Friday, November 14, 2008

Together like ants

I went out to do the Shalat Jumat in the afternoon, and I did it as usual. The khotbah (the speech about Islamic and life issues, with added Al-Quran and Al-Hadist) talked about the one of Al-Quran surat, which describe that, "speaking good things is like a tree which the roots are soared into the ground."

After Shalat Jumat

After listening to the khotbah and did the shalat, I felt very tired and decided to lay down a little while in the mosque after the crowds has went out. I read some mosque newspapers for a while which talked about the winning of Obama and the influence to Muslim in general in the future. I laid down for several minutes and suddenly it started raining heavily outside. So, I was accidentally trapped in the mosque alone with some people who seems like the members of the mosque.

Saw the ants migrate

As it raining heavily, I couldn't go back to the campus, and I decided to wait in the front of the BATAN Mosque. As I wait, I looked at the ground that actually, there are a group of ants who migrate their home to another places. I saw it carefully, and it looked like they brought their logistics and eggs outside a hole and going back inside to another hole. It inspired me about something that stuck in my head.

The ants reminded me about one of Javanese myth that I recognize of my mom, that if there are a lot of ants live on the ground of our place, it shows a wealthy and prosperous place and/or owner. At least that's what I know. That's why many Javanese interested to The sign of migrating truly shows that the mosque actually is very useful to the others. Well, no wonder that it always being full of people in Friday as people do the Shalat Jumat, or the other day which being used by the people to do Shalat Fardhu (shalat 5 times a day).

Second of it, the aggressive migrating by ants to bring their logistics and eggs to somewhere else, truly represent togetherness. From those crowded ants, I didn't see any ants who brought more than one egg/logistic on each ant. Every ant bought one egg/logistic to be brought to another place. They all work together to accomplish one target, which is migrating.

Sometime if we couldn't accomplish some tasks or some problems, if we pray to god, we would sometime get the answer which sometime unrelated directly. I apparently felt stuck about time management between my activities in SBM-ITB and APRES ITB. I think the ants showed me the way to solve it with some work group...

Cheers! :)

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