Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My father’s cousin and family visited Imam Bonjol no. 12

As my cousin from my father’s cousin :) entered SBM-ITB 2011, my uncle (father’s cousin) Mr. Bambang with Mrs. Mamik join to be in Imam Bonjol, accompanying Dinda (my cousin from my father’s cousin) to prepare for his first day in kos-kosan. She actually has got the kos-kosan in Cisitu after knowing that Mrs. Jum, one of the members of Imam Bonjol no. 12 kos-kosan that told that was going to leave from a room in Imam Bonjol no. 12 decided to stay at the room.

They came arrived in imam Bonjol at 13.00 and decided to take lunch together with me. Well of course I’m being treated :) We had lunch just in front of our kos-kosan which has the most famous food of Lomie and Bakmie that has been certificate as “Mak Nyuss..” by Mr. Bondan Winarno, famous Indonesian culinary adventurer who have Jalan Sutra Culinary Cooperation at and

At last, I’m being a senior! Well, as a senior, I have to share about what I did when I first came to SBM-ITB and live as kos-kosan kid in Bandung to Dinda. I remembered when the first three days in kos-kosan, I wasn’t had lunch about 2 days, because the place of eat is far from my kos-kosan, and I was lazy to do it. Than at the 3rd day, I forgot to put on my blanket as I sleep which made me suffer stomachache as I cold in the morning :) I said to her to just follow what you would face in SBM-ITB.

So as dinner. We had dinner in CONGO, a fancy restaurant in Northern Bandung together and continue about the conversation. I shared a lot of story, and I just realized that actually Dinda has already made a lot of networking with the other students in SBM-ITB. Well, it might be because, there are a lot of her friend from her high school, which is SMAN 8 Jakarta, the best high school in Indonesia, and many other friends from other schools.

I told her that my era of adaptation is this whole year. But I didn’t describe it in detail though, because there was something more interesting to be told there. Well, at the end, they went back to the Jayakarta Hotel, and I was driven by Mas Kiki, Dinda’s older brother to my kos-kosan.

Wingardium Leviosa! (hehehe, I just browse about Harry Potter. I didn’t know why?)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I met a person who wants to lend some money to create a business. I met him in chemical technique aisle when I want to go to the parking lot to my motorcycle. I met him because; he gave a piece of paper written “Mail of Request” in Indonesian. This person needs Rp7.000.000 to create a canteen business. But he didn’t do any proper lending from bank or form other government institution. What he does is traveling around universities in Bandung to have infaq from other people. It was very inefficient in time and energy.

What I did is, I gave him my mom’s number as the head of UKM Center Faculty of Economy UI, to lend the money from the institution. UKM Center FEUI, is a public service institution initiated by University of Indonesia to serve people in small and micro enterprise business from training, competition, until giving credits from the people who are creating business. More information you can find in They have the motto, "Together we develop public economy"

He told that he already work in Oktagon kiosk in ITB. But then he decided to buy the kiosk for belonging. But the coordinator said that he couldn’t. So he decided to create a canteen business based from his experience in the kiosk in other place. He already looks some opportunity in SITKOM University in Bandung. They decided to create a new building, and it seems to be a lot of students that will enter the university. So, he decided to create a canteen there after he saw that opportunity. But he doesn’t have any money to create it. After he calculates it, it counts Rp7.000.000.

I hope what I’m doing is right and brings a lot of goodness to other people.

Syariah value

After I gave him the number, I suddenly realized that I did something right that Al-Quran said. I met this person because I just walk around in ITB. I feel glad that at that time I wasn't just sitting at home in front of my laptop. There are actually a few message in Al-Quran that said about the importance to us to walk around in this earth.

Dan Kami tidak mengutus rasul-rasul sebelummu, melainkan mereka sungguh memakan makanan dan berjalan di pasar-pasar. Dan kami jadikan sebahagian kamu cobaan bagi sebahagian yang lain. Maukah kamu bersabar?; dan adalah Tuhanmu maha Melihat. Q.S. Al-Furqan: 25

The message above told that, even Prophet Muhammad SAW is walking in the market by himself. It actually true here that by walking in the market by ourself, we could meet many different kind of people, and even meeting and helping the people who are in need around us (in case my experience above).

Dan hamba-hamba Tuhan yang Maha Penyayang itu orang-orang yang berjalan di atas bumi dengan rendah hati dan apabila orang-orang jahil menyapa mereka, mereka mengucapkan kata-kata keselamatan. Q.S. Al-Furqan: 63

This message told that, a person that is being blessed by Allah SWT as a kind person, is a person that walking around the earth, and if they meet mischievous person, they will speak something about salvation.

