Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Diklat Musik Elektronik briefing

On Monday, I, Pepi, Nathan, and Diza did briefing for the electronic music clinic that would be held in October 16th 2008. We discussed about the materials to be shared to all the viewers of the diklat. This diklat / clinic will be the first diklat ever that present about electronic music, so we work hard to make sure that everything fulfilled and under control, so we could give the best electronic music lesson to all the viewers.

Pepi and Nathan discussing about the materials

We finally decided to bring Reason music software to present the basic electronic creativity because, Reason software is one of the most conventional music software that is being used by a lot of electronic musician nowadays. Next, we will introduce what gadgets that usually being used by electronic musician such as sound card, laptop, and MIDI controller. All the action will be visually displayed in a projector that would be visibly and interactively learn by all the viewers.

Preparing for the event

The next briefing would be held in Sunday, October 13th 2008 at Sekre APRES that would revise and added the handout and starting the publication.

See you!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

SBM-ITB Sahur on the Road 2008

Yesterday, I woke up in 2.15 in the morning by a phone call from my friend Egan.

“Yok, you’ve listed to join Sahur on the Road right? Come to Ganesha Road in front of ITB now. We are going to share the sahur foods.”

“Ok. I’ll be there soon.”

With haven’t taken any shower yet, I prepared myself for Sahur on the Road with double shirts covered by hooded jacket, long jeans, and my New Balance shoes to hold the coldness of Bandung early in the morning. I just realized that actually, my hand was freezing on the road by riding my Honda Karisma X to the site. I arrived at the front gate of ITB for about 2.30 and I’m amazed that there were already a lot of cars parked at the front gate.

Share the sahur foods

The committee which headed by my friend Wildan, listed 12 cars to spread the sahur foods, but actually, there are more cars attended to join Sahur on the Road which are about 14-15 cars. The cars divided into 3 teams to be spread into 3 sites in Bandung, and got the Ciumbuleuit and Pasopati Bridge’s sites. I decided to join Kibar’s car to do the spread it because actually, the cold weather is unbearable to ride with my motorcycle. :) So, with Misykat as the lead car, we started to go convoy to the site.

We passed the back gate of ITB, and I saw there was also a car convoy from another major in ITB, and it looks like from Geodesy major. Looks like, they were doing Sahur on the Road too. :) We passed along the Ciumbeuleuit road, but we didn’t find any vagrants to be given. So we decided to move along to the Pasopati Bridge. After we arrived there, we parked our cars and search for people who live below the bridge who might be in needed. Actually, there was nobody below the bridge that made us decided to walk more to Jl. Tamansari, but before we went to tamansari, we gave some sahur foods to the workers who was repairing damaged roads near Pasopati Bridge.

In Tamansari, we found some becak (Indonesian traditional public transportation like 3 wheels bicycle that could ride up to 2 persons in front of it) riders who’re still sleeping. We woke them up and gave them the sahur foods to run the fasting. As we move accross the road, we found taxi driver and warung keeper who are in needed that we decided to gave them the sahur foods also.

Trip to Tangkuban Perahu

The time has shown 3.15 after we finished sharing up the sahur foods to the people on the road. We decided to go back to Jl. Ganesha ITB to have sahur together. After we finished sahur at 4 o’clock, Wildan told each car to prepare to go to Tangkuban Perahu to see the sunrise together. This time, I didn’t ride Kibar’s car anymore because Wildan told me to join with his car with Egan.

We stop at a mosque which I think its Masjid Raya Lembang to pray Subuh together. We continue to go to Tangkuban Perahu passing very dark road of Lembang, across the forest. We finally arrived at Tangkuban Perahu at about 5.20, and Alhamdulillah, we could see the sunrise together at the site.

Sunrise at Tangkuban Perahu

This is the second or third time I went to Tangkuban Perahu since the last time I was in elementary school. I still recognize the smell of the sulfur that is produce in the crater of the Tangkuban Perahu Mountain. This site is famous by the traditional Indonesian legend of Sangkuriang. The story could be read here in Indonesian.

