Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Quick Fix!

Yesterday, I decided to practice with Quick Fix, (my band with Kibar, Aul, and Helmi) to prepare for APRES Mustang Inbox performance on Friday, November 7th 2008 at Selasar Plano, ITB. Quick Fix are me as vocal/guitar, Aul in bass, Helmi in keyboards/synthesizer, and Kibar in drums. Mustang Inbox has the theme of performing Indonesian songs (or songs with Indonesian lyrics), so we decided to perform 3 songs which are The Adams - Selamat Pagi Juwita, Rocket Rockers - Terobsesi, and Pee Wee Gaskins – Berdiri Terinjak. I think it’s going to be cool, because we just like being the candidate that represent the youth by performing those songs. :)

I’ve booked the MThree Studio 2 at the road in front of Pertamina gas station in Jl. Dipatiukur at 8 o’clock for one hour for practicing so we have to set our time to start at that time. So, as usual, after class, I went straight to Sekre APRES to meet everybody. Fortunately, there are Helmi and Aul in Sekre, so we decided to practice acoustically in front of Sekre APRES. With keyboards borrowed by PMK (Perkumpulan Mahasiswa Kristen) just a few steps from Sekre APRES, and Echa’s and someone’s acoustic guitars, we practiced until it came to Maghrib.

After we pray Shalat Maghrib, Aul went home first because feeling not well, but we decided to meet again at MThree on time. I decided to eat dinner first before practice I and Helmi went to Pecel Lele in Balubur to have dinnwe. Helmi actually have very limited money to run his life in Bandung. Imagine, he only received Rp600.000 a month and he still decided to attemd a piano course for Rp200.000 a month. So he only could spent Rp13.000 a day (Rp400.000/30days) I imagine he only spents Rp4.000 each time he eats, and Rp1.000 for transportation. But he seems very excited to practice piano and he said he’s ok for only eating twice a day. I surely feel sorry about his condition and as a fact, he also has to share for renting studio for our practice. So, I decided to give Helmi a ride to his boarding house in Gg. Masjid, Plesiran

At Helmi’s boarding house

The boarding house actually can’t be reached by cars, and could only by a size of single 2 wheel cycle, but it seems the neighborhood is good. Helmi greet the land lady mother as a sign he is home. I entered in a 2x2 room that Helmi stays, and I suddenly felt very comfortable as I entered it. Inside the room, there is a sajadah (carpet to do Shalat) put on a soft puzzled carpet, a single bed, a small table, PC and it’s speaker without a monitor, a cupboard, mugs and cups, an electric stove, an a box of his logistic.

He boiled water on his electric stove to serve me a cup of hot tea.

He said, “In this rainy season, it’s the best to drink a cup of hot tea.”

While waiting for water to boiled, he decided to put his clean clothes first.

“Just a minute, I want to take my clothes first”.

We decided to prays Isha first before practicing the band. We went to a small path outside his room to a toilet and a place to wash clothes. We took the wudhu in a spigot near the place for drying the clothes. We only able to pray by turn because the room doesn't have enough space. Helmi, decided to pray first, while I’m sitting on the bed, waiting for my turn.

While I’m sitting, I found a magazine "Development" on his bookshelves. I read about it and actually it’s a magazine about the world in poverty. There are reviews about poverty in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and other places in India and Africa. In that magazine I found an article titled “no quick fix” about how to solve poverty in the area. Suddenly, it inspired me to name our band Quick Fix! :)

“Great magazine.” I said, after Helmi finished his Shalat.

“I didn’t know why they still sent that magazine came to me. The subscriber is the person who stays here before me, and it’s just keep coming.” Helmi answered.

After I did Shalat Isya, Helmi poured up the boiled water into a cup of tea and he mixed it with some sugar.

“This is for you.”


Helmi and Me

While drinking the tea, I asked Helmi’s opinion about the name.

“Look at this article.” I showed up the article to Helmi.

I closed the word “no” and asked, “What do you think about this name? Do you agree if our band called ‘Quick Fix’?”

“Yes, I agree!” Helmi answered with amazing.

We finished the tea and went straight to the studio.

The practice

Because Kibar didn’t know the studio yet, I said that cars couldn’t enter the studio, we decided to meet at Alfamart, Jl. Dipatiukur and took a walk to the studio from there. I and Helmi arrived at 19.50 and directly met Kibar near his Suzuki Swift. We went to the studio by foot and we arrived there a few minutes later. There was still no sign of Aul while waiting for our turn, we entered the studio. So we decided to practice without the bass guitar.

We focused on practicing Selamat Pagi Juwita from The Adams, knowing that the pattern is a bit tricky. (When I listen to the word “a bit tricky” I just remembered about my Finance lecturer that always said those words, and I didn’t know why everybody just make fun of it :)) We intensively practiced The Adams and focused to the detail, and after almost an hour, there is still no sign of Aul. So, I decided to make a call, and do you know what? He felt asleep at his house. :(

Practice @ Sekre APRES @ 8 o’clock in the evening

We booked the Sekre APRES for free practice as APRES members today at 20.00. Alhamdulillah, there were some significant progress since the first practice yesterday, and I hope next our performance would improve.

See you at Mustang Inbox!

Edited in Jakarta, 11/11/08 by Aunt Parlin

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