Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Alhamdulillah, I won the meet & greet with Angels & Airwaves!

Subhanallah, I did not realized that I fortunately won the Angels and Airwaves Meet & Greet quiz that Mr. Adrie Subono (Javamusikindo promoter) who brought AVA to Jakarta, Indonesia on December 9th 2008 that just being announced some moment ago.

Here you can find my post somewhere posted in October 25th 2008 for the answer of the quiz.

The result can be seen here.

Thank you very much Javamusikindo for the gift of meet & greet ticket for me. Also to all my friends who have made me in to the music that I couldn't write it down one by one, especially for Wulung, my guitar teacher of all time who taught me how to play guitar with Blink 182 songs who started my journey of guitar, how to create songs, and Tom Delonge. It won't be forgeted in my life. I hope I could share what I got from the meet and greet to all of you guys!

Peace! :)


Brahms Audiansha said...

wow you are so lucky! i envy you

Anonymous said...

yep, saw your name.

nanti mampir ke booth macbeth y

sasri said...

waaa asik banget bisa ketemu Tom Delonge. hhe :)