Friday, September 12, 2008

Bang Company presentation

Bang Company, is the company that Tutorial 2B class named for the Integrated Business Experience (IBE) SBM-ITB subject. This is a business simulation subject that every 2nd year student of SBM-ITB should learn.

Today, is time to present our ideas to Bank Niaga, and the rest of SBM-ITB lecturers and tutors. We decided to to use batik as our presentation uniform. Julian as the CEO present the slide that has been develop from all divisions from Marketing, Research, Production, and Finance to communicate our company's vision and mission, goals, and the ideas of the products. I contributed in developing the right word description to each products to be presented.

Meeting at Cabe Rawit, Ciumbuleuit

We together prepared the presentation by held a meeting at Cabe Rawit, Ciumbuleuit. After we finished eat our dinner, we straightly run our meeting each division. I got the work to develop the right word description about the products that Bang Company's purpose. I learned a little bit about propaganda in pursuing people to catch up our product.

We hope that we would get the best product to be sold on the next semester.


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