Saturday, August 2, 2008

Show Dilemma

Today, I spent my day to watch local bands live (not from YouTube). I went to 1 High School Bandung to watch their art show (pentas seni/pensi). Well, it kind of wannabe and nostalgic spirit of myself because, my high school (66 High School Jakarta) never create any art show at our school when I was there. In the other hand, when I was in high school, I went to some popular art show from other school that present local bands and their art to the public, so I kind of remind me about my high school spirit.

It was because Rocket Rockers, one of my band hero with Blink-182, performed there, and their MySpace told that they would sell their brand new CD at the show before it released to the public at music stores. So, as a big fan, and also for my first time ever watch this band live, I tended to come to the show. I already asked a lot of my high school friends such as Yoga, Irfan, Ade, Adit, Pasca and Made in Jakarta to come to Bandung yesterday to watch the show today, but actually they couldn’t came because they have limited time and money. These weeks are the weeks of test for them. So, I kind of lucky to be able watch the show.

The dilemma

Well, today, beside 1 High School Bandung art show, there is Kickfest 2008 Clothing Expo all over Indonesia in Gasibu, in front of Gedung Sate, which is held from yesterday until tomorrow. At that show, there are 103 clothing companies who create stands mixed with independent media partners and communities. The show itself is being opened by the governor of Bandung and British Embassy. Bandung is a well known country that has very big potential of art, so Kickfest 2008 is held to gather all the arts and present it to the people.

The art show presents Rocket Rockers and Pee Wee Gaskins, bands that I potentially known and like. But Kickfest, who also have a stage, also present Nudist Island, one of my favorite band. And 3 of them has an unset time of play, so I couldn’t manage it to able to watch 3 of them at the same day. So, I create my plan here:

1st Go to the art show, watch Pee Wee Gaskins, 2nd Went to Gasibu to watch Nudist Island 3rd Went to the art show again to watch Rocket Rockers. I set this time like this because both of the show placed near each other.

What happened

But I didn’t realize that it’s Saturday and everybody went out so the traffic became jammed, which create more time to reach each other place. Moreover, after I watch Pee Wee Gaskins finished playing, I met my friend Taufik from another major in ITB with his other friends that delayed my decision to go to Gasibu. So, after we had conversation and talk with the other guys (Gilang, Chandra, & I forgot his name), I decided to go to Gasibu. You know what, as I arrived at the show, Nudist Island has said thank you to the audience (which means that had performed their show). So, I went back to the art show, and made to watch Rocket Rockers for the first time.

The reviews

After Pee Wee Gaskins ended their show, Dochie (the guitar/voc) with the drummer, went down to the audiences to sell their CD hand-to-hand. I met them and I decided to buy their record for Rp30.000. As I bought the record, I talk with Dochie about his existence in The Side Project and the reason I recognize him before he play with Pee Wee Gaskins.

Actually, The Side Project has been broke up and he decided to create a new and fresh band witch brand new color and influence with all his experiences. At last, it came with Pee Wee Gaskins, and I think he made a great decision, proven with a fascinating music he has made together with the band. Then, I told him that I knew him from my friend Isan, the ex-drummer of Kuro (one of the band that I like) & the drummer of Friends of Mine, which later I knew him as the same graduate as my high school, who told me that his friend (Dochie) also create a band (which was later I knew as The Side Project). Then I asked about the existence about The Side Project, which he actually not sure anymore that is it still exist or not, because he’s actually one of the member who went out from the band.

Rocket Rockers perform well at that show, and I was pretty amazed by their performance as the first performance I watched. In the middle of the performance, there was a firefighter’s water pumped to the air that spread water from the sky which made all of the audience got wet and enjoying more of the shows. I was sing-a-long most of their songs performed. In their performance, they hoped that after today, schools art shows in Bandung is happening anymore. FYI, after the tragedy of death in an underground performance in Asia Africa Cultural Center because of some controversy of the lack performance of the committee and some culprits that ruin the show by giving the audiences alcoholic drinks, many schools in Bandung deny their students to create art shows to prevent the risk of that tragedy happened anymore.

In the middle of the show, Ucay told the audience of Bandung to vote in the next governor campaign. He didn’t insist us to campaign to anyone side but he just insist us to vote to somebody and don’t be abstain. Because by voting the right person, they hope that it would create better change in Bandung.

“Vote your best one, but don’t vote Immorality President!” as their pre-song of Immorality President.

At the end of the show, Rocket Rockers told that they would sell their new CD “Better Season” after their performance on the left side of the stage. But when I went to that spot after the show, the CDs has been sold out.

Met Imam

After the show, I went Shalat Maghrib in Salman Mosque near the art show. As I entered the mosque, I met my cousin Imam who had finished teaching the Elementary student to draw and learn computer Paint and Office, as Technical Informatics ITB major held as their part of public servant activities. Next, after the pray, we had a dinner together at Gelap Nyawang, and we met Taufik and the gang again there. After we eat, I decided to ride him home and share my copy of Pee Wee Gaskins record that I bought. But actually, after I arrived at his kos-kosan, his laptop was being borrowed by his friends so I couldn’t make a copy to him. But it’s OK because I chat a lot with him about his and my activities.

Hey, you know what; we decided to search for couple this new year as the new students arrived! :)

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