We did a lot of photographing at the site and we all SBM-ITB gather as a group watched the sunrise together. After the sunrise was over, we decided to walk along the path of the mountain to reach one of the passive craters that we could walk on it. It took for about 15-20 minutes to reach the crater on foot, passing the road of rocks made by sulfur. Finally we arrived at the crater, and we created the word “SBM ITB” from gathering ourselves that being took the picture from the lip of the crater.

We went back to the mountain site and we closed the Sahur on the Road with a pray and “Salam Ganesha” by Egan at 8 o’clock. I, Wildan, Misykat, and Egan drove back to ITB to drop me in the front gate. I arrived at 9 o’clock in the front gate and drove home with my motorcycle. In hurry I took shower and went back to ITB to do the Jargh Vhua-Vhua that has started in 9 o’clock. :)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Diklat Gitar Akusitk APRES 2008

At September 18th 2008, APRES held an acoustic guitar diklat/clinic in Sekre APRES, Sunken Court. It started from 17.15-19.00 with the break of buka puasa and shalat Maghrib. The event featured Luthfan Widyanto and Ilmam Mukhlis (Piji) as the tutors, claiming as the guitarists of band Fruit n’ Salads. The event was attended by a lot of viewers who wants to learn more about acoustic guitars from APRES, Capres, to ITB public.

The idea

It came from the idea that nowadays, there are bands from APRES members which came out with acoustic format. Let’s say Baby Eats Crackers which applies melodic pop with heart melting symphony in their music with fresh lyrics, or Fruit n’ Salads which applies acoustic fusion genre with melodic acoustic tunes covers by romantic lyrics. Combining with the fasting month ambience, seems like acoustic guitar clinic is the one that would be acceptable, rather than another type of music clinics. This is for the first time APRES held an acoustic guitar clinic after last year applying metal, and blues guitar clinic.

And the show begin

The viewers started attending at 5 o’clock in the evening. Looks like Capres who came to the clinic, seems using the chance to take autographs from APRES members. This is one of the reasons why the clinic started late 15 from the schedule. So, I guess, we should start the event earlier to prevent further lateness.

The most interesting scene at the clinic is that, there are several Capres who brought their own acoustic guitar to learn the lessons straightly by doing it. I was very glad that by brining acoustic guitar to the clinic, shows that Capres were very enthusiastic to join the show very much. Salute to Capres 2008!

Capres bringing their own acoustic guitars

I opened the show with the overview about acoustic guitar. I explained about the short history, the construction, and the existence of acoustic guitar in popular music. Continued by Piji, he explained about the chord building that acoustic guitar usually use from 9th to suspended notes. He also told stories about the philosophy of Fruit n’ Salads music that apparently using several same root notes which is 9th note because of Piji’s personal relationship that related to the 9th date. A lot of theories came out from this section and looked like the viewers are staying to be focus at the show. Piji’s presentation about chord building started to attract a lot
of questions that lead to bring the material to be more focus.

Piji explaining about acoustic guitar chord building

The presentation continued by Luthfan by explaining more to the acoustic guitar technical. Luthfan present more detail to the scale about pentatonic and diatonic scale. Luthfan added the material with more melodies that usually used in Fruit n’ Salads. Some viewers asked about the characteristic of acoustic guitar that usually being used by Fruit n’ Salads, and Luthfan and Piji said that there is some Depapepe influence in their song. They started to play sample of Fruit n’ Salads songs to assured the viewers. During the clinic, Piji and Luthfan often giving view examples of combination of rhythm and melody in acoustic guitar.

Piji & Luthfan, absolute acoustic guitaritst

Rishad, the innocent photographer

Diklat part two

Still going on

We had a break for open fasting for about 30 minutes from 18.00-18.30. Fortunately, the viewers are very loyal to the clinic that makes them still standing until the end of the show. It started again at 18.30, and this time is more to the acoustic jamming. Started from Luthfan who did the Erik Mongrain and Justin King style guitar playing on his thigh with D tuning which amazed most of the viewers. He said that they are several of the most inspiring solo acoustic guitar players that could be learn straightly from Youtube.

