Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Mustang preparation, Diko’s birthday surprise and Quick Fix practice

Mustang preparation

At the end of the class, I went to Sekre APRES as usual. Actaully, there was a meeting of Mustang Inbox that would be held in November 7th 2008. Adit, the chief, created the meeting to prepare for all the aspects that are needed in the event. As head of the logistic section, Achiem was doing the plan for the logistic. As a person who has been covering the logistic of Mustang Oldies, I helped Achiem to create the architect of the stage with the logistic needs on it.

I gave some contacts of people that Achiem should have as the PIC for logistic. It’s for being able to cover all the things needed to run the event well. I told him not to forget to recheck the logistic that APRES already have (whether run smoothly or not). The meeting also included the event coordinator Rishad who gave me a mandate as Liaison Officer of 3 artists in the event.

Surprising Diko’s birthday

Diko is the head of Jargh Vhua-Vhua 2008 and he apparently had his 20th birthday on November 2th 2008. Soon after the meeting ended, Arum (Diko’s girlfriend) came to APRES brought 3 boxes of JCO Donuts. She said those would be brought to Sabuga, since Diko practice basketball with his friend. But actually, it was raining, and the practice was canceled. So Arum decided to bring the donuts to APRES, and share it for free :), but with a purpose to join her to surprise Diko at his boarding house. So, after enjoying the JCO, still raining, we decided to go to Diko’s boarding house in Tubagus Ismail.

We went together with Rishad, Adit, Fay, Mahar, Dito, Arum, Wulan, and Aul to Diko’sboarding house bringing a blueberry cheesecake as a present that Arum bought before. It was an easy target to surprise Diko without being notice, because Diko’s room is actually in the second floor and we have the time to prepare the candles in the garage. In a humid weather of the rain, we entered together to the house and surprised him in front of his room!

Coming out from the room, Diko went to the living room to celebrate the birthday. He made a wish, and cut the cake into 14 to share with all of us and boarding frineds. Suddenly Kibar made a called that he already arrived to practice with Quick Fix at Sekre APRES, because it already 20.00 o'clock. I told Kibar to postpone the practice since it's already late, and still rainy, telling him about Diko's birthday. In the other hand, 2 of APRES amplifiers were still being fixed that should be ready yesterday. So, I told him to practice the songs by himself at home.

Keep practicing

After the call, I told Aul to postpone the practice, but actually, Aul said it’s ok to practice late. So we decided to go back to APRES to practice. After I give Rishad a ride to his friends’ boarding house, I went back to APRES and decided to practice with Quick Fix. Apparently Helmi has arrived at Sekre and prepared the keyboards. We decided to practice intensely "Terobsesi" from Rocket Rockers and clear Selamat Pagi Juwita from The Adams. Aul and I were focusing in practicing the bass line of Terobsesi. We ended the practice at 22.15 and went home immediately to avoid to be sick caused by the rainy season and the cold Bandung’s weather at night.

Edited in Jakarta, 11/11/08 by Aunt Parlin

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