Thursday, January 1, 2009

New years evening at 2 places

Happy new year 2009!

Alhamdulillah. At this whole year, I feel glad that I could finished a lot of activities that I've done. This Rockepreneur has recap this whole year of my activities. Not all but, at least, I have the written of history if my life on 2008.

So shame that I postpone a lot of posts in Rockepreneur because apparently, almost all of my friends has now active in Facebook. So I often update my Facebook than Rockepreneur nowadays. But I always trying to balance updating all of my accounts in internet, started with my email, Facebook, Blogger, Friendster, and MySpace, but somtim, I hav my other business that I prior most which is studying in SBM-ITB. I have the target to be able to graduate on time. That's my first priority before updating my internet accounts.

New year at Eyang Soesilo's house

As usual, many invitations came to me to join the new year celebration. Like it came from APRES ITB. Aryo invited me to join the "hura-hura tahun baru" at his house with other APRES kids in Bandung. But I prefer celebrating new year with my family. I've been staying at my dorm room (kos-kosan) for about the first week of holiday because of running the mandate of being the Operation PIC in Zentech vendor for IBE purposes (Bang Company). Well, seems like I bored with the silence, waiting for the order for the whole week in front of my computer connected in the internet, which apparently no order came at all at that week. So I prefer to go back home to Jakarta after I finished the whole week at my dorm room. (well, some of the time I used to update my Facebook. :))

Finally, in the early evening, for about 17.00, I still standby in my house alone, waiting for my brother, my sister, my father & my mother went back home to go together celebrating new year. Well apparently, there are 2 invitations came to our family to attend new year with Eyang Putri at Panglima Polim and together with my uncles, aunt, and nephews at Tante Ani's house at Kertanegara. Well, I just follow that my father wanted to go.

So, we decided to go to Eyang Putri house at Panglima Polim house first. We arrived there at about 22.30 after waiting each members of our family gathered. I met Bude De, Pakde Imam, Om Hengki, Tante Ella, Purwa, Bima, Om Ruby, Tante Rina, Indra, Hamdi and Eyang Putri. Om Hengki decided to create a steak barbecue on the backyard of the house, but actually, because we came late, at that time, it only several meats left. So, we just can grilled those several meats for our new year celebration only. :)

Om Hengky then present his home made video of short biography of my mother, Nining I Soesilo! Well, the other said that everyone in the room has watch the video, but apparently, I haven't, so I pretty amazed with it. Wow, there are the pictures of my mom when she is in Marching Band Waditra Ganesha (MBWG) ITB! That's was a quite interesting video for me. Then Om Hengki played the other video about Eyang Putri Widaningsri, and my great grandfather Eyang Muhammad. I pretty amazed with Eyang Muhammad video because Om Hengki actually create the video with added scenes of Arsip Nasional (national video achive) and some war movies that relate about my great grandfather. Well, my great grandfather was one of national freedom struggle patriot in Surabaya. Started with the incident of the dead of Brigade General Mallaby near Jembatan Merah (Red Bridge) in October 1945. He leads he TKR (Tentara Keamanan Rakyat) in Surabaya and has a huge part in struggling the nation part in November 10th 1945 , which now known as Hari Pahlawan (Patriot Day).

After finished eating the steak, close to the h-hour of new year, we decided to go to Tane Ani house, but actually Eyang Putri wanted us to see her music performance from her Electone until the h-hour. Finally, without any fireworks prepared, we celebrate the h-hour of new year by seeing the neighbor's fireworks that they have prepared from the backyard of the house. :) We also saw Fauzi Bowo, the governeor of DKI Jakarta celebrate the new year in Pantai Karnaval Ancol (Ancol Carnaval Beach) that is broadcast live on RCTI. It was lame that the governor of DKI Jakarta only greet the new year by saying "Happy New Year!" only without added another wise words that the society could received. Not like Made Mangkupastika, the governor of Bali that has celebrated the new year 1 hour earlier that siade some wise message to the society with added good hopes for the next year with all the staff. But actually, we still celebrate the new year with fun by our togetherness.

Went to Kertanegara

Straightly after new year, we went to Tante Ani house at Kertanegara to meet the other extended family from my mother. We still met Om Toni, On Nunung, Tante Ita, Tante Ati, and Lukman, but apparently Pakde Agus, Bude Anik, and Imam has went back home. We meet and greet with them and just be able to interact in few minutes because my father wanted us to went back home early. But fortunately, we still be able to met Pakde Agus with the whole family because Imam left his cell phone on te house, that made the whole family should went back to the house to pick up the cell phone. We arrived home at about 01.30 and I still delayed my sleep by listening to Science in Music: Siaga Bencana album compilation that I got from the newest Hai Magazine. :)

Well, I hope in this new year I would do the best in SBM-ITB and be more focus there. In the other hand, if I had trust from Allah SWT to still be active in APRES ITB, I hope I could run it the best I can, but if it not, please make it far away from me to be able to be more focus in my college. I hope I could make the best decision of myself.

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