Luthfan demoing Justin King guitar style playing

During the show, there is a Capres named Daniel who seems has a high level of curiosity to the clinic. He’s the most often questioner who asked about secrets of acoustic guitar. But Piji and Luthfan seems served each of his questions open mindedly to make sure that what he wanted for the question, answered correctly.

Finally, we ended the show at 19.00 in the evening with the closing by giving an APRES charter to Luthfan and Piji as the tutors. This is the sign of appreciation that APRES, as music appreciation unit should do. We thank the viewers who’ve come to the show good and loyally.

APRES charter to the tutors

Diklat Musik Elektronik, October 16th 2008

See you at Diklat Musik Elektronik at October 16th 2008! We will share and discuss about the secret of electronic music. This is special diklat will features Pepi from These R Fake with Diza and Nathan from m.u.s.i.k.[elektrik]. They’re highly competent tutors with creative electronic music they’ve created. Hope it will fulfill your music creativity. Bye!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

See you at Diklat Acoustic Guitar tommorow evening!

Do you want to do "ngabuburit" by learning acoustic guitar with you friends? Come to Diklat / Clinic Acoustic Guitar!

Thursday, September 18th 2009
17.00-18.00 WIB
At Sekre APRES, Sunken Court, ITB

There will be a short lesson about acoustic guitar that would be useful to develop you acoustic guitar technique!

We also provide you "Buka Puasa Bersama" added Rp3000 for the Ta'jil!

Be there and bring all of your friends to come!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mustang Jarg Vhua-Vhua 2008

Today is the 3rd day of Jarg Vhua-Vhua, and this time, APRES applied combination between Jarg Vhua-Vhua, Music Division, and Ganesha Music Event 2008 committee. It come out to be great, seeing the enthusiastic from APRES members itself and from the Capres (nyeet.. Sula Mahaken! Siap kita!). :)

The preparation

Started from 8 o’clock, the committee had the briefing about the event, the rundown, and the final job desk confirmation about the event. In 9 o’clock, we started to mobilize to GKU Timur to prepare for the logistic of the show to do the check sound for bands that would perform. Luthfan took care of the logistic, Dimas took care of the rundown event, TB took care of the artistic for the event, Gora took place for the video shoot, and I took care of the picture documentation.

Me, Danis and TB went to search for bamboos for the backdrop foundation, and we decided to borrow it from the workers that just modifying the ITB environment. We finally had 6 piece of bamboos, with reused and modified GME 2007 backdrop, TB, Titut, Nasa, and the rest of the artistic team made to create an artistic “V alphabet look” backdrop, which I personally like it because it showed the character of Jarg Vhua-Vhua itself. That’s truly an artist job to maximize project with limited resources.

TB, Titut, and Nasa, working for the backdrop.

The check sound ended in about 1 o’clock in the afternoon, and everybody went to Sekre APRES to welcome the Capres. I just stayed in GKU Timur because the bottles of melody that I would use in STOMPRESS still haven’t been tuned yet. Moreover, yesterday was a disaster because one of the bottles broke because of an accident. So, I preferred to stay at GKU Timur for a while before went to sekre.

The show

Capres was being mobilized to GKU Timur earlier than the rundown, which were about 14.15. STOMPRESS greet the first arrival of Capres by presenting simple beat. Raka and Fay as the MC went out opening the show which is started by performance of Fruit and Salad. They performed 3 songs with one opening songs, which are "More Than Welcome", a new song, and "Show Me The Way". FYI, Fruit and Salad has ever performed in some ITB event, such as Kompetisi Film Independent by LFM ITB, OHU, and even Acoustic Night 2008 SBM-ITB which you can see their performance here.

Fruit and Salad

The uniqueness of this Mustang is because; there was slideshows of each band that would perform at the show before the band performed. So the viewers could know the profile of the band first before the bands actually introduce themselves.

