Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Drama movies = heart feelings & jealousy

Watching movies, especially drama always make me jealous. Yes, it’s true. I think it happens since I was in school until now. Drama or romance movies I think, too much showing “arrogant of romance” that it always being “so fascinating”. It’s very dangerous to be because; it would easily change my perception that “loves always like that”. Moreover is a very deep romance or drama movie, it can easily absorb my soul to follow the movie.

The effect would occur after I finished watching movies. I would feel too melancholic when I see or interact with people. I always feel gloomy after I watch the movies. I also have in mind that, what happens in the movies are actually representing the society (real world), which is absolutely wrong. I would think that I should “deserve” the scenes that happen in the movie in the real world, which sometime made me, had a guilty feelings or heart feelings if it doesn’t happen to me. But in the same way, I couldn’t “control” the people to act like I watch in the movie.

It also affect my mindset to think only "one step", and not thinking the future. Drama movie always shows the "ideal" scenes that happens about the story, and didn't shows the process to make the "ideal" scenes happens. Also, drama movies present only a short story of an event, which is very different with the long and continuous events of the real world. But in the other hand, I personally stunned by them, that would affect, again, to jealousy and heart feelings if it doesn't happen to me. Seems like my like my life are only plotted for 2 hours.

So, I think I should stop my imagination to apply the “synopsis of the movie” in the real life, and not really absorbing the “chemistry” of drama movie to not make me jealous and had a guilty and heart feelings.

PS: I’ve just watch Twilight and it “hurts”.


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