Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Going home

Alhamdulillah, my front teeth has been cured by always praying to god, with the help of the medicine.

Yesterday was my mom’s 51th birthday, and with all the consequences I decided to go to Jakarta to surprise her. I actually couldn’t come to Jakarta because there was Oddisey’s music director practice at SBM ITB at Saturday and Sunday. Bu straightly after knowing it canceled, I decided to go to Jakarta to celebrate my mom.

Saturday, July 6th 2008

I was very lucky because, the moment I decided to go home, Aris’s parents visited him to our kos-kosan. Aris is one of my kos-kosan friend who’s also his sister are having a relationship with my old brother. So, I got pretty closed to their parents. The situation made me able to join them to go to Jakarta together, so I don’t have to go to Citi Trans and pay Rp70.000 for the travel. :)

I actually was able to go to Jakarta earlier, but because I didn’t got SMS by Fikar, the “wanna be music director chief who actually did it to be” about the cancelation. The other music director team members were being SMS, but I didn’t have it. I just knew the information after I called Dika. Well, I personally haven’t have talked to Fikar much, but I think I’m just being a competitor to him. So, it made a lot of miscommunication between me and him. But I always tried to trust what and wherever the music would be and just think positive and enjoy it. Because life is fun! :)

Went home

I ride with Aris and with his girlfriend and his parents. He has been in holiday for almost 2 months now, like the other major ITB students. Not like SBM-ITB who packed their curriculum of short semester as their main semester. So, haven’t got any long holiday since I entered SBM-ITB. Aris visited Surabaya and met his old friend who was a band mate with him when he was in Bontang, East Kalimantan. He decided to invite his friend vice versa to Bandung to travel with him. That what I always wanted if I got any holiday. I want to invite my high school friends to Bandung, traveling and enjoying the flower city together and vice versa.

I was treated to have late lunch at Sindang Reret restaurant, one of the most famous Sundanese restaurants in Bandung before we went off to Jakarta. I prayed Ashar in the car. The family seems enjoying the travel very much. All along the road, Mr. Aji, Aris’s father was looking at cars and pretends that that car would be passed by the car drive. Just like seeing F1 racing there. :) Mrs. Retno, Aris’s mother just enjoying chatting with her husband. Once Aris went to a stop by for buying drinks and washing his face. I arrived at Jakarta at 18.00.

Arrived at home

My mom just hugged me in a big miss after I arrived home. Then we said thanks to Aris and his parents to send me straightly to home from Bandung. Then, my mom wanted me to surprise my father who is still working in his room. My father was also in a big miss to me and straightly hugged me. I told by them that my sister appears at Metro TV in initiating Peace and Clean State Election as of the orchestra performer at 20.00 WIB. But when we watch TV, the event was started at 19.00. So we watch my sister and friends to cover the instruments for Melly Goeslaw, Tompi, Mike Idol, and Nugie there. My sister didn’t really capture by the camera unfortunately, but when it long shot, we could see her who wears white apparel.

Preparation of surprising

After we finish watching my sister at Metro TV, my mother who had an appointment to meet Mr. Aji and Mrs. Retno to have a dinner together straightly prepared to go. I said that I couldn’t join them because I have something to be done. As my parents started to go, my father asked me to buy a birthday cake nearby. So I decided to go to Holland Bakery, the last bakery store open at the time. I walked by and using angkot (public transportation to go there) because actually there were no motorcycle at home, because being borrowed, and the car was going to be used by parents.

I was given Rp150.000 to buy the cake. So after I arrived, I bought the cake that reaches that price. :) So I got to buy a medium-small black forest cake with candle number 5 and 1 as celebrating my mom’s 51th birthday.

I went home and finishing the movie of my performance that I had to be done before I went back to Bandung. The movie would represent my musical performances in period of 1st and 2nd semester in SBM-ITB, and I would give it to my parents, especially for my mother’s birthday.

Sunday, July 7th 2008

I woke up in 6 in the morning, and me with my mom did Subuh pray late at that time. My mom decided to do Subuh pray at my room to avoid cold in the living room. After we prayed, I went out to the dining room and met my father there. I already told him that I put the cake in the fridge. He told me to take the cake to the table and set the candle. At the time I set the candle, my mom came to the table. I red handedly screamed “Surprised!”

