Monday, July 28, 2008

Oddisey has ended

In July 22nd 2008, we finished our Management Practice subject by performing Oddisey, an opera drama bys SBM-ITB for charity, in The Venue Concert Hall Eldorado, Jl. Setiabudi, at 22.00-23.00. We all did perform well, and feel great about it. Personally, Oddisey gave me a huge lesson to me which are:

1. My biggest mistake is that I did pick the wrong person for doing Music Director’s job for I am 3. I choose this person only by looking from a short point of view that the person be able to work cooperatively. But it was actually not after I realized that the person, personally, didn’t want to support Music Director at all. My work seems to be finished by myself without any help or support by other person. This situation is the thing that started the conflict.

2. Trust people that you delegate. My job as Music Director, seems really didn’t seems to be appreciated. A lot of work that I’ve done which were being rejected by the director. Moreover, the director finishes the music by himself. My position seems to be useless after that. This situation made me learn about something important, which is to have a big heart. I have to pull up my ego to be able to continue the Oddisey without causing any problems to others.

Thank you

First of all, I want to thank to my Mom who always giving me good advices to always be optimist and trust me about what am doing. You didn’t get angry when I got 50 in accounting midterm test. You trust me that I could always solve my own problem because I’m the only one who now myself. So, I learn the fundamental to have a big heart to solve any personal problem with Oddisey patiently.

I have a very big thank to Mrs. Rose Bangun, as our POB (Psychology Of Business) lecturer who’ve spend a little time for me to have some heart speak about my personal experience in Oddisey. Thank you for giving me advice to be able to continue my total performance in Oddisey. I did change my impression about the people around me. It’s true that my point of view changed to be more positive after I did it. I finally could solve my own problem in Oddisey and follow the rest of the time with enjoy and fun. I hope you also listen to the digitalized opening song of “Ihopefindtruelove” as I feel appreciated.

Last word, welcome 2011!

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