Thursday, September 11, 2008

Radio Day!

September 11th is the Radio Day for Indonesian radio broadcast stations. Radio broadcasts from public to private radios all over Indonesia, celebrate their 63rd birthday of the first radio broadcast in Indonesia, which is Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI). As a radio listener, I personally salute from radios that broadcast in Indonesia especially for radios that have more content like RRI. Although some say, RRI, as the oldest radio station in Indonesia, still statically broadcast it’s content, but it actually the only radio that still reminds the listeners about the culture of RRI itself from when the radio was first born until now.

The jingle of the radio which hasn’t been change since it was first born, has create it’s own trademark for the radio. I always feel calm when I listen to the radio’s jingle because, reminds me about my childhood when I listen to the radio. The jingle still the same until now.

I hope Indonesian radio broadcast could develop their quality and could create more value by broadcasting more educated contents. I’m a guy who prefers listening to radio than watching TV because, beside TV nowadays have low level of educational content and too much commercial, I could be more interactive with radio and could receive more up to date information, especially from RRI. I also a guy who prefer listening to music than watching movies, which makes me loves radio more.

Spread more positive value and contents and success for radio stations all over Indonesia! :)

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