Katakanlah: "Berjalanlah di bumi, maka perhatikanlah bagaimana Allah menciptakan dari permulaannya, kemudian Allah menjadikannya sekali lagi . Sesungguhnya Allah Maha Kuasa atas segala sesuatu. Q.S. Al-Ankabut: 20

Allah SWT, told us to walk around the earth to identify anything in this life that Allah SWT create from the beginning and than create once again, to show Allah SWT's rule in this world.

Dan janganlah kamu memalingkan mukamu dari manusia dan janganlah kamu berjalan di muka bumi dengan angkuh. Sesungguhnya Allah tidak menyukai orang-orang yang sombong lagi membanggakan diri. Q.S. Lukman: 18

But in the other hand, there is a message to respect other people when we walk around in this earth, like to not be cruel to others. Allah SWT really don't like people who are arrogant and chesty.

Katakanlah: "Berjalanlah kamu bumi, lalu perhatikanlah bagaimana akibat orang-orang yang berdosa. Q.S. An-Naml: 69

This message could be translated as "Walk around this earth and see the result of the sins." The message could be analyze that, by walking around this earth, we could see and identify the cause of doing sin in this world.

Information like HIV-AIDS as the result of doing free sex, or the poison that people absorb in doing smoking, might we already have from the research from the internet without doing walking around the earth. But sometime, experience like, for example, a family shock after they know one of their members died because of smoking, made them realized the cause of smoking that are really affect their families, and made them aware of smoking. And for example, I'm the neighbor of that family. I will be more aware of smoking after I walk to my neighbor and see the dead person by myself, than researching about the other dead person story after they smoke in the internet.

I personally thankful to Allah SWT that I could help other people by walking around the earth. Subhanallah!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Oddisey has ended

In July 22nd 2008, we finished our Management Practice subject by performing Oddisey, an opera drama bys SBM-ITB for charity, in The Venue Concert Hall Eldorado, Jl. Setiabudi, at 22.00-23.00. We all did perform well, and feel great about it. Personally, Oddisey gave me a huge lesson to me which are:

1. My biggest mistake is that I did pick the wrong person for doing Music Director’s job for I am 3. I choose this person only by looking from a short point of view that the person be able to work cooperatively. But it was actually not after I realized that the person, personally, didn’t want to support Music Director at all. My work seems to be finished by myself without any help or support by other person. This situation is the thing that started the conflict.

2. Trust people that you delegate. My job as Music Director, seems really didn’t seems to be appreciated. A lot of work that I’ve done which were being rejected by the director. Moreover, the director finishes the music by himself. My position seems to be useless after that. This situation made me learn about something important, which is to have a big heart. I have to pull up my ego to be able to continue the Oddisey without causing any problems to others.

Thank you

First of all, I want to thank to my Mom who always giving me good advices to always be optimist and trust me about what am doing. You didn’t get angry when I got 50 in accounting midterm test. You trust me that I could always solve my own problem because I’m the only one who now myself. So, I learn the fundamental to have a big heart to solve any personal problem with Oddisey patiently.

I have a very big thank to Mrs. Rose Bangun, as our POB (Psychology Of Business) lecturer who’ve spend a little time for me to have some heart speak about my personal experience in Oddisey. Thank you for giving me advice to be able to continue my total performance in Oddisey. I did change my impression about the people around me. It’s true that my point of view changed to be more positive after I did it. I finally could solve my own problem in Oddisey and follow the rest of the time with enjoy and fun. I hope you also listen to the digitalized opening song of “Ihopefindtruelove” as I feel appreciated.

Last word, welcome 2011!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Prisoned in Rasa Bakery and Café (Hey this is my 100th post!)

I just want to say that this is the most thrilling moment I’ve ever experienced in Bandung. It just happened one hour before I started writing this post.

Dinner at Rasa Bakery and Café

It started when we (“I am 3” Oddisey group) decided to take dinner together at Rasa Bakery and Café at Jl. Tamblong, Bandung. It located at the central Bandung near Asia Africa Cultural Center, and not too far from Siliwangi Soccer Stadium. At that time, Persib Bandung soccer team is facing Persija Jakarta soccer team at the stadium, which is the biggest rival for both of them. We decided to eat together for our last meeting before Oddisey in Tuesday, July 22nd 2008 and Rasa is he place that we decided to go.

