Saturday, January 3, 2009

Salt water for you flu

Makin kamu minom obat, makin kamu rusak.”

That’s the quote of the day from my mom that recommends me to cure my flu with salt water rather than using Decolgent or other flu tablets. For you information, my mom got this information when she was traveling to Palembang for her business, and one moment, she was being ride to a place by a driver from my father. At that moment, my mom was in a big flu, and suddenly the driver told her that he was never got caught on flu since 20 years ago until now. He told the secret that he always do the “nose cleaning” by using salt water.

How to

The salt water was carefully inhaled (not fully inhaled, but only reached the bridge between the nose and lung) and than being exhaled immediately. It will clear up the nose with all the bacteria and viruses straightly without any side effect.

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