Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Research on progress

Research on progress

I with Sandy Bondi, is being choosen as the questionnaire developer to run the research of our IBE project. Btw, IBE is a subcject in SBM-ITB that simulate us to run real business. It has total 5 credits and require innovative ideas, and great organization in it. Julian is being choosen as the CEO of our company, Bang Company, as the company from toturial 2B class.

Finance quiz for The Flash :)

Well, in the morning, I just finish Financial Analysis quiz that I think didn’t make sense between the length of time and the questions given. We should finished 13 questions for 15 minutes only. The lecture showed the questions in a medium sized slideshow that divided into 3 parts which is shown in the auditorium class.

You could imagine how small did the questions shown in the class, and with minus half that my eyes had, I can hardly seen the questions. So, I spent more than 10 minutes to copy the questions in front of the class, and could only working to the quiz less than 5 minutes. Plus, my pencil case that has all my writing tools and my calculator was gone away. In the end, I could only finished 1 from 13 questions. :)

More actvity to come

I will have the SBM-ITB Culture and Art Division meeting in 13.00, Principle of Management quiz, and APRES meeting, dicussing for JVV after the class. So, another hectic day today, but I’m glad that I could have the time to update Rockepreneur. I hope, I could still do this routinely, fulfiling short spare times that I got.

Success always!

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