Monday, October 20, 2008

It’s your golden time

If you see Rockepreneur recently, I often post about my time at APRES ITB. Well, actually I just want to feel settled in different environment, met different and more various people beside SBM-ITB. APRES ITB is the only environment that I could express my interest and met other people who have the same interest as me, like music. I could chat with other friends form different faculty and ITB, and involved in the events that is being held by APRES or maybe other invitation from other people and places that related to music. It seems that everybody needs music there. :)

I always remind a quote from my guide lecture, Mr. Dedi Permadi always told us again and again in every lecture meeting per half semester.

“It’s your golden time! You only have 3 years to involve in ITB environment. Make good friends as much as you can and be part of them. Don’t just be in this small SBM-ITB building all the time. You would only meet the same people as usual.”

That’s why I choose APRES as my other environment in ITB than just SBM-ITB. I don’t know why, although there are a lot of events that sometime made me tired and spent much time, mind, and some money, I feel comfortable being part of them. I think APRES ITB is the only campus unit that ignores seniority. We could meet and greet other campus friends from all majors and level in ITB, and we'll just be friends together. There is no jealousy or hard feelings if we interact with people from different majors and levels in APRES ITB. We just have to respect them as younger persons.

If you see my track record in APRES ITB, I personally has been contribute in some of APRES’s events such as Mustang (Musik Petang), Dor-dor Tough, and recently Jargh Vhua Vhua and Diklat, as I contribute as the person in charge. Although sometime it spent much time, but actually it’s time for me to apply management “learning by doing”. I have to be able to manage my time in SBM-ITB, with the tight schedule of activities, side by side with events in APRES ITB. It’s just like how to release over informed management theories in SBM-ITB to events and activities in APRES ITB. So it’s like symbiotic mutualism! :)

I enjoy what I’m doing right now and I hope I could spread all the positivity by it.


Edited in Jakarta, 11/11/08 by Aunt Parlin

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