The price took too high compare with the price. I ordered Chicken Soto with rice for Rp20.000 and a cup of sugarless hot tea for Rp5.000 (plus 10% goverment tax), with the taste of below half of its price. But the place is actually famous of its ice cream. So, I tasted a sick of it. They have another famous ice cream but it priced from Rp6.000 to Rp18.000, but the stick only priced Rp2.500 (which is the cheapest one), so I decided to buy stick rather than the other choices. :) We ate until about 21.00 and we decided to go home after that.

The happening

With unnoticed, we heard a lot of screaming of peevish outside of the café. I looked outside and there were a huge convoy of Bobotoh passing the Jl. Tamblong with the mood of mad. We just realized that Persib Bandung just lost 3-2 to his rival Persija Jakarta, which was broadcasted in national TV. At that time, Rasa was closing. The situation made us have to wait outside the café. So, directly, we witnessed the anger of the fans of Persib Bandung who just lost in the battle with their biggest rival in their hometown, in the convoy.

From trucks, cars, angkot public transportation, pickups, motorcycles, bicycle, and pedestrians filled with fans, were passing snarly yelling in anger to the match and their rival. It supported with the sound of the throttle of 2 strokes and 4 strokes modified motorcycle which created a very loud and engine muffler sound. We saw huge flag of “I love Persib” a lot, handled by the fans passing the road aggressively. Once, Della, the director of "I am 3" said that there was certain pointing and notice to one of my friend's car which used B license plate (sign of Jakarta region transportation). There were so many of them passing the road like water passing the labyrinth (because they wears blue shirt, as Persib’s color).

I saw my Marco’s cell phone, and it’s still 21.50. For about 50 minutes we’ve been watching Bobotoh passing the one-way road without any action. It came up the initiative to start to drive home. But with my B license plate on my motorcycle, I decided to delay the road home. I’m the one who drive motorcycle to that place, more over with B license plate, which is very risky to drive home with it, in the anger situation of Persib’s fans passing the main roads of Bandung. I could be harm with their uncontrolled emotion on the road, suggesting that I’m a Persija fans in their home town.

Solving problem creatively

Luckily, Uta, one of the “I am 3” members, decided to camouflage the license plate from B to D (Bandung’s license plate region). Uta brought a B license plate Suzuki Swift car. Fortunately, Tari, the other member, brought a marker, and Uta brought a double tape. So, with Solving Problem Creatively theory of Personal Skill in Psychology, we decided to marked-back up the middle line in B alphabet, and added the rest of the shape with white surface from the double tape into D alphabet. :) This actually worked effectively in camouflaging the license plate.

Went home

After about 22.15, we saw some space on the road that our cars (and my motorcycle) could pass. So, with careful, we decided to start riding back to each home. The cars went out first, and I was the last who depart from Rasa. With praying Do’a Keluar Rumah and Do’a di Perjalanan, I decided to ride home. Subhanallah, I passed the main road clearly without meeting any convoy, and I arrived at my kos-kosan safely. I followed what Rasa Café’s security said, to not pass the Dago Road, post the match to avoid the unwanted situation by the convoy. Alhamdulillah.

I just realized that why a lot of my Bandung's friends notice me to be aware on the road with B license plate transportation, especially motorcycles. I just watched and witnessed about what could happened to Jakarta's motorcycle riders in front of my eyes. But I surely believe that, everything must have been set by Allah SWT, and the only thing that we could do to avoid this kind of situation is to pray for safety to Allah SWT, in everything we do. Subhanallah!

I want to create a record

To fulfill my holiday, decided to create a musical record. I already bought Behringer Podcaststudio and a book by Idhar Rez titled Music Records Indie Label Cara Membuat Album Independent. I’ve created 2 concept of song that hasn’t being given any lyrics yet. But I vision it very cool.

I want to try Tom Delonge way to create this record, like the one he did We Don’t Need To Whisper with Angels and Airwaves. He record the vocal first, than the basic rhythm guitar, the melody, than the bass and drum (very different with conventional bass and drum first). It will create a very deep and conceptual lyrics to the song which becoming the biggest foundation to each song.

The song would be sounded huge like sonic mixed with catchy pop punk tunes. It will present my biggest influence in melodic punk, indie pop and alternative rock. Insya Allah it will be great. :)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Last Oddisey 2008 practice at Dago Tea House

Today, we practice our Oddisey at Taman Budaya Jawa Barat or usually called Dago Tea House. It’s the place where many cultural and popular event held in Bandung. That’s one of the most favorite places to do music or drama event. Ad Com with Oddisey’s Music Directors are the group who do most of the practice at the time. It started form 9 in the morning to 6 in the evening.

