Tuesday, August 12, 2008

IP 2.4 with a smile :)

Late to know the semester registration

In Monday morning, I woke up late after Shalat Subuh early in the morning. I was very tired that morning and I looked at my cell phone and there was a SMS from Deva. It received in 01:18:09 early in the morning. He asked about the lecturer meeting that would occur Monday morning. With not fully awake, I replied, must we attend the meeting or not, because I was still in Jakarta at that time. It didn’t reply after that.

I continued my sleep until my mom who has departed from home called and asks me to help her downloading and printing her CV from the internet. The weird thing is my re-slept after I woke up early in the morning, I dreamed about something in hurry. I forgot it. After I downloaded and finished the printing in my parent’s computer, I decided to clean up the PC using CCleaner as I read from Laptop Magazine as the best cleaning tool to clean up your computer that would feels like new. I installed AVG Free and SpyBot Search and Destroy to protect the PC.

I looked at the time again and it has shown 10 o’clock. No SMS replied, I decided to SMS Albi, my other friend. He replied that the meeting is actually important because it related to the legislation from our lecturer and registration to take the next credit of semester. I started to feel awareness after this. Suddenly, Deva replied, that we must attend the meeting that opened from 8-11 o’clock in the morning! :O He continued that we must register it via internet first, before we came to the lecture and register the proposal. :O

Well, the clock started to point 10.30 in my room, and I’m still grabbing my cell phone in front of my stereo. As I felt disoriented, I called Mrs. Ikum, SBM’s admin to clarify the information. She said that the meeting is very important and the internet registration only can be applied in ITB server. The clock showed 11 o’clock and I’m still in Jakarta. I decided to SMS my lecture about the situation that I just know that there’s a lecturer meeting this morning. Fortunately, he replied that we would still be in SBM-ITB until 17.00. Yes!

Went to Bandung in hurry

I started finding information about the closest time travel available to Bandung. I got Citi Trans in 14.15 and X-Trans in 13.15. With hurry I decided to take X-Trans with closer 1 hour from Citi Trans without knowing what was going to happen at that time. As I arrived at X-Trans, I directly met a cruel receptionist that didn’t trust me at first that I don’t have a Rp10.000 change. Then, after 13.15 and we depart from the Fatmawati station, we didn’t directly went to Bandung, but you know what, we went to Pondok Indah station first to join with the others with a bus! :( My hope to arrive at Bandung at the minimum time of 16.00 started to fall.

Arrived in Bandung

Be patient with all the stressful moment, I decided to take a nap in the bus. After I woke up, I already shown km 67, which we already entered Cipularang Highway. I decided to take a nap again. When I woke up again, it already shown km 120. It already closed to Bandung. Fortunately, as we arrived at Pasteur gate, I looked up the person’s wristwatch beside me and it still shown, 15.30. Alhamdulillah, I could still achieve my target! But you know what, the bus actually never stopped at Dago. It stopped at Chiampelas! Well, with disorientation increased again, I asked a person in front of the terminal to catch the Dago route angkot (Indonesian car public transportation). He said uses the Margahayu one that leads to BIP. He said that there’s no direct angkot to Dago from Chiampelas. If I want to go to upper Dago, I should take another angkot there.

Went to ITB

I thanked the guy, and started to go. I directly arrived at BIP, and I didn’t realize that I was out of “receh” (small amount of Rupiah which often used to pay public transportation or other small price occasion). The cash in my wallet are a Rp20.000, a Rp50.000, and a Rp100.000. So, after I jumped off from the angkot, I searched for the closest “warung” (small kiosk that sells snacks, drinks, and cigar, which you can only find it in Indonesia :)) to buy something to break the money up. I bought Rp1000 bread and a bottle of Nu Green Tea with my Rp20.000 and I got 4 pieces of Rp1000 and a piece of Rp10.000. I finally got the “receh” to go to ITB.

As you know, angkot’s driver has a behavior of “ngetem” (doesn’t want to go before the wanted amount of passenger filled up the angkot), and the crowded place like BIP is the most favorite place to do it. I have to wait for a while before the angkot go. In the road, I asked a person beside me about what time is it. The clock has actually shown 16.20! OMG, my target was actually broke for late 20 and more minutes. I arrived at Jl. Dayang Sumbi and walked directly to SBM-ITB. As I stepped in, the clock showed 16.30. Subhanallah!

