Sunday, January 25, 2009

Met with Dimas Local Drugstore @ APRES ITB

This morning, I met with Dimas from Local Drug Store at APRES ITB to discuss about Diklat/Clinic Chiptune Music that will be held in February 12th 2009. Dimas will be the tutor for this Diklat/Clinic to introduce and share about his experience about 8-bit Chiptune Music at APRES ITB. This will be the first time APRES Diklat/Clinic invites tutor from outside of ITB.

With Dimas, discussing about the Diklat/Clinic

Together with Music Division APRES ITB

FYI, 8-bit Chiptune music scene in Indonesia is getting popular nowadays and many bands appears to appreciate this kind of music. Let say Local Drug Store, Far From Kyoto, Daily Stupidity of a Superhero, Bit for Bit, etc, that came from Bandung. I hope this diklat/clinic could be useful to introduce the 8-bit Chiptune music to ITB.

See you at February 12th 2009!

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