Sunday, July 20, 2008

I want to create a record

To fulfill my holiday, decided to create a musical record. I already bought Behringer Podcaststudio and a book by Idhar Rez titled Music Records Indie Label Cara Membuat Album Independent. I’ve created 2 concept of song that hasn’t being given any lyrics yet. But I vision it very cool.

I want to try Tom Delonge way to create this record, like the one he did We Don’t Need To Whisper with Angels and Airwaves. He record the vocal first, than the basic rhythm guitar, the melody, than the bass and drum (very different with conventional bass and drum first). It will create a very deep and conceptual lyrics to the song which becoming the biggest foundation to each song.

The song would be sounded huge like sonic mixed with catchy pop punk tunes. It will present my biggest influence in melodic punk, indie pop and alternative rock. Insya Allah it will be great. :)

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