Second performer was STOMPRESS! Yes, this is the 3rd time I performed with STOMPRESS after Gonjang Ganjing Kampus ITB and Widyatama University event here, but I actually ruled different position this time. I got the bottle melody that actually should be covered by Shery. But, because Shery had the “ospek jurusan”, so I got to cover the bottles that I just learned it for few hours by autodidact. :) We just copy the pattern of the song just like the performance in Ganesha Music Event 2007. Alhamdulillah, with few mistakes, STOMPRESS finished it well.


We all agreed that Raka and Fay, performed well as the MC. Raka, with Tukul style jokes, combined with “crunchy” question and answer jokes by Fay. They could keep the flow of the event to be as interesting as possible. But after STOMPRESS was finished, when I continue doing my documentation, Raka asked me to explain how to tune the bottle of melody to a girl named Alex. I watched that she has been actively attending Jarg Vhua Vhua for these three weeks. I explained that the bottles are usually tuned by glockenspiel or keyboard. I also added that, in playing STOMPRESS, we usually just using notes that are needed for the song that we’re going to play.

Alex being interviewed by Raka and Fay.

Next, it’s time for BEMS to perform at the show. BEMS perform well at the show, but seems Agam, the vocalist, was look like very shy to interact with the viewers. It might be related to the “osjur” program of the Fine Art major that he related to it. :) As the Sax, Vero performed well at that time, and that’s the first time I heard the song “Wanita”. They performed 3 songs which are “Crazy Night”, a jazz cover of Nidji song, and “Wanita”.


It’s time to Cerpintaxt to rule the show. The band have been existed for 2 years, and has create several songs with rock n’ roll influence. I didn’t know much about their songs played in the first 3 songs. I only recognize “Nice and Easy” as their key songs which they performed last. I pretty satisfied with Echa’s performance in the drums. He could create the spirit of each Cerpintaxt songs to be catchy. But I was a little bit afraid of the vocalist appearance though. :)


Baby Eats Crackers finally performed at the show. This is my most wanted band to be perform at the show (after STOMPRESS for sure! :)). When I listened to their songs, and looked at to their performance, Baby Eat Crackers has a very high characteristic as a band. When I listened to their song, I felt like I went back to my childhood era when I listened to fairytales. They once dedicated the song "Saat Shery Bermain di Hutan" to a 3 year old child who got an accident when he rides horse in Jl. Tamansari, which caused him to dead. Ay performed the fairytale very fluently, and match with the song accurately with also playing glockenspiel at once. Great! Then, they performed their song “Aloha Opa” about a senior lecturer named Mr. Tatang from Architecture major who has existed in ITB since the era of the first Indonesian president, Ir. Soekarno still study there. With not forgetting to visit their MySpace page, overall, BEC performed very well at the show. Salute!

Baby Eats Crackers

Here comes the last performance of the show, which is APRES collaboration. It came out to collaborate Aryo, BEC’s drummer, Hanif, Cerpintaxt’s guitarist who played the bass, Vero, BEMS’s Saxophonist, Luthfan, Fruit and Salad’s guitarist, Devie, Fruit and Salad’s vocalist, Redo, and STOMPRESS. We performed the song “Ekspresi” which ended the Mustang JVV 2008 show.

Together buka puasa

After the show, we got the time to shalat Ashar and then went back to Sekre APRES to buka puasa together. We finally had buka puasa with Shafro du’ Colax, (the appetizer of Sachto du’ Fomach) :) together in front of Sekre APRES.

See the video:

We finally ended the Jarg Vhua-Vhua meeting, and Capres were allowed to go back home. We had the Maghrib pray and continued with the evaluation. Overall, the show and JVV today went well, and we all seem to enjoy the show very much. But it so lame that APRES didn’t sell any of their compilation CD which consist with the artists performed today to the viewers because, the committee seems didn’t organize it very well. For anyone who wants to buy the APRES compilation CD, just come to Sekre APRES and bought them there.


Friday, September 12, 2008

Bang Company presentation

Bang Company, is the company that Tutorial 2B class named for the Integrated Business Experience (IBE) SBM-ITB subject. This is a business simulation subject that every 2nd year student of SBM-ITB should learn.

