Saturday, August 9, 2008

Went to Sixty Six High School and watched Batman: The Dark Night

After I Shalat Jumat in the afternoon, I met Azis, my kindergarten to junior high school friend at Al-Izhar. It has been almost 6 months that I haven’t met him. He’s now at SGU (Swiss-German University) majoring Technical Industry. He’s same as me that have just enjoying holiday for 2 weeks. But he would start again in September 1st, and I would enter at August 19th. :(

Fulfilling the nostalgic situation, I decided to ask him to watch Batman: The Dark Night together with my high school friends. But actually, the movie in Cinere Mall has gone, and so in Cilandak Town Square. The movie only still available in Pondok Indah Mall which made my high school friends canceled to watch the move, replace by going to Sixty Six High School. So, I went to Sixty Six High school with Ade and Yoga, and postponed to watch the movie in the evening with Azis, Adi, and Syaugi, my neighbours.

In Sixty Six High School

This is the first time ever I went back to my lovely high school, Sixty Six High School for over a year. I saw some differences like the road in front of our school has being bigger and could passed by cars. The building still the same but each classes has their own projectors and PC’s. Cool! Saw in the third floor that there’s a wireless router that shows there’s a hotspot zone in my school! The mosque has also finish built for 1 floor only. There should be built for 3 floors, but I think the budgets weren’t complete, and the unfinished 2nd floor is being used as the natural biology lab.

As we visited our high school, I met Paul and Dedif, our friends, teaching for Rohis kids learning Islamic tambourine to the juniors at the mosque. I met my other friends Ratna and Epep in the second floor teaching for the junior scouts. Then, indoor soccer extracurricular just has being started, and I met Indah, Tari, Cahya, and Shifa as the tutors.

It was a great nostalgic at that time. My biggest surprise at that time is when I saw a poster from Hellen-Keller International Foundation in the wall magazine. There’s me on the poster with my other friends Romi, Nadin, Trias, Trian, and Irfan! I remembered that the picture is taken when I was in XII Social 3 class, campaigning for applying inclusion school in the other schools. The main person who is being showed in the picture is actually Irfan and Trian as the blind person who study in Sixty Six High School. The picture shows that we just walked in the school just like ordinary friendship with all the blinds. This is the first time I saw the picture and I was totally amazed by it! :)

Watch The Dark Night

After visiting my high school, I went home and take a short nap and then wake up again in 17.00. I remembered that I have being promise to watch movie with Adi, Azis and Syaugi. So, I decided to call them and asked them again. Actually, only Syaugi who couldn't join us to watch the movie because he had an appointment with his family. So, Azis, Adi, and I who finally watch The Dark Night. We got the schedule in 20.45. I went to Azis house near Al-Muhajirin Mosque, and went to Adi’s house not far from his house. I asked Adi to use his car to go to PIM because I and Azis’s car is being brought with the parents. So, we depart from Adi’s house at 19.30 and arrived at PIM in 20.15.

Before we depart, we met Adi’s mom in his house and had short conversation with us. Along the road we talk stories about our life at the university. I told about my life at SBM-ITB, and so does Azis in SGU, and Adi in San Francisco.

We all three actually have the same status which all:

1. We all roughly have the same age and same level of education, which is 3rd semester year university student.

2. We live in the same neighbor which is in Jl. Jati Indah.

3. We all joining university that most of the students are in high class of economy. :) In the other hand, from the stories, I actually the person that enters the most “tolerant” high class university, compare to Azis and Adi. I’m actually still able to be ordinary with all the other ITB students. But Azis who have a friend with Rp800.000 in the pocket all day, seems really tempting. :) But you would still amazed by one of Adi’s friends who bought a Mercedes after get stressful to not be able to get an A in one of the subject. :) But in the end, I told that we have to be more principle or to always keep our perception and not being flattered by the things that would make us having a “little heart”.

4. Well, we can’t deny it that we are still single boys that haven’t experiencing any relationship. :)

I got interesting fact that local US kids especially girls are very easy to be flatters by their friendship. Adi said that a lot of girls in US are too easy to say that they are ugly that leaded to the increasing level of plastic surgery. Actually, non local people in America are actually more materialistic that the locals. Adi’s friends from Indonesia are actually more materialistic than the locals. Most of non-American students use cars as their school transportation. Hobbies for guys are modifying cars and for girls is purchasing purse. :) Adi said that it not just an ordinary purse. It’s like Versace and Armani which cost the same like second car which is 4000$. (Hmm, price like that, I would buy a full set band studio. :)) Afternoon side parking in America is free and safe, not like in Indonesia which uses counted hours and often unsafe.

After we arrived in PIM, we bought the ticket and had dinner together in Solaria in PIM 2. We entered the cinema on time there at 20.40. We went back home in about 11 o’clock. Btw, I’m still owing Azis and Adi’s money for the movie and eating in Solaria because I didn’t have time to withdraw cash from ATM. I should’ve giving it back today, but it was funny because, in the morning I went to 3 ATM’s near my house and they all jammed (dead, hang, and electricity off). :) So, I decided it to give the money back tomorrow.

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