Sunday, October 19, 2008

Diklat Basic Music JVV 2008

Finally, I finished up the busy week after the last Diklat Musik Elektronik and Diklat JVV Basic Music that was held on Friday and yesterday. Thanks for all who's helped to make both events ran successfully!

Well actually I didn't have a lot of time to prepare for this Diklat JVV Basic Music because 2 days that I had finished Diklat Musik Elektronik on Thursday. Just after Diklat Musik Elektronik ended successful and made evaluation, we started to talk about Diklat JVV Basic Music. :) I planned to held this Diklat JVV Basic Music long before the fasting month. But apparently, just few days after that, I was being choosen as PJ/Head of Diklat APRES 2008-2009 and got the schedule to create minimum of 5 diklat/clinics, which the second of the diklat (which is Diklat Musik Elektronik) was just set 2 days before Diklat JVV Basic Music. So, I got to be healthy and fit to manage this 2 diklat's without forgetting the schedule at SBM-ITB.

The preparation

At 7.30 in the morning, I already arrived at Sekre APRES, but actually there were still no one at that time and Sekre APRES was still locked. I opened it and started to bring out the logistics needed, which actually was Elmar's job as logistic coordinator. I met Geri at that time passing Sekre APRES. He was going to attend a class, but I asked him to help me to bring some logistics to SBM-ITB parking lot. After we finished bringing some of the logistic, Geri decided to attend class and left Sekre APRES.

After a moment, TB came with a keyboard for his diklat/clinic performance, and helped me to bring some other stuffs to the diklat site. As we got back from the site, finally Elmar came with the help of Aul and another person to bring an amplifier to the site. As I arrived and check the site, the electricity was still off, so I decided to remind the security of SBM-ITB to turn it on.

As Diko and Luthfan came to the site, we decided to do the briefing for the material to be shared to the Capres. We decided to share about tone, scale, interval, and chord for the basic music contents. We did some kind of rehearsal for the presentation with added some jamming to feel relax at the presentation.

The event

As written on the schedule, Capres started mobilized from Sekre APRES to SBM-ITB parking lot at 10 o’clock, and I, Luthfan and TB greet them with Turkish March anthem that recently has been performed in OHU 2008. I opened the show by telling the purpose why we study basic music and give a mindset that say music is easy and fun. We started by explaining about tone that actually, is the basic foundation how music is being read, written and standardized. We continued to the scale section which discussed that music has a pattern from major scale to minor scale. TB, with the help of Diko, explained about the material to be applied directly to the piano.

Next is the interval section that TB asked me to explain first. I explained about the name of intervals that could be segmented in major, minor and perfect interval. Luthfan also explain some examples of intervals to be applied to count the measure of tone. We did an ice breaking by doing funny aerobic movement that is conducted by Diko that followed by all Capres and APRES members there. It effectively refreshed the event and feels like new again. :)

Every Capres who made questions about the materials were given presents from Diko such as Ultra Milk, Nu Green Tea, Pop Mie, Kratingdaeng (spells right? :)), AQUA, etc. It’s to satisfy and keep Capres to focus and critical to the material explained which would be beneficial for further music exploration. We continue discussing about chords. This section, Luthfan, Diko, and TB collaboratively explained about the function and most usual cords that are used in popular music. They explained about what basic tone is used in building chords and the first step to explore extended chord that could be built further.

The Diklat JVV Basic Music was closed by a final test that Capres should answer ten questions related to the materials and 2 more questions related to the Jarg Vhua Vhua in general. The event was closed by telling the Capres that they have to create a final project for their initiation to organize a musical event that would be held next month. The musical event whould present musical performances from bands, acoustics, and non-band performances.

Finally, Diko closed the JVV meeting with the new Capres “Zordon!” yell, which I think is very catchy. :)

Edited in Jakarta, 11/11/08 by Aunt Parlin

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