Thursday, November 13, 2008

I feel like I was in high school

I had a task to spread 5 questionnaires about Marketing task about Pawon Pitoe Restaurant at BIP. Ikhsan Mansyur, as the head division of this project gave me this task about 1 week ago, but I just have tome to accomplish it today. Beside only the questionnaire, I should also have to take the person's photo to fulfill the appendix of the report. So I went to BIP and start spreading the questionnaire alone!

Arrived in BIP

As I arrived on BIP, I just started my objective to eat first at the food court and spread the questionnaires there. But actually, as I finished ordering my Donar Kebab, I realized that I actually don't have any pen for people to fill in the blanks. :) So, I decided to finished my dinner first and went to Gunung Agung to bought pens for writing. I bought 4 for 2 JIMNIE pen for it. As I finished buying the pen, in front of Gunung Agung, I met Kesa with his friends. Kesa is my class mate who come from minor class of Civil Engineering 2006 who take Marketing and Finance class in SBM-ITB. They decided to eat at the food court and I decided to join them to accompany the questionnaire filling.

Filling the questionnaire

My first target is a person who sit on a table behind me. There are 2 persons who seems like have been adult and having occupation. They wears apparels who looked like a worker for the government. But after I realized, they were actually college students like me. :)

"Saya foto ya mas, buat tanda bukti."
"Oo, silahkan, silahkan."

Oh ya, actually, Ikhsan told me to target the respondents who have the occupation of workers and not students. So, this time, I have to search for more correct respondents. After some moment, I founded 2 persons who finished eating their meal who seems like they have been adult. So, I gave 2 questionnaires to both of them. Actually, I just amazed that both of them are lecturers from UNPAD (Universitas Padjajaran) who are in charge of postgraduate students. :) So, they fill out the questionnaires with added quotes and "free" lecture about the questionnaire and the report.

"Kamu nanti ngitung pake apa? SPSS?"
"Nggak pak, kita masih pake Excel"
"Ooo, kalau pake SPSS bisa lebih detail. Dari sana kamu harus bisa analisa angkanya. Banyak mahasiswa saya yang nggak ngerti mendeskripsikan angka2nya. Biasanya dosen ngeliatnya begitu, tinggal dari angka2nya aja, terus diuji apakah mahasiswanya kompeten atau tidak. Kalau nyebar gini, terus pake foto gini yaa.. boleh lah, tapi paling ngisinya suka kurang akurat."
"Iya pak."
... (continue with some other conversation)
"Saya dulu juga minta biro nyebar questionernya. Saya minta nyebarin 100, tapi yang balik juga cuma 25."
"Ooo, gitu ya pak."
"Iya, makanya, yang penting kamu bisa mendeskripsikan angka2nya, artinya apa."
"Iya pak..."

With some added value in my head about the report, I thank both of them tho have filled out the questionnaire.

"... jadi deskripsikan angka-angkanya ya."

Went to a fashion store in BIP

I decided to join Kesa and his friends to spent some time in the mall. One of his friends has a long metal hair, and went to a fashion hobby store to bought an Avenged Sevenfold t-shirt. The other friend went to a shoe store to buy a pair of sneakers.

"Wah, besok sipil ada acara ya."
"Nggak kok, cuma nemenin belanja2 aja. Gw mah nabung dulu. Nunggu suntikan dana dulu. Kemarin ada tugas kampus nyelesaiin peta, harus ngeprint sampe lebih dari Rp300.000." Kesa answered.
"Oh ya?"

Later on, we went home after the clock ticks on 21.30. We seperate in the parking lot and went home.

The memory

The walk to the shoe store and the hobby fashion store trully reminds me about my high school memory. I remember when I bought the Peavy practice guitar amp in Mangga Dua, Jakarta. Me and my friends are actually doesn't have a habit to spent money in buying stuff, so this time, I decided to do research first about what amp is needed and reachable for me.

So, we went to Mangga Dua by busway, and we used angkot to reach the Harco Mangga Dua. There we found the destination that we have already search on the internet. I bought 1 practice amp and 2 jack for instruments. As I brought the practice amp back to home, I remembered that me and my friends entered an angkot that are full of people inside, and it was in a heavy traffic jam. I remembered the angkot entered the reverse gear and decided to enter the counter way of the road to be able to come back to its pool first, and to avoid traffic jam.

I sat in the most inside and back seat where I couldn't go outside angkot without people besides me went out first, or even move from my seat, and at the reverse gear, I was being noticed by the angkot's driver that I actually closed up his vision to the mirror to the back to see, if it's car passing or not. With grabbing, my guitar amp inside a tight space of the angkot, fy face just facing the counter way of the road, and praying that there are actually no car passing the road while the angkot entering its pool.

It was a great memory of going out to the market with friends, and the moment with Kesa and his friends at BIP is a bit reminding about those memorable time in college.


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