Then my father asked my brother and my sister to go to the dining room to pray to Allah SWT together for my mom and for my grandmother’s health. FYI, my mom’s mom (my grandmother) is in ill right now but she didn’t want to go to hospital. Since my grandfather died few months ago, my grandmother usually felt lonely and sometime stressful about her life. Since then, our family was often visiting his house at Semarang as our family’s hometown. But few days ago my grandmother was reported sick and our family often visited her one by one periodically since then.

So, as usual, our family member birthday not being celebrated gloriously. Just blowing candle of a medium-small cake bought abruptly. :) We made a wish together to my grandmother’s health and her will to go to the hospital and for our family’s performance to be able to give positive things as much in this world. The last pray is the pray that our family always do after we do shalat. I personally always feel positive after I do it. Subhanallah. :)

Went to Fatahilah Foundation

I went to Fatahilah Foundation, a nearby foundation for the orphans that our family usually gives charity to them, to send my mother’s mandate to give charity for her birthday, straightly after we celebrate our birthday. At that time, there wasn’t any private transportation there, so I decided to take a walk to the foundation by myself. I started to have a nostalgic moment of my life there. I passed the 1m wide alley near Al-Muhajirin to connect my Jati Indah neighborhood with Pangkalan Jati. It’s the road that the first time for me to have 3 persons on my Karisma X 125D motorcycle passed with all the fear. :) That’s also the road that connects my neighborhood with Yoga’s house, Irfan’s house, and a lot of people in my high school.

Yoga, Me, and Irfan at main field SMAN 66 Jakarta

I gave the charity and they helped us to give the pray with the orphans.

Gave my favorites mp3’s to my mom

I went back home and did the movie about my performances until finished. In the middle I’m working, my mom looked very tired because of her disoriented about my grandmother’s condition at Semarang. I tried to cheer her to join and creating a heart conversation with the other neighbors to relieve and also create friends. But my mom always denied that with her business with her work and don’t have a time to do it. So, I had a conversation with my mom and asked what I can do to relieve from the disoriented and move on. She asked me to have the CD of music that I often listen to. So, instead of giving the mp3 CD that I’ve been prepared it to be given to my high school friends, I gave it to my mom.

Create a praying record for my grandmother

Next, after shalat Ashar, I tried to cheer up my mom by giving her the examples of the pray that I usually do after shalat. Based on the violet book of “Risalah Tuntunan Shalat Lengkap” by Drs. Moh. Rifa’I, the most popular “how-to shalat” book, I gave my mom the example of pray that I usually do after shalat. It already covers most of the fundamental pray that are needed for all the Muslims to make the pray more “afdhal”. As I read the pray, my mom suddenly gave me a task to create the record of the pray, read by me, to be given to grandma.

So, I was given some money to buy a microphone to be able to record the pray digitally and burn it into an audio CD.

Went to Cinere Mall

I decided to go to Cinere Mall to buy the microphone and some pizza in Pizza Hut for the gift to Aris, the one who will send me back to Jakarta, and for my own supply to be brought to Bandung. As I went to Cinere Mall, I found a stand in front of Gramedia book store that sold tutorial CD of learning technical skill of much popular software. I bought Corel Draw X3 Graphic Suite Tutorial CD, and Adobe Photoshop Tutorial CD. I want to learn that software because those are the most popular software in creating designs.

Finishing the record and the movie

I did the record it after I finish creating and editing my movie. I took very long time, strength and mind. I finished it after went back home from Cinere Mall. I should have been gone to Bandung after shalat Maghrib, but I just went back from Cinere Mall in about 19.00. So, I tried to finish my movie and my records quickly after I arrived home. Thankfully, Aris didn’t leave me to Bandung by himself because of the late, because our family has created dinner to us. Finally, I finished it both movie and records for about near 10 o’clock in the evening. So, we drive from Jakarta at 10 o’clock and arrived in Bandung at 24.30. Good sleep!

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