Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My father’s cousin and family visited Imam Bonjol no. 12

As my cousin from my father’s cousin :) entered SBM-ITB 2011, my uncle (father’s cousin) Mr. Bambang with Mrs. Mamik join to be in Imam Bonjol, accompanying Dinda (my cousin from my father’s cousin) to prepare for his first day in kos-kosan. She actually has got the kos-kosan in Cisitu after knowing that Mrs. Jum, one of the members of Imam Bonjol no. 12 kos-kosan that told that was going to leave from a room in Imam Bonjol no. 12 decided to stay at the room.

They came arrived in imam Bonjol at 13.00 and decided to take lunch together with me. Well of course I’m being treated :) We had lunch just in front of our kos-kosan which has the most famous food of Lomie and Bakmie that has been certificate as “Mak Nyuss..” by Mr. Bondan Winarno, famous Indonesian culinary adventurer who have Jalan Sutra Culinary Cooperation at and

At last, I’m being a senior! Well, as a senior, I have to share about what I did when I first came to SBM-ITB and live as kos-kosan kid in Bandung to Dinda. I remembered when the first three days in kos-kosan, I wasn’t had lunch about 2 days, because the place of eat is far from my kos-kosan, and I was lazy to do it. Than at the 3rd day, I forgot to put on my blanket as I sleep which made me suffer stomachache as I cold in the morning :) I said to her to just follow what you would face in SBM-ITB.

So as dinner. We had dinner in CONGO, a fancy restaurant in Northern Bandung together and continue about the conversation. I shared a lot of story, and I just realized that actually Dinda has already made a lot of networking with the other students in SBM-ITB. Well, it might be because, there are a lot of her friend from her high school, which is SMAN 8 Jakarta, the best high school in Indonesia, and many other friends from other schools.

I told her that my era of adaptation is this whole year. But I didn’t describe it in detail though, because there was something more interesting to be told there. Well, at the end, they went back to the Jayakarta Hotel, and I was driven by Mas Kiki, Dinda’s older brother to my kos-kosan.

Wingardium Leviosa! (hehehe, I just browse about Harry Potter. I didn’t know why?)

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