Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Diklat Musik Elektronik briefing

On Monday, I, Pepi, Nathan, and Diza did briefing for the electronic music clinic that would be held in October 16th 2008. We discussed about the materials to be shared to all the viewers of the diklat. This diklat / clinic will be the first diklat ever that present about electronic music, so we work hard to make sure that everything fulfilled and under control, so we could give the best electronic music lesson to all the viewers.

Pepi and Nathan discussing about the materials

We finally decided to bring Reason music software to present the basic electronic creativity because, Reason software is one of the most conventional music software that is being used by a lot of electronic musician nowadays. Next, we will introduce what gadgets that usually being used by electronic musician such as sound card, laptop, and MIDI controller. All the action will be visually displayed in a projector that would be visibly and interactively learn by all the viewers.

Preparing for the event

The next briefing would be held in Sunday, October 13th 2008 at Sekre APRES that would revise and added the handout and starting the publication.

See you!

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