Tuesday, June 17, 2008

POB origami bird game

Today, POB (Psychology of Business) subject, we play! :)

We have to do simulation of business as an origami bird's company. We have to make decision as our strategy about how much papers should we buy to create the origami birds in 45 minutes. All we do is, we play all like a kindergarten kids who entered college. :)

How could I record the activities? Well, it's because I actually didn't play the game with Ian and and Ikhsan. We just didn't get the group to join because, our class just doesn't have the right members to play the game proportionally. So, we decided to be the assistant of Mrs. Venida, as our POB tutor. So, I got the time to record the video.

My job with Ikhsan and Ian is to help Mrs. Venida to count and select the qualified birds. We help her to count on the result of the game, and the 1st to 5th winner would get 5 to 1 stars and bonus of a giant bar of Silver Queen for each person of the group who got the 1st to 3rd winner. Mmm, what about the assistance? Well, the assistence only got 1 star though. :(

But it's ok, because I got the chance to at least publish the creative study activities of SBM-ITB linke this.

Here's the result show!

The first winner is group D, and they got 5 stars for the POB + giant Silver Queen for each persons. The second winner is group A and they got 4 stars for the POB + medium Silver Queen for each persons in the group. The third winner is group C, and they got 2 stars without any Silver Queen. Last but not least, Group B and E got 1 star for their last position.

The happening

Suddenly after the game ended, the happening of creating origami birds were spreading after the game. Many students were trying to create the same origami birds with different form factors, including me. :) Fulfiling after didn't got the chance to join the game, I tried to create the same origami bird model using chocholate package. :) Well, the package were insimetric, so I didn't able to create the bird.

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