Today, is time to present our ideas to Bank Niaga, and the rest of SBM-ITB lecturers and tutors. We decided to to use batik as our presentation uniform. Julian as the CEO present the slide that has been develop from all divisions from Marketing, Research, Production, and Finance to communicate our company's vision and mission, goals, and the ideas of the products. I contributed in developing the right word description to each products to be presented.

Meeting at Cabe Rawit, Ciumbuleuit

We together prepared the presentation by held a meeting at Cabe Rawit, Ciumbuleuit. After we finished eat our dinner, we straightly run our meeting each division. I got the work to develop the right word description about the products that Bang Company's purpose. I learned a little bit about propaganda in pursuing people to catch up our product.

We hope that we would get the best product to be sold on the next semester.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Radio Day!

September 11th is the Radio Day for Indonesian radio broadcast stations. Radio broadcasts from public to private radios all over Indonesia, celebrate their 63rd birthday of the first radio broadcast in Indonesia, which is Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI). As a radio listener, I personally salute from radios that broadcast in Indonesia especially for radios that have more content like RRI. Although some say, RRI, as the oldest radio station in Indonesia, still statically broadcast it’s content, but it actually the only radio that still reminds the listeners about the culture of RRI itself from when the radio was first born until now.

The jingle of the radio which hasn’t been change since it was first born, has create it’s own trademark for the radio. I always feel calm when I listen to the radio’s jingle because, reminds me about my childhood when I listen to the radio. The jingle still the same until now.

I hope Indonesian radio broadcast could develop their quality and could create more value by broadcasting more educated contents. I’m a guy who prefers listening to radio than watching TV because, beside TV nowadays have low level of educational content and too much commercial, I could be more interactive with radio and could receive more up to date information, especially from RRI. I also a guy who prefer listening to music than watching movies, which makes me loves radio more.

Spread more positive value and contents and success for radio stations all over Indonesia! :)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Research on progress

Research on progress

I with Sandy Bondi, is being choosen as the questionnaire developer to run the research of our IBE project. Btw, IBE is a subcject in SBM-ITB that simulate us to run real business. It has total 5 credits and require innovative ideas, and great organization in it. Julian is being choosen as the CEO of our company, Bang Company, as the company from toturial 2B class.

Finance quiz for The Flash :)

Well, in the morning, I just finish Financial Analysis quiz that I think didn’t make sense between the length of time and the questions given. We should finished 13 questions for 15 minutes only. The lecture showed the questions in a medium sized slideshow that divided into 3 parts which is shown in the auditorium class.

You could imagine how small did the questions shown in the class, and with minus half that my eyes had, I can hardly seen the questions. So, I spent more than 10 minutes to copy the questions in front of the class, and could only working to the quiz less than 5 minutes. Plus, my pencil case that has all my writing tools and my calculator was gone away. In the end, I could only finished 1 from 13 questions. :)

More actvity to come

I will have the SBM-ITB Culture and Art Division meeting in 13.00, Principle of Management quiz, and APRES meeting, dicussing for JVV after the class. So, another hectic day today, but I’m glad that I could have the time to update Rockepreneur. I hope, I could still do this routinely, fulfiling short spare times that I got.

Success always!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New spirit in fasting month

First, I want to say happy fasting in this Ramadan month for all the Moslems. I hope we could repair our takwa to Allah SWT and positive things that we do in this whole month are being blessed.

I feel to be more focus in this Ramadan month to all the tasks ahead. Nowadays, I’m being busied by SBM-ITB tasks and APRES ITB unit organization. Alhamdulillah, I’m being trusted to be choose as the Coordinator of Education and Training Division of APRES 2008, PIC of Education and Training in “Jarg Vhua Vhua” APRES 2008, and involved in research team in IBE of SBM-ITB. So, I might be hectic this month and ahead, and I would probably not often updating Rockepreneur for a while.

I want to be a better person this time, and I want to be more focus to all the tasks and to be more takwa to Allah SWT. I hope I could finish the tasks ahead bravely as the best as I can. Save energy, time, and mind to help the others.

“We have the same 24 hours a day, but why the level of success are so different? It’s about the effort and work hard.”

Happy fasting day!