The legislation

I have to make my proposal of legislation first from the internet before I met my lecturer. Fortunately, there were still Jatun and Ikrom at the computer room. I asked them to process the proposal to be able to be printed down to paper to be legislated. It was kind of complicated and I wondered how I could do it without any help. So, thanks Jatun and Ikrom for your help!

I printed out the paper and straightly went to Mr. Dedi’s room in the 3rd floor. As I arrived, the clock still shown 16.45, and Mr. Dedi, my lecturer, was still in his room. Alhamdulillah! With breathtaking, I gave the proposal to him and he rechecked it before he signed it.

The final score

I thought it will be good news that I made to arrived and met Mr. Dedi at that day. But actually, I just found out a fact about the final score of my short semester.

“How’s your score”

“I didn’t know sir, I just only know that I got C in Accounting.”

“C? What happened?”

“Well, it’s just about time management, sir.”

“What about the other?”

“I don’t know sir.”

“Well, let me check it first.”

He browsed the local server about the score of his students.

“Look, you got 2.4 for your final score.”


“Yes. See, you got C in Managemet Practice and B in Psychology of Bussiness.”

“I didn’t notice at all that I could get those scores, sir.”

“What happened Yoyok?”


I was trying to be patient at that situation, and straightly looked at myself. Those result truly kicked me in the face.

“Ok, those are your scores. Let me calculate… Your cumulative score is 3.13. Well Yoyok, this semester you would face harder subjects than the first and second semester. You have to work harder. You would have less time to play. The subjects are more focus.”

“Yes sir.”

I won’t discuss and debate about my scores anymore, especially for Management Practice… Because, debate is only a debate. You don’t do it…

“So Yoyok, have you think about the subject that you would take in the third year?”

“Subject to take?”

“Yes, you would choose 3 subjects from any majors in ITB in the third year. Have you think about it?”

“Mmm, I don’t know.”

“What do you want?”

“Mmm, any subjects?


“Mmm, FSRD maybe?”

“What, FSRD? (with little laugh.) Seriously, what do you want to be Yok?”

“I don’t know. It still confusing sir.”

“That’s a major. What subject do you like from there?”

“I don’t know, I haven’t research for it yet sir.”

“Well, just be prepared for it. Do a lot of research from your friends. It stills a year to go.”

“Ok sir.”

Well I’ve got to choose subjects from other majors in ITB in the third year. I just surprised and FSRD is the major that popped in my mind. :)

Missed the registration at Monday

After I looked up the time which has shown 17.00, I’ve realized that the main registration in Aula Timur ITB has been closing. But, I decided to go there to ask the people there the time open tomorrow, which I got it in 8 o’clock in the morning.

Did registration Tuesday morning

I did registration in Tuesday morning, joining with the other majors in ITB and a few SBM-ITB majors students from 2005. As I finished the registration, (Alhamdulillah!) I went out from the building and I suddenly met Albi. I asked him why he came for registration this morning. It’s because he’s a person that ensured me that there should be any meeting with the lecturer and registration. I thought he already done it all in Monday like other else’s students. He told me that there was something to be done first at Monday that made him submit it on Tuesday.

Ready for the next start

The score truly kicked me out. At the time I went home, I started to think about what I would do for the next semester. I don’t want to be distracted by the thing that I love that doesn’t relate to the subject anymore. I don’t want to get 2.4 for my final score anymore. I want to be more focus, work hard and apply the mindset that “school is the place to search for score”, as my friend Dika said once when we ate in the canteen, and that I always deny it for a long time. Let the score be my external motivation right now, because, that’s the way I thank Allah SWT that I’m very fortunate to still be able to stay at school.

I would open the book “Strategi Sukses Di Kampus” again, as the book that I got when I first entered ITB. I want to refresh my mind. I want to feel like a new student that just enters university. I hope I could work hard for this. Subhanallah!


dix said...

sumpah. gw shock tau kalo MP lo C! KOK BISA?!?!

wah, bener2 pusing gw. si Yosua ga lulus. lo C.

ga percaya gw.

ga tau apa effort anak2 musik gimana..??!?!!?


pokcay said...

thx for the info on the spybot :)

udah lupa ama program simple itu, hehehe

sabar y yo, nilai di SBM tuh emang gk bisa ketebak, mungkin lo jatuh di peer tuh.

best of luck di IBE