Btw, in the morning, I decided to swim at Galeri Ciumbuleuit as I’ve been the member since 1 week ago. As I entered the swimming pool, it still 7.30 in the morning. The gym room was actually still closed. But I tried to do a lot of breaststroke swimming back and forth. Until the clock showed 8 o’clock, I ended my swimming and take a shower. I went home, but in the middle of the road, I stop at Nasi Kuning / Yellow Rice stand in Jl. Ciumbuleuit and bought it for my breakfast for Rp3500.

We do run for all (MC’s, Greetings, Opening, Ad Com’s, The Calamaries, Chelavie, I am 3, Deltitnu, Closing) for the first time. :) Watch Oddisey 2008 in July 22nd 2008 at The Venue Concert Hall in Jl. Setiabudi, Bandung Jawa Barat.

Contact me for tickets. See you there!

PS: My friend Dika also create a post that related about today's Oddisey activities here.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Going home

Alhamdulillah, my front teeth has been cured by always praying to god, with the help of the medicine.

Yesterday was my mom’s 51th birthday, and with all the consequences I decided to go to Jakarta to surprise her. I actually couldn’t come to Jakarta because there was Oddisey’s music director practice at SBM ITB at Saturday and Sunday. Bu straightly after knowing it canceled, I decided to go to Jakarta to celebrate my mom.

Saturday, July 6th 2008

I was very lucky because, the moment I decided to go home, Aris’s parents visited him to our kos-kosan. Aris is one of my kos-kosan friend who’s also his sister are having a relationship with my old brother. So, I got pretty closed to their parents. The situation made me able to join them to go to Jakarta together, so I don’t have to go to Citi Trans and pay Rp70.000 for the travel. :)

I actually was able to go to Jakarta earlier, but because I didn’t got SMS by Fikar, the “wanna be music director chief who actually did it to be” about the cancelation. The other music director team members were being SMS, but I didn’t have it. I just knew the information after I called Dika. Well, I personally haven’t have talked to Fikar much, but I think I’m just being a competitor to him. So, it made a lot of miscommunication between me and him. But I always tried to trust what and wherever the music would be and just think positive and enjoy it. Because life is fun! :)

Went home

I ride with Aris and with his girlfriend and his parents. He has been in holiday for almost 2 months now, like the other major ITB students. Not like SBM-ITB who packed their curriculum of short semester as their main semester. So, haven’t got any long holiday since I entered SBM-ITB. Aris visited Surabaya and met his old friend who was a band mate with him when he was in Bontang, East Kalimantan. He decided to invite his friend vice versa to Bandung to travel with him. That what I always wanted if I got any holiday. I want to invite my high school friends to Bandung, traveling and enjoying the flower city together and vice versa.

I was treated to have late lunch at Sindang Reret restaurant, one of the most famous Sundanese restaurants in Bandung before we went off to Jakarta. I prayed Ashar in the car. The family seems enjoying the travel very much. All along the road, Mr. Aji, Aris’s father was looking at cars and pretends that that car would be passed by the car drive. Just like seeing F1 racing there. :) Mrs. Retno, Aris’s mother just enjoying chatting with her husband. Once Aris went to a stop by for buying drinks and washing his face. I arrived at Jakarta at 18.00.

Arrived at home

My mom just hugged me in a big miss after I arrived home. Then we said thanks to Aris and his parents to send me straightly to home from Bandung. Then, my mom wanted me to surprise my father who is still working in his room. My father was also in a big miss to me and straightly hugged me. I told by them that my sister appears at Metro TV in initiating Peace and Clean State Election as of the orchestra performer at 20.00 WIB. But when we watch TV, the event was started at 19.00. So we watch my sister and friends to cover the instruments for Melly Goeslaw, Tompi, Mike Idol, and Nugie there. My sister didn’t really capture by the camera unfortunately, but when it long shot, we could see her who wears white apparel.

Preparation of surprising

After we finish watching my sister at Metro TV, my mother who had an appointment to meet Mr. Aji and Mrs. Retno to have a dinner together straightly prepared to go. I said that I couldn’t join them because I have something to be done. As my parents started to go, my father asked me to buy a birthday cake nearby. So I decided to go to Holland Bakery, the last bakery store open at the time. I walked by and using angkot (public transportation to go there) because actually there were no motorcycle at home, because being borrowed, and the car was going to be used by parents.

I was given Rp150.000 to buy the cake. So after I arrived, I bought the cake that reaches that price. :) So I got to buy a medium-small black forest cake with candle number 5 and 1 as celebrating my mom’s 51th birthday.

