Monday, January 26, 2009

Long journey to Royal Jakarta Golf Course

SBM ITB Golf Tournament 2009 - Official Video

Yesterday, Himpunan SBM-ITB (SBM-ITB Community) held SBM ITB Golf Tournament 2009 on Royal Jakarta Golf Course. I personally not a committee on this event, but the thing that made me attends was to take Bang!’s receipt that was brought by the marketing of Bang! Company to the event. It’s to finished my Bee Carpet transaction that was ordered by my grandmother.

Well, the story was that, I depart from home in 8.30 AM, and went back home at 15.00! So it was a six and a half hour trip, just to take the receipt from Bang! Company’s stand at Royal Jakarta Golf. FYI, that’s was the first time I went to that golf course without knowing the address before. So, I went lost to various places that I haven’t visited in my life!

First, I take the highway to Cawang, and went out near Cililitan. But I went to a wrong way that almost leads me to Grogol. But I got to Dewi Sartika road to go to Halim Airport. After got unnoticed and went lost several times, I finally notice that the golf course was not on Halim’s Airport. My cell phone was out of battery and I just kept trying to come to the golf course. I went to Pondok Gede road for 3 times and lost in a house street once. Finally I arrived at the golf course at 12.30. :)

I just notice that only max. 3 persons who are able to standby at the stand, so my arrival was a kind of “unwanted”. I saw the committee wears dark blue polo shirt and Ines, Sandy, and Nigor on Bang!’s stand. I straightly wrote out the receipt for the carpet and just went back home. FYI, Royal Jakarta Golf Course was fascinating. We have to pass the golf course to arrive at the golf office. So, we saw the “paradise” of the golf course on the way to the office.

Six and a half hour journey for this receipt

I went back and straightly enter the highway. I just went direct to TMII (because I remember that we went to that way to arrive home). Without notice, I, again, went to Pondok Gede (so it was the 4th time) :). Looking to the time, I haven’t pray Dzuhur yet, so I decided to stop at At-Tin Mosque at TMII. That’s a mosque that is built by Mrs. Tin, the wife of the 2nd president of Indonesia, Soeharto. It has a fancy escalator in the mosque with ceramic surface of the floor.

I went back to the highway to Ceger (because my dad once said that if you enter from Ceger you will find the highway to home) and I was amazed that I entered the highway to Bandung! I should have gone backward. So, I was searching for the way out to send me back to Jakarta. :)

Long journey to home

Finally I arrived home at 15.00 with a bump on the right front of the car. Well, I “scratch” the car on the “path” of Pangkalan Jati (the road that is usually passed when I was in high school to go home) as the size of a car. I apologize to my mom about what I did to her office’s Avanza, but she said OK after I told my “journey” of 6 hours and a half to get the piece of receipt. It also has been covered by insurance.

Thank Allah SWT, I’m home now!

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