

Crowded with study trip students

The palace is guarded by people named Abdi Dalem, internal guardian of palace, which usually using blangkon (Javanese cap/hat), and fully using Javanese traditional apparel including batik. FYI, this Abdi Dalem people are only being paid very cheaply. They work there mostly because of the pride as being the Sultan’s servant.

Here are some photos of the museum:

Unique information that I got from my father about the Keraton Palace, is that:

1. Why Jogjakarta is being “Daerah Istimewa Jogjakarta”, rather than just Jogjakarta in Indonesian region. The fact is because, when Ir. Soekarno (1st Indonesian President) proclaimed the Indonesian freedom over the Dutch conquer, the first side in Indonesian region that approve the proclamation is Sultan Hamengkubuono IX, the head of Keraton Kingdom at that time. The approval is being made a “prasasti” (written stone), signed the Sultan in August 18th 1945, straight 1 day after the proclamation.

2. Why the Palace is only document majority of Sultan Hamengkubuono IX and some of VIII artifacts? It’s because actually Sultan Hamengkubuono I to VII are still be allied with Dutch conquer, and Indonesia still haven’t been existed yet.

3. About the treatment, narcissly, my father said that, the Palace’s museum is less treated than Museum Soesilo Soedarman. :)

Hey, the Sultan has hobbies like photography and cooking! :)

Third place we visited Popeye Compact Disc & Music Cassette. Our driver said that this is the most stocked music store in Jogjakarta. Inside there, I would find the division of 60%-40% division of cassettes-CD. It’s not a secondhand music store, but actually it has been existed since 1992. You would find from the old to most up to date record releases from indie to major label all over Indonesia. Hey, I still found Pure Saturday – Elora CD here! (But I’ve already got it, with fully signed by the members on the “Kosong” clip shoot, here)

One of the first record store in Jogjakarta

The receipt

The small plastic bag

Well, I found the newest Captian Jack’s (one of the most famous independent bands from Jogjakarta) album, but I didn’t really that excited compare to on my high school time to collect independent records to explore new music. So I just bought Folie a Deux! :)

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