Friday, October 17, 2008

Diklat Musik Elektronik 2008

After being separated for 2 weeks of lebaran, finally Diklat Music Elektronik was successfully held yesterday evening. :) This is the first time ever APRES ITB held a music electronic clinic to introduce what’s beyond the world of music electronic in Indonesian local scene. This diklat/clinic was presented by Pepi from These R’ Fake and Nathan and Diza from m.u.s.i.k. [elektrik]. All of them are originally ITB students which actually members of OPENLABS Common Room community.

The diklat/clinic, started at 5 o’clock and I opened the show with an introductory about what’s actually electronic music and why APRES ITB presents something about it. Because electronic music is a type that became popular with various music these days. People often judge electronic, music with “disco ajep-ajep” music that spread negatives, but actually electronic music itself could create more dynamic and colorful . Let’s say Homogenic from Bandung or Good Night Electric from Jakarta, which present the hype of electronic music with different colors. Operating and applying electronic music has its own skill, knowledge, and taste of art that I think is important to share and give more musical knowledge to others.

The tutors explained about Reason and other stuff

At the first part of the event, Pepi explained about how to operate Reason Software. FYI, Reason Music software is one of the most popular computer software electronic music used nowadays beside Fruity Loops, and Ableton. She explained more technical about how to operate the software and create loops. She created a sample sounds on stage that is being arrange with her other loops that has been prepared before the event. She create a simple electronic music the first 35 minutes of her explanation.

Nathan shared his electronic music experiences

Next, it’s time for Nathan to share the knowledge. He continued what Pepi explained before and finished the song by completing and adding more effects. The music became more up beat and has more color. Then, Nathan used another feature of the Reason how to create beat and mixing it with other sound samples. With a simple touch, he create a simple upbeat tempo that could be used as the template of the song that is able to add more color.

Diza explained about the gadgets

Diza then explained about MIDI Controller that he brought to add more real-time effects to the music. The controller is actually useful for electronic musicians performance because it could bring the musician to do more dynamic actions on stage. With the help from Nathan, Diza played his MIDI Controller and rotating the switch which added more tone dynamic from close to open. The action is often used by bands such as Rocket Rockers or Pee Wee Gaskins to add dynamic synthesizer sound in their songs.

The attendances are given the opportunity to ask questions and many of them seem to be excited and wanted to know more about the electronic music. There's someone asked about MIDI or other samples used in the music and answered by the tutors. There's also an attendances who asked about the price to create electronic music. The tutors answered that actually creating electronic music is cheaper than conventional music because, software piracy are actually more reachable than the original. But the tutors pointed that the reason is the need of applying creativity.

Giving APRES charter for the tutors

I closed the show by asking them to contact if necessary Pepi, Nathan, Diza’s MySpace or band websites that are attached in the handout. We gave the tutors an APRES charter as an appreciation for having shared the knowledge to the attendances. The charter was given by the head of diklat/clinic by myself, head of Unit APRES ITB 2009/2010, Mahar, and head of music division, Fay.

Pepi received the APRES charter

After the show, many attendances meet with the tutors since they want to know more about electronic music, included my friend TB who were very excited as an electronic music expert with his keyboard skill background. Overall, this is one of the best diklat/clinic APRES has ever made, and I personally are satisfied. I received a lot of appreciation from the tutors having held the diklat/clinic. Thanks for everyone who has helped to create the show especially for the committee!

See you at the next diklat/clinic!

Edited in Jakarta, 11/11/08 by Aunt Parlin

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