I went home and finishing the movie of my performance that I had to be done before I went back to Bandung. The movie would represent my musical performances in period of 1st and 2nd semester in SBM-ITB, and I would give it to my parents, especially for my mother’s birthday.

Sunday, July 7th 2008

I woke up in 6 in the morning, and me with my mom did Subuh pray late at that time. My mom decided to do Subuh pray at my room to avoid cold in the living room. After we prayed, I went out to the dining room and met my father there. I already told him that I put the cake in the fridge. He told me to take the cake to the table and set the candle. At the time I set the candle, my mom came to the table. I red handedly screamed “Surprised!”

Then my father asked my brother and my sister to go to the dining room to pray to Allah SWT together for my mom and for my grandmother’s health. FYI, my mom’s mom (my grandmother) is in ill right now but she didn’t want to go to hospital. Since my grandfather died few months ago, my grandmother usually felt lonely and sometime stressful about her life. Since then, our family was often visiting his house at Semarang as our family’s hometown. But few days ago my grandmother was reported sick and our family often visited her one by one periodically since then.

So, as usual, our family member birthday not being celebrated gloriously. Just blowing candle of a medium-small cake bought abruptly. :) We made a wish together to my grandmother’s health and her will to go to the hospital and for our family’s performance to be able to give positive things as much in this world. The last pray is the pray that our family always do after we do shalat. I personally always feel positive after I do it. Subhanallah. :)

Went to Fatahilah Foundation

I went to Fatahilah Foundation, a nearby foundation for the orphans that our family usually gives charity to them, to send my mother’s mandate to give charity for her birthday, straightly after we celebrate our birthday. At that time, there wasn’t any private transportation there, so I decided to take a walk to the foundation by myself. I started to have a nostalgic moment of my life there. I passed the 1m wide alley near Al-Muhajirin to connect my Jati Indah neighborhood with Pangkalan Jati. It’s the road that the first time for me to have 3 persons on my Karisma X 125D motorcycle passed with all the fear. :) That’s also the road that connects my neighborhood with Yoga’s house, Irfan’s house, and a lot of people in my high school.

Yoga, Me, and Irfan at main field SMAN 66 Jakarta

I gave the charity and they helped us to give the pray with the orphans.

Gave my favorites mp3’s to my mom

I went back home and did the movie about my performances until finished. In the middle I’m working, my mom looked very tired because of her disoriented about my grandmother’s condition at Semarang. I tried to cheer her to join and creating a heart conversation with the other neighbors to relieve and also create friends. But my mom always denied that with her business with her work and don’t have a time to do it. So, I had a conversation with my mom and asked what I can do to relieve from the disoriented and move on. She asked me to have the CD of music that I often listen to. So, instead of giving the mp3 CD that I’ve been prepared it to be given to my high school friends, I gave it to my mom.

Create a praying record for my grandmother

Next, after shalat Ashar, I tried to cheer up my mom by giving her the examples of the pray that I usually do after shalat. Based on the violet book of “Risalah Tuntunan Shalat Lengkap” by Drs. Moh. Rifa’I, the most popular “how-to shalat” book, I gave my mom the example of pray that I usually do after shalat. It already covers most of the fundamental pray that are needed for all the Muslims to make the pray more “afdhal”. As I read the pray, my mom suddenly gave me a task to create the record of the pray, read by me, to be given to grandma.

So, I was given some money to buy a microphone to be able to record the pray digitally and burn it into an audio CD.

Went to Cinere Mall

I decided to go to Cinere Mall to buy the microphone and some pizza in Pizza Hut for the gift to Aris, the one who will send me back to Jakarta, and for my own supply to be brought to Bandung. As I went to Cinere Mall, I found a stand in front of Gramedia book store that sold tutorial CD of learning technical skill of much popular software. I bought Corel Draw X3 Graphic Suite Tutorial CD, and Adobe Photoshop Tutorial CD. I want to learn that software because those are the most popular software in creating designs.

Finishing the record and the movie

I did the record it after I finish creating and editing my movie. I took very long time, strength and mind. I finished it after went back home from Cinere Mall. I should have been gone to Bandung after shalat Maghrib, but I just went back from Cinere Mall in about 19.00. So, I tried to finish my movie and my records quickly after I arrived home. Thankfully, Aris didn’t leave me to Bandung by himself because of the late, because our family has created dinner to us. Finally, I finished it both movie and records for about near 10 o’clock in the evening. So, we drive from Jakarta at 10 o’clock and arrived in Bandung at 24.30. Good sleep!