Friday, August 8, 2008

Yesterday was a lot of fun!

After I finally get a holiday I decided to go home to Jakarta to meet my high school friends.

Met my XII Social 3 classmates

Yesterday, I met my third class of my high school friends which is XII Social 3. I met Romi, Agnes, Nunung, Fahmi, Nadin, Trias, Dwi, Loksa, few other friends at Cinere Mall at 12 o’clock. We met at Gramedia and food court. Then we decided to watch local movie “Oh My God”. The movie is great because there are a lot of implicit message in it, which other drama comedy move often only have a few or even none. We finished at 4 o’clock and we ate at KFC.

Romi is my tablemate friend since XI Social 1 class, and we talk a lot about our days at university. He entered Faculty of Law Diponegoro University, Semarang, and he has been home since few weeks. He’s a talented friend and as great knowledge about social and exact lessons. He’s a law student but joined AIESEC, an international economic competition. :0

My friend Nunung, she’s studying in University of Indonesia majoring Publishing and Design. She will take care of any type of media publishing and creating art for it. Then, I talked about Raditya Dika’s new publishing called Bukune. She said that she will take care of any problems of publishing and design using Photoshop, Corel Draw, 3D Max, etc. Well, it kind of beneficial to me if I want to create any art that she will take care of the publishing. :)

I said to Agnes, my friend who majoring Accounting, that the subject is actually very beneficial to create business in the future. That’s why it’s very hard (for myself actually).

Met few Adi, one of my neighbor

After I went back home, I did pray Maghrib at Al-Muhajirin Mosquse. Because the mosque is close to Adi’s house and I have recognize with Mr. Kamto, the security there. So, as I walked home, I asked Mr. Kamto, does Adi has arrived home from United State or not, and actually he does. So I came by to his house, and met him.

He’s just came back about 1 week and in the middle of August he will be back again to San Francisco, California to continue his study. His junior and high school friend Cio, has the same university as me, SBM-ITB, and he said that he was often make fun to him that always make him angry. :) He told his experience in US that he’s often difficult to eat healthy because McDonald is right in front of his apartment. :)

His apartment after he shared it to 2 of his friends, he paid 400$/month (wow, more than 4 times of my kos-kosan), and he got to his college by car because of distance. He said that the governments there are prioritizing their citizens much from education. He said that his cost with all the non-American citizens for education could cost 3 times more expensive than the citizens. He also said that services are far more expensive than goods. You would find a barbershop for 40$ a service. That’s why he didn’t cut his hair until he went home to Jakarta again (which create his hair grows very long), that makes his father angry to him and to cut his hair. :)

But same as my kos-kosan life, he’s sometimes didn’t take a shower to college because of late, or even have difficulties to eat because of laziness and the food there are pretty expensive. He also said that America is now just like a place of gathering citizens all over the world and doesn’t have their original culture anymore.

Met Onimusha kid

When I arrived home after visiting Adi, I went back home and Yoga and Ade has sat in the waiting chair outside. As I played Rocket Rockers and Pee Wee Gaskins, I talked much about my experience in SBM-ITB, and explaining and describing what’s behind the music I played there. Soon after a while, Made came in and continue to have nostalgic high school moment. We had lunch together at home and had a delicious Oreo ice cream.

I heard that my friend Pasca fell down to the mindset of NII (Negara Islam Indonesia), which is a “sesat” (pervert) movement that using the wrong taught of Islam to bring Indonesia to that wrong “sesat” way. It has been a threat and create fear to the people. This illegal and “sesat” movement would brainwash your mindset to follow them to their rule that the person would avoid their friends and even their family to join the movement. They said that, avoiding friendship is a sunnah (something that will be bless from god), and the evidence who’ve fell to join them said that, we should avoid our parents that “sesat” by their point of view using the name of Quran’s message that being cut one by one and puzzled wrongly.

Allah itself told Muslims to understand the message in Al-Quran correctly because, that’s actually the “manual book” of life and should be connect each other and not being cut one by one and being puzzled to create wring meaning.

Demikianlah Allah menerangkan kepadamu ayat-ayat-Nya supaya kamu memahaminya. Q.S. Al-Baqarah: 242

To avoid the “sesat” (pervert) movement of NII:

1. Avoid invitation by certain/unknown person for only small or individual forum to discuss Syariah value. Discussing Syariah value should be in a big forum that relates to open mind of a lot of person.

2. Be realistic. Islam teaches us to be a good person that menghormati norm and value as a social being. Avoiding good friendship (silaturahim) or even parents that NII believe are totally against the norm, value, and also human as a social being.

3. Don’t be flattered by any promises that some people asked to join the “sesat” NII movement like to be counselor or minister to their movement.

4. Don’t ever trust to spend or donate money to the movement.

5. Their targets are new students that just entered university, using their “want to be active student” spirit to brainwash them.

I showed my videos of my musical performances with Tutor B-and, Sky and Sight, and by myself. In the end, I share some of my mp3s to their collection. It was a great full day that I always wanted to be. Subhanallah!

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