Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Rockepreneur is Tom Delonge!

You know Macbeth Footwear right! That's his owned shoe company which has created a new paradigm in rock n' roll world to be more positive way. He also owned, a marketing website that sells local extreme sports and lifestyle clothings, items, and apparels, that supports the local scenes. He do both of the company since he was in Blink-182. He's now making new paradigm of making art with his new band website Check it out!

He wants music to be free, and with the existence of internet nowadays, anything would be possible to be implemented. We could see the real condition of our music in the real life, which is now full of piracy and prohibited duplicates. He also describe that now, music is just a little mp3 that we can enjoy it freely by copying it by our friends as the medium of their social life.

So, with he's now creating all kinds of media arts, from music, short films, podcast, video blogs, and all unpredictable things that could be produce on the internet, compiled with his band website, Angels & Airwaves, to the people who wants to enjoy it and making it as reference to their future art.

He are also now producing films titled "Start the Machine", the documentary about the born of Angels and Airwaves for 2 and a half years, and "I-Empire", which is a motion picture that is produce to be seen on cinemas.

He's a great manager, great decision maker, great artist, and great writer. He's truly a Rockepreneur!

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