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Diklat Gitar Akusitk APRES 2008

At September 18th 2008, APRES held an acoustic guitar diklat/clinic in Sekre APRES, Sunken Court. It started from 17.15-19.00 with the break of buka puasa and shalat Maghrib. The event featured Luthfan Widyanto and Ilmam Mukhlis (Piji) as the tutors, claiming as the guitarists of band Fruit n’ Salads. The event was attended by a lot of viewers who wants to learn more about acoustic guitars from APRES, Capres, to ITB public.

The idea

It came from the idea that nowadays, there are bands from APRES members which came out with acoustic format. Let’s say Baby Eats Crackers which applies melodic pop with heart melting symphony in their music with fresh lyrics, or Fruit n’ Salads which applies acoustic fusion genre with melodic acoustic tunes covers by romantic lyrics. Combining with the fasting month ambience, seems like acoustic guitar clinic is the one that would be acceptable, rather than another type of music clinics. This is for the first time APRES held an acoustic guitar clinic after last year applying metal, and blues guitar clinic.

And the show begin

The viewers started attending at 5 o’clock in the evening. Looks like Capres who came to the clinic, seems using the chance to take autographs from APRES members. This is one of the reasons why the clinic started late 15 from the schedule. So, I guess, we should start the event earlier to prevent further lateness.

The most interesting scene at the clinic is that, there are several Capres who brought their own acoustic guitar to learn the lessons straightly by doing it. I was very glad that by brining acoustic guitar to the clinic, shows that Capres were very enthusiastic to join the show very much. Salute to Capres 2008!

Capres bringing their own acoustic guitars

I opened the show with the overview about acoustic guitar. I explained about the short history, the construction, and the existence of acoustic guitar in popular music. Continued by Piji, he explained about the chord building that acoustic guitar usually use from 9th to suspended notes. He also told stories about the philosophy of Fruit n’ Salads music that apparently using several same root notes which is 9th note because of Piji’s personal relationship that related to the 9th date. A lot of theories came out from this section and looked like the viewers are staying to be focus at the show. Piji’s presentation about chord building started to attract a lot
of questions that lead to bring the material to be more focus.

Piji explaining about acoustic guitar chord building

The presentation continued by Luthfan by explaining more to the acoustic guitar technical. Luthfan present more detail to the scale about pentatonic and diatonic scale. Luthfan added the material with more melodies that usually used in Fruit n’ Salads. Some viewers asked about the characteristic of acoustic guitar that usually being used by Fruit n’ Salads, and Luthfan and Piji said that there is some Depapepe influence in their song. They started to play sample of Fruit n’ Salads songs to assured the viewers. During the clinic, Piji and Luthfan often giving view examples of combination of rhythm and melody in acoustic guitar.

Piji & Luthfan, absolute acoustic guitaritst

Rishad, the innocent photographer

Diklat part two

Still going on

We had a break for open fasting for about 30 minutes from 18.00-18.30. Fortunately, the viewers are very loyal to the clinic that makes them still standing until the end of the show. It started again at 18.30, and this time is more to the acoustic jamming. Started from Luthfan who did the Erik Mongrain and Justin King style guitar playing on his thigh with D tuning which amazed most of the viewers. He said that they are several of the most inspiring solo acoustic guitar players that could be learn straightly from Youtube.

Luthfan demoing Justin King guitar style playing

During the show, there is a Capres named Daniel who seems has a high level of curiosity to the clinic. He’s the most often questioner who asked about secrets of acoustic guitar. But Piji and Luthfan seems served each of his questions open mindedly to make sure that what he wanted for the question, answered correctly.

Finally, we ended the show at 19.00 in the evening with the closing by giving an APRES charter to Luthfan and Piji as the tutors. This is the sign of appreciation that APRES, as music appreciation unit should do. We thank the viewers who’ve come to the show good and loyally.

APRES charter to the tutors

Diklat Musik Elektronik, October 16th 2008

See you at Diklat Musik Elektronik at October 16th 2008! We will share and discuss about the secret of electronic music. This is special diklat will features Pepi from These R Fake with Diza and Nathan from m.u.s.i.k.[elektrik]. They’re highly competent tutors with creative electronic music they’ve created. Hope it will fulfill your music creativity. Bye!

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