Sunday, July 20, 2008

Prisoned in Rasa Bakery and Café (Hey this is my 100th post!)

I just want to say that this is the most thrilling moment I’ve ever experienced in Bandung. It just happened one hour before I started writing this post.

Dinner at Rasa Bakery and Café

It started when we (“I am 3” Oddisey group) decided to take dinner together at Rasa Bakery and Café at Jl. Tamblong, Bandung. It located at the central Bandung near Asia Africa Cultural Center, and not too far from Siliwangi Soccer Stadium. At that time, Persib Bandung soccer team is facing Persija Jakarta soccer team at the stadium, which is the biggest rival for both of them. We decided to eat together for our last meeting before Oddisey in Tuesday, July 22nd 2008 and Rasa is he place that we decided to go.

The price took too high compare with the price. I ordered Chicken Soto with rice for Rp20.000 and a cup of sugarless hot tea for Rp5.000 (plus 10% goverment tax), with the taste of below half of its price. But the place is actually famous of its ice cream. So, I tasted a sick of it. They have another famous ice cream but it priced from Rp6.000 to Rp18.000, but the stick only priced Rp2.500 (which is the cheapest one), so I decided to buy stick rather than the other choices. :) We ate until about 21.00 and we decided to go home after that.

The happening

With unnoticed, we heard a lot of screaming of peevish outside of the café. I looked outside and there were a huge convoy of Bobotoh passing the Jl. Tamblong with the mood of mad. We just realized that Persib Bandung just lost 3-2 to his rival Persija Jakarta, which was broadcasted in national TV. At that time, Rasa was closing. The situation made us have to wait outside the café. So, directly, we witnessed the anger of the fans of Persib Bandung who just lost in the battle with their biggest rival in their hometown, in the convoy.

From trucks, cars, angkot public transportation, pickups, motorcycles, bicycle, and pedestrians filled with fans, were passing snarly yelling in anger to the match and their rival. It supported with the sound of the throttle of 2 strokes and 4 strokes modified motorcycle which created a very loud and engine muffler sound. We saw huge flag of “I love Persib” a lot, handled by the fans passing the road aggressively. Once, Della, the director of "I am 3" said that there was certain pointing and notice to one of my friend's car which used B license plate (sign of Jakarta region transportation). There were so many of them passing the road like water passing the labyrinth (because they wears blue shirt, as Persib’s color).

I saw my Marco’s cell phone, and it’s still 21.50. For about 50 minutes we’ve been watching Bobotoh passing the one-way road without any action. It came up the initiative to start to drive home. But with my B license plate on my motorcycle, I decided to delay the road home. I’m the one who drive motorcycle to that place, more over with B license plate, which is very risky to drive home with it, in the anger situation of Persib’s fans passing the main roads of Bandung. I could be harm with their uncontrolled emotion on the road, suggesting that I’m a Persija fans in their home town.

Solving problem creatively

Luckily, Uta, one of the “I am 3” members, decided to camouflage the license plate from B to D (Bandung’s license plate region). Uta brought a B license plate Suzuki Swift car. Fortunately, Tari, the other member, brought a marker, and Uta brought a double tape. So, with Solving Problem Creatively theory of Personal Skill in Psychology, we decided to marked-back up the middle line in B alphabet, and added the rest of the shape with white surface from the double tape into D alphabet. :) This actually worked effectively in camouflaging the license plate.

Went home

After about 22.15, we saw some space on the road that our cars (and my motorcycle) could pass. So, with careful, we decided to start riding back to each home. The cars went out first, and I was the last who depart from Rasa. With praying Do’a Keluar Rumah and Do’a di Perjalanan, I decided to ride home. Subhanallah, I passed the main road clearly without meeting any convoy, and I arrived at my kos-kosan safely. I followed what Rasa Café’s security said, to not pass the Dago Road, post the match to avoid the unwanted situation by the convoy. Alhamdulillah.

I just realized that why a lot of my Bandung's friends notice me to be aware on the road with B license plate transportation, especially motorcycles. I just watched and witnessed about what could happened to Jakarta's motorcycle riders in front of my eyes. But I surely believe that, everything must have been set by Allah SWT, and the only thing that we could do to avoid this kind of situation is to pray for safety to Allah SWT, in everything we do